Finding the Best Camera Phones is no easy task these days almost all flagships now come packing some serious camera tech and software and while certain brands and models make service certain areas it’s pretty much a neck-and-neck race without further ado here’s our list of the best smartphone cameras.

Huawei p30 pro

Best Camera Phones | Top 5 Best Camera Phones in 2019

The first phone on this list of Best Camera Phones is Huawei P30 Pro is an incredibly versatile camera phone it has four main cameras on the back with various focal lengths in sensor sizes which offer a lot of flexibility through some clever engineering of the camera sensor Huawei claims a 40% bump in light sensitivity but most answers out there this coupled with a lot of software trickery literally allows the p30 pro to take photos in almost total darkness they are a big camera feature the p30 pro is the so-called periscope zone which allows for up to 5 times optical magnification and 10 times hybrid zone this is pretty amazing in its own right and though image quality starts to deteriorate beyond 5x it can still be useful for snapping surprisingly adequate photos of distant objects video recording quality is quite good and you have lower than typical noise levels in videos shot in low-light we can record in 4k but sadly a 4k 60fps option is missing.

Samsung Galaxy S 10 & S 10 plus 

Best Camera Phones | Top 5 Best Camera Phones in 2019

The rear cameras on the s10 and S 10 plus are practically identical and for the first time on a Samsung flagship we have not one not two but three cameras at the back in the middle is the main camera with a standard viewing angle while on its side are the super wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera that brings your subject two times closer without any major losses in quality while Samsung isn’t the first phone maker to go with this type of camera setup we applaud its choice of cameras as such an arrangement is not only useful but I was fun to play with after taking hundreds of photos in making several camera comparisons with the new galaxies we can say it – is definitely pleased with your own camera performance on the video side of things the Samsung Galaxy S 10 in S10 plus our severe cable switching between the three lenses while recording video is a real treat while the new super steady mode that uses ultra-wide-angle lens produces very very smooth looking videos without the use of a gimbal. Best Camera Phones.

Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL 

Best Camera Phones | Top 5 Best Camera Phones in 2019

Google Pixel three and Pixel three XL the pixel line has been well known for its outstanding camera quality leaving the pixel three models with a lot of life up to thankfully the new models deliver in spades on the hardware side of things the Pixel three and three excel both back to of megapixel sensors in their main cameras with F 1.8 aperture an optical image stabilization Google has a game forgone the inclusion of a dual-camera setup calling such card were unnecessary due to what can be achieved with machine learning essential to the pixel threes new features is one particular piece of hardware which is the pixel visual core this dedicated processor is taking a prominent role in the newest AI power features felt on the latest pixel 3 all the software camera trickery that comes with the new pixels like Top Shot super resume and Nightside relies on this chip and the results are excellent both in daylight and nighttime.

iPhone 10s & 10s Max

Best Camera Phones | Top 5 Best Camera Phones in 2019

The iPhone 10s and 10s max are a step ahead of the iPhone 10 in the camera department Thanksgiving proved on the hardware front thanks to the bigger pictures of the camera sensors which allow the newest iPhone to resolve a bit more detail than the previous model but smart HDR is the biggest differentiator here software is once again what’s pushing the smartphone camera forward apple’s new smart HDR leverages the power of multiple technologies including the upgraded image signal processor the improved CPU and advanced algorithms to vastly enhance dynamic range in photos without making them look artificial aside from the seriously impressive smart idea the iPhone 10s may also come with improved portrait mode object separation have been improved from the as well as the quality of the actual book itself for the mall Apple has taken a page of Huawei’s book and now lets you adjust the amount of background blur after you’ve taken the picture.

Samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung galaxy note 9 is an all-around great performer it is equipped with a traditional wide-angle camera in the telephoto lens for lossless optical magnification but the two snappers also work together to create a shallow depth of field effect when shooting in life focus mode which is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s portrait mode furthermore the galaxy note 9 is one of the best smartphones for low-light photography out there its performance during the day is also excellent although Samsung’s post-processing algorithms a bit on the heavy side at times the old white balance assessment is not always spot on so these we think the best camera phones out there right now.


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