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Twitch Download For PC. Switch studio can find it your dashboard and then streaming tools there you can download it and then just log in with your twitch if you’re only here for the review of this program make sure to check out the description I left the time step time which will automatically.

get you to be review and skips the whole setting apart so now we have downloaded we have logged in and setting Twitch Download For PC up this program is actually pretty easy you will get this like setup wizard at the start and you just connect every time your microphone your webcam.

if you have those it will just automatically ask for it but um I have to setting up your microphone and your webcam it will automatically Twitch Download For PC make a layouts for you so you don’t have to do that but I would recommend personalizing this because these are really general I recommend skipping this step.

for now and setting it up later because that’s easier then you can choose your streaming quality it will automatically say if you’re been frif and your hardware can handle this so for example right now for me it’s a sin 86 fps should be good for my heart we’re at my internet speed.

Twitch Download For PC. so that’s awesome for you that might not be the case because this is quite high don’t be afraid to stream at 720p because that’s more than enough TV programs mostly run in 30 FPS which means that streaming at 60fps is not at all necessary if you want to change.

this because your hardware or internet can’t handle it or you just don’t want to stream at this high of a settings because you don’t have transcoding yet want to know about transcoding check out this video I explained it in there but then you can just click on tweak settings you get just one.

of the presets but you can also just choose a custom one then you get the resolution of your screen which is for most people just ten eight if you get a 4k obviously that’s not the case but most people just run in 1080p screen they got the FPS I recommend choosing 30 or 60 they have the bitrate.

Twitch Download For PC. this just depends on your internet if you can handle a good bitrate I recommend pumping it up a bit because the good bitrate just looks a bit more clear this is basically just a sort of refresh rate so if you have a low bitrate there will be more smooth movements.

Twitch Download For PC Windows 10

Twitch Download For PC
Twitch Download For PC

and if you have a really really bad bitrate you will see love blocks in the screen which doesn’t look that great Twitch Download For PC Brian go for 4k bitrate if your internet can’t handle it though try to go for as high a bit rate as you can and don’t stream higher than 720p because the more pixels you have in a screen.

the more did bitrate has to spread it caused of the screen and the worse it will look and then you have the encoder which will either be a graphic card or your processor try it and choose the one that has the most lean way you can fight this out by just trying to stream and open your task manager.

if you don’t go to performance you can see the Twitch Download For PC performance of your CPU and your GPU which are your processor and your graphic card Brian see which one goes to highest in percentage more example right now you see that my CPU has around 40%.

if I scroll down a little bit you can see that my GPU only has 20 this means that I poorly bear off and coating with my graphics card because it has a lot more space left to work with this is very personal and is different per setup so try and see which works best for you and if you’ve set all these settings you can scroll down a bit and test them.

it will take a second and there you will see the results if you have all ticks you’re good to go and if you see some crosses make sure to speak some settings to lower quality because apparently your rig can’t have and then we’re done with setting up the stream quality now.

we’re in a main program where you can see your chats and your activity feeds but also the scenes and what is actually on the screen right now for your stream now you see we have this beautiful button Twitch Download For PC in the screen which is our main screen this doesn’t look great yet because it’s just a standard settings we didn’t do anything.

with it yet well that’s we can switch the scenes to be right back but we can also make a new scene by clicking on the plus which obviously would be empty because it’s new let’s start with the main screen what we need to do is we want a cane capture in there obviously and probably your.

webcam if you have one but to edit the screen you want to right click on it and click on edit if you hover over screen you can see which elements are already in it for example here is the alert box and there’s a game capture here there’s also a webcam here already but because.

I’m using OBS report yes it’s already using a webcam and you can see it yet then we got the wallpaper which is the big mountain and a background core about well we don’t see that because there’s a mountain in front of it if you want to change our loads we just flick on the alert box and then.

on the right you can change the cars of things and even played him to just see what they are pick on alert to edit it let’s just do over to floor 1 right now we could just a color right here that’s like a blue if you can even change the sound of it by browsing into our documents. Twitch Download For PC.

I choose my youtube intro for now so you guys can see that you can upload a custom fall let’s try it out I think about this was actually the first draft and not actually are in turnout we can also make it louder or less loud and we can even choose a different icon instead of a pop champ there for example like this that we chased.

our Fleur you can do that with like every alert do we need to do something else in this scene not we’re saying if you have a camera in here we might want to move it around but you just basically Twitch Download For PC move it it’s not that hard you just like on an M.

move it around if you use a green screen though you need to get a chroma key in because otherwise degrees people still be behind you make sure to click on the webcam and then a chroma key to that one if you want to that can border because you’re not using a chroma key you can also add them if you want to add another element to the scene just make sure.

Download Twitch For PC

to click on the plus next fill layer section for now there’s no possibility to add a chance which I think this kind of says we can’t still add browser source we just call it embedded web page here’s if you want to see the chat just use embedded browser page and you Street elements or stream laps.

to actually get your chat from be honest everything that’s gonna set up you can tweak things a little bit by doing it like I just did everything works kind of the same so you should be able to figure it out really easily if you just saw how I did the other things if you have any questions don’t leave them down.

in the description below I would say so now it’s actually time for the review part of this video what do I think of this it’s really really Twitch Download For PC really easy to get started you just you don’t even need a stream key anymore you just log in with your torch and everything is kind of setup.

because they made these three scenes for you already which i think is really great for somebody who doesn’t have any experience with streaming or it’s just not a spectacle it doesn’t cost all of effort to get started but the big downside of it is that it has now you cannot do as much as with OBS.

at all there are a lot of things missing and that makes it easy don’t get me wrong it makes it a lot more easy but if you are a Twitch Download For PC serious about streaming if you have streamed for a bit if you already used opiods I do not recommend using this program dan I just read a few secret OBS or expert.

Twitch Download For PC
Twitch Download For PC

or stream loves OBS because that has a lot more options and I think it’s a lot more professional to use that because you can customize everything and if you use this program and will always look a bit like somebody else and streaming I guess like those people that stream through the PlayStation.

Twitch Download For PC. right if you see people asking for PlayStation a lot of people have the same layout because they have this like bar with like how long you have streaming forward a chat and then a little webcam in the top right it looks the same in every stream and it’s a lot cooler.

if your stream looks different than other people and I can feel like this is gonna be the new Playstation thing people are gonna use this program and then every every stream is kind of having the same layouts I don’t really like that a lot but I definitely think it’s a plus for people.

that just don’t know how to get started and for people just want to start out streaming and don’t know if it’s something for them just go in for studio and see if it’s something for you if it’s something for you know I do recommend learning OBS.

so it starts with a handy-dandy install screen what a shock I’m gonna click advanced real quick and all it gives me is an install Twitch Download For PC Twitch Download For PCso let’s click install and see where it leads us riveting validating my soul here we are a first look at twitch Studio beta.

and this is super interesting it recognizes me right away welcome to twitch studio before your first stream we’ll help you set up your mic webcam layouts and settings let’s do it microphone setup select on microphone you’ll use to stream let’s change that mic so cuz I’m a smart person it took.

Me a minute to realize that it wasn’t detecting this cuz this runs to a different computer and it’s it’s all a shit show so we’ll choose this microphone so my headset mic it’s got a noise gate built-in remove background noises a suppressor will maximize it for maximum maximum.

ocation continue to webcam Twitch Download For PC I should probably plug in a webcam alright there it is the C 922 Pro stream webcam what where am i then here we are and I just look like hell oh oh it’s got a little filters what the hell’s going on here so we have cold warm vibrant like my personality vintage faded.

pro looks like shit these all actually look like garbage if I’m being totally honest alright we’ll stick with default continue to layouts ooh we’ve tailored some stream graphics for you you can customize them in the app oh so we have a main a BRB and a downtime oh super cool customized layouts.

oh that’s great change our colors around we’re gonna want to Twitch Download For PC go with some blues and some greens I think and it looks like it’s actually setting up an alert this is test username new follower this accent image and the color we use is actually setting up an alert right out.

Of the gate that’s interesting so we’ll use Lal for now the r-va lets us choose a few different patterns it looks like oh and I see this is a down time waiting for manage to start so I guess your gameplay footage will go here your webcam will go there and that seems to be all the customization.

I’m seeing on this screen okay continue to Settings stream quality settings we’ve optimized your stream quality based on your computer no I disagree with this assessment this is very really interesting it says 1080p 60fps right out of the gate based off bandwidth and hardware.

let’s rerun that now it’s testing hardware I don’t think it did this at first I think that’s a default setting and it’s telling me I guess it’s saying this is your bitrate it’s the standard twitch bitrate that we understand to be the maximum you’re allowed to upload at it’s not telling us.

how it’s encoding on this screen I don’t know why it thinks we can stream in 1080p but I’m willing to believe it and here we are Twitch Download For PC chantix thanks for the reset man you’re the best we have activity feet up here and our alerts.

we have our chat here it looks like these are our different scenes so we can change scene BRB and waiting for a match to start we can click set up stream we can choose what display it Twitch Download For PC captures that’s good so let’s you put your tags in everything and then it asks us if we’re ready to go live we could just go live I guess oh I see we can change capture to display down.

here so it’s set to capture apex legends but I can set it to display okay here’s more comfortable display capture we go down to the settings here with two Theo oh my gosh ggressive burning so and here we go if we go into the stream settings when we hit our cog we now have our encoder and our.

bitrate right here and what’s interesting is it gives us no Twitch Download For PC options to tinker with things it’s just going to grab and vank and do its thing there’s an option right underneath my head called Auto optimized for the webcam which is enabled by default you have to disable that.

I know you can’t see it right now but it lets you change the base resolution of your camera that way that’s the only way I’ve seen to do it so far it looks like the OBS standards of all to drag and all that are not here for us and it has two settings it either is going to capture in 60fps or 10 FPS those.

the only two options there’s the strangest thing and I can’t access any of my logitech settings through this application so I can’t turn off things like little light compensation I’m not seeing any filters I certainly could be missing it but at this time I’m not seeing any sort of options about that.

if we click alerts here it looks like it’s set alerts just up in the coin house is funny it totally ignores kind of the standards of stream labs that were used to with something front and center and animated it just gives you a little corner pop-up and just underneath me if you look.

where you can see cheer here there’s a couple different test alerts we can test follow the only options if you look at cheer for example here are to change the color and the sound see what sounds no basically no sounds available it just says put whatever sound off your computer.

you want so it gives you really really simple alerts out of the game there are two options here video and hotkeys that are grayed out I’m not sure why what’s supposed to go there maybe those are features to come later this is a beta but right now there’s nothing you can do there what happens.

when I add a scene here if I add a scene it calls it layout and then I can edit layout and it gives me layers over here okay here we go now we’re in business embed a web page so presumably if you had stream labs alert setup this would be where you would put that we can add.

Twitch Download For PC. a webcam oh and here we go it’s add it without it’s terrible default borders underneath my head is where we can edit a border some yellow a fan of yellow I keep looking at my webcam and it’s driving me nuts that it’s gonna make me go through the logitech settings.

I guess if I want to disable things like low light compensation if I want to change the frame rate to 30 a lot of you guys know I’m very passionate about using your webcams at 30fps it’s better for lighting it’s better for resources even if you’re streaming in 60fps I think your webcam should.

be running at 30 so the lack of just a simple feature like a right-click to fix those things is a bit silly I feel like that’s the most appropriate text thing to add in this moment and then we can move it just like a no BS it’s layering everything so when I added my desktop to capture it it put that right.

Twitch Download PC

on the top here and it’s really easy to Twitch Download For PC click and drag to organize things and now you can see that I have my webcam and my my proclamation of my skills above that you can import images to your layers as well if you look right here if you’re looking at the twitch Studio cam.

Twitch Download For PC
Twitch Download For PC

I added my logo that was real quick and easy to do it’s bothering me that I can’t crop images in any sort of meaningful way that I’m seeing right now as easily as you can in OBS but to be honest I have a totally sufficient cam overlay right now and we’re able to throw in an image or a logo to give.

things a little spice it’s not that bad in terms of overlay so I got my headset on I’m gonna test it out we’re gonna test out the encoder I’m not going to test it out with a stream I’m just gonna test it by recording this should give us a good idea of the quality especially its assertion that.

I can stream in 10 vague at 1080p 60fps with my 1080 Ti if we can’t do it it’s gonna speak to the program pushing new streamers in directions that their computers can’t handle and if they don’t understand why their stream isn’t working they just think hey twitch told me I can run a stream at such-and-such resolution and such-and-such framerate and it’s not working.

for them they’re gonna get frustrated and it’s actually going to push new streamers from the program and we’re recording right now you’re hearing me through the headset mic instead of through the XLR mic I’m a boot-up apex we’ll see how the twitch studio beta handles Apex legends.

and in true apex forum our third dropped before the match even started I kind of want to do a hot drop in part just to see how the encoder and the video quality handles handles the stream this guy’s probably thinking there’s only two of us longbow I’ll do it shoot ever that time.

Twitch Download For PC. I said hot drop this isn’t a hot rod hopefully again a pretty good impression of the quality here I will also snap back and forth in the footage between my dedicated streaming PC which is recording this footage with a software encoding and the N Bank encoder on Twitch.

studio which again didn’t give us any sort of customization oh my gosh she just left this R 301 we just become best friends open supply bin over here the bad guys were here [Music] so bad damn alright so watching that footage I just went back and watched it myself I’m sure you notice.

the difference between the two in terms of the quality the twitch studio and vank encoder was a little bit washed out a little bit grainy it wasn’t the highest quality and I am certain the streaming in 720p would be a game-changer for the quality of that stream.

I would much rather see a 720p stream that looks sharp that looked crisp didn’t have the washed out grainy kind of effect that you saw in that stream then a 1080p stream with that look to it I forgot to mention before I started that the twitch studio handles mixing audio in a really kind of plain-jane.

way if you look down here in the bottom left I can mix audio simply by clicking on the little speaker tab and then this was my ingame Twitch Download For PC audio it’s capturing everything coming on my desktop and then this is my input when we started twitch studio it asked.

for our mic input right away when we selected the headset microphone it looks like it’s only going to give us two audio inputs we can’t add more audio inputs like we could in OBS if I add a layer here that’s the only place I would think to add something we have our alerts our webcams color.

gradients and images and screen shares I’m not seeing any sort of audio inputs again it’s not that big of a deal if I’m a new streamer I’m just out of the gate all I need is my desktop audio and my mic so there you have it in short my first impressions are actually pretty negative.

it forced us into a resolution or a frame rate that our computer couldn’t really handle and if I didn’t know better if I was a brand new streamer who was using this because I’m intimidated by the behind-the-scenes behind the current stuff in a program like OBS my streams gonna come out of the gate not looking great because of twitches recommendation.

Twitch Download For PC. I actually talked to a friend of mine who’s a viewer I know he runs a 1050 Ti his program also recommended 1080p 60fps right out of the gate that’s a mistake on twitches end that’s a mistake with the program it was painfully simple to set up an overlay I liked.

I was able to throw together a little something by tossing in my logo adding a quick board to the camera I liked that I didn’t like that I no ability to customize my camera the only thing I could do in terms of editing my webcam was its pre-made pre built-in filters that all look like garbage.

frankly on the plus side it took me about 10 minutes to get it going and if I was clueless about streaming and I was clueless about twitch it would get me going it would get me out the door the problem is I really feel like that wasn’t that much more simple than OBS and if it’s going to mislead.

Twitch Download For PC. us on how we should be encoding and the quality that our computer can handle out of the gate to me that’s the core purpose of a program like this stream Labs is not difficult to set up and it’s not difficult to import your stream labs alerts into OBS in fact.

it’s not difficult to set up an OBS overlay in general the difficult part about OBS is figuring out the difference between the two encoders which you should be using at what quality level you should be doing.

them and your bitrate what resolution to stream at what frame rate to stream at those are the issues that I feel like a program like this should be addressing not overlays it’s not alert that’s kind of the fun part isn’t it right now. Twitch Download For PC.


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