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Tecknet Mouse Software. So I figured best way to do it is to show you what I’ve got going on here and that way you can compare to what you have and hopefully this will help clear up some things the software got when my mouse was a TechNet em 0:09 version to set up dot exe this. Tecknet Mouse Software Download.

Tecknet Mouse Software. has the I didn’t really go through and play with all these yet but it’s you know like the BPI settings you can set between the well one you could set the color of it – you can set what the DPI is every time you click up and down you have four levels of it you can change the actual.

color of like mouse wheel and the buttons on the side I believe but alright so here we have the top of the mouse this is your left click Tecknet Mouse Software. right click the scroll wheel tilting the mouse is the number of three and five EE no no wait four is tilting the mouse to the left three is clicking the mouse down five is tilting it to the right and then you have.

the up and down DPI buttons on the top being six and seven I’ve clicked down here on side when you go to the side and you have your five macro buttons so to assign buttons you go up here to assign now the left click it does not let you assign because it has to be click because if you don’t assign.

Tecknet Mouse Software. anything to be click you can’t use the mouse or you can’t use the the cursor to click on anything so you would either have to set something else to click or just don’t assign button number one now click on it it gives you this list and these are your the options you can use to sent.

Tecknet Mouse Software Download

Tecknet Mouse Software. your button down here this is the up and down of the CPI cycle or it should be the EPI cycle but I don’t know what that is to be honest with you but you have your multimedia buttons you have your hotkeys you have your windows buttons and you have single key click on single key and you can choose any key you want to be that button. Tecknet Mouse Software Download.

and you click OK oops I don’t want to do that with the combo key you can choose any combination of buttons like control your left ctrl + Shift + Alt + the windows button and the right side and then you would select whichever key you want it and then the macro key I’ll show you if you go over here.

to macro click new this will be macro 1 and you hit start recording once I hit start recording start recording it will literally record what I push like the up and release up down and up or the press and release of each key that I hit so say I wanted to do I’m gonna do shift D is what I’m gonna do so.

Tecknet Mouse Software. I’m hit start recording shift D let go and then stop recording as you can see I held it down and it recorded it twice I hit D and then I let them both go and it recorded – up you can have it loop between these you can even tell it to record the delays to get rid of that you just delete again or you delete and you hit new to start again so yeah.

I just did some stuff it literally records what you do so if you were to have a certain sequence you are doing like so you’re deleting a lot of things that you have to go up twice into the right and delete and then to the left and down you could set it to do that too so you can do it on one button.

Tecknet Mouse Software. but anyway for demonstration purposes I’m just gonna leave that as the macro 0 and hit OK now that that’s set I can go here to any button except for the first button and go down to macro and choose that one and then choose what it how it how it responds to the press of that macro button I’m not gonna do that but that is how you use the macros.

Tecknet Mouse Software Download. and when you go to the side it’s the same thing for the five macro buttons you have the same options that you had with the buttons on top and that’s pretty much it that’s how I’ve at least how I’ve assigned keys you have your config button down.

here to save I had saved this under Skyrim but you can save the different configurations you have I found that it just actually saves them as been like one through five I think you can do or zero through five I think you can have six total and if you go. Tecknet Mouse Software.

Tecknet Mouse Software For PC

Tecknet Mouse Software. We got one two three four five different buttons on this side we also got it down breast in here which is pretty damn cool on the side of the mouse we got a pinky rest for your you know when you’re gaming like that and you may ask yourself what is this here take a look at the bottom you’ve got a little slider button and it pops this thing pops.

it out and you can get it out I remove the weights because I do not like heavy Mouse’s but if you do well you just put them in like that and you can remove them like so but each little weight is four grams so you got two four six times four twenty four grams you can add to your mouse in my opinion like I said I don’t like it so I remove them and then.

Tecknet Mouse Software. I have an empty compartment I don’t like heavy Mouse’s in my opinion you know we got the right-click left-click we have a click on the scroll wheel and we also got you know this quilting and over here we got the DPI change your settings now right here guys.

we have an LED light bar that shows the increments of the DPI settings so the very low one is like the first one and then it goes up according to what you set it up in this software it does come in with a software so I’ll show it to you in a minute at the bottom we got one two three four five slider pads or plastic pads whatever they’re called the cable is six feet in s braided.

Tecknet Mouse Software. so that is pretty cool their material of the mouse well some parts of it it’s glossy like in here the buttons on the side they’re not glossy part of the mouse like right here this side of the it’s kind of like rubber coating into the plastic also the tap is well so that is pretty cool pretty neat and well at the back of the mouse we got the logo says.

Tecknet Mouse Software Download. techn it like I said the cable in length is six feet and also is called plated the USB connector and well inside the box is the warranty card from TechNet and we got some guides in here so it shows you have to set up your mouse in the software I’ll show it to you here in a minute alright guys well taking a look at the software.

Tecknet Mouse Software

we can see that we got a lot of options that I really don’t understand like angled snap but scroll speed yeah I get that one double click speed yeah I guess I want to let me see if I can change it to fast or slow which is develop fast mouth speed any faster are those necessary settings I’ll leave it at that USB a report rate will leave it a data 1,000 megahertz.

Tecknet Mouse Software. only second lighting right here this is kind of useless I’ve been messing around with the lighting and it doesn’t really do anything but change the speed of the light effect the DPI settings you can change your dpi settings according to our you can change the color settings for the color of the mouse the lighting according to your dpi settings.

Tecknet Mouse Software Download. and you can also change your dpi right here your dpi speeds right here button assignments like I said we are on the side right hand side and you can change like button number 8 I already pre map my keys for Park G as like you know a single one for primary weapon but number nine which is this one for secondary weapon.

number two but number 10 is for heels so I got this one for healing you know bandages number 11 I have it for single fire or rapid buy or automatic fire in button number 12 well I’m not really using it that much so I just you can disable it or you can put whatever in the front side you can also change your your colors here you can change it too as an example.

Tecknet Mouse Software. but number one you can put whatever I just don’t mess around with that stuff to be honest now let’s talk about the lighting of the mouse well the only thing the lights up it’s the scroll wheel and the logo at the back the side buttons here they stay orange the color do not change and that is something that I guess a little bit of a letdown or I guess is the logo the company or I have no clue but these are LED lights.

on the side buttons do not change also right here the LED indicator as you change the speed the light goes up or down to let you know which setting you are own alright it’s time for the final thoughts of this review what do I think of this Gaming Mouse well things that I didn’t like I didn’t like the lighting color and lighting effects there she’s very plain and simple.

Tecknet Mouse Software. and for me in 2018 or 2017 when I got released I think that they should have done a little bit better older than the standard side orange colors and well the poor LED lighting everything else on the mouse is great I really like the ergonomic design and I like the way that they place the buttons type of mm all type of gaming mouse.

if you will but you know the thing that I like is that it doesn’t have all the 12 side buttons you know the number pad on the side so that is great and why do I say that well I did play with an MMO gaming mouse and I didn’t like it at all for pop G and you know that you need those size buttons.

Tecknet Mouse Software Download. and they’re those shortcuts if you will you need you know your medic you need your heels you need your painkillers you need all of those shortcuts in your mouth so you are not distracted when you are playing Bob gene now.

this mouse is not you know made for pop G exactly but I think that it’s since I play pop G a lot I think it’s one of the best Mouse’s that I have played so far so this mouse is going to replay my cursor harpoon. Tecknet Mouse Software.

Tecknet Mouse Software free Download

got this mouse was because I’m gonna show you some little demos so here’s the mouse I’m gonna take a closer look at the mouse and you’ll get to see some more details about it now the mouse it seems like a simple i’ll wrapped around to your hand there’s one button two three four five buttons on the side of it so you’re playing pugs it’s a pretty it’s a pretty.

Tecknet Mouse Software. if you’re playing player unknown she could add and program these things to do the authors of things you can program buttons to both act as micros so if you Y ever want to jump in through that window and one of the games or something or you want to do a certain.

certain move then you could program these buttons very neat now it does have its center buttons of course there’s two Center buttons and you got the rolling wheel you got the left and right click and there is no button on this side but I’m gonna show you what its gonna do so on this side there’s a button underneath the mouse here underneath mouse is push so.

Tecknet Mouse Software Download. when you push the button a little latch opens up in there a little secret compartment secret compartment they give you around six little weights and they’re four grams each so it depending on the weight of the mouse you want to move you can take these off you can remove them or you can add additional they do sell bigger.

grams than this but they give you the four grams so which is not bad you know a little weights that you put in there now when you lock it in and completely locks in it won’t come out unless you push that button it is a wire mouse just to let you guys know so what else do you get in here can you get you get the driver CD player that gives you the driver.

Tecknet Mouse Software

Tecknet Mouse Software. they get a little instruction manual here of course you know just in case you want to go into it 108 free return shipping and here’s the big old manual they give you it’s a long lil menu it’s just like it shows you every single screenshot of what’s gonna do what you what’s required there legible you can actually see some of the stuff in here but the great thing that gives you an explanation every single button on the button.

and I like this you know they give you a little details for the price of it’s not that bad it’s a gaming mouse it’s one of the best gaming mouse I seen so far I’ve used one of these before the older versions of it but this was actually pretty neat because they give you a five edition the only thing.

Tecknet Mouse Software. I don’t like about the five additional buttons the first one is very tiny the second one it starts getting medium and it starts getting larger until you get the last ones the last ones are the pretty large one so we’re gonna go into little details and you’re scrolling here well I could talk about it now playing the mouse it’s simple it’s the same old.

Mouse like every single one it’s a laser mouse of course but like I said it’s a wire it’s not Wireless it’s mostly wire so that’s what they’re giving they give you the drivers they give you the macros I’m not gonna go into details on how to program this mouse because every Mouse pretty much the same they all have these programmable buttons you know there’s.

Tecknet Mouse Software Download. some here and there that don’t even have the functions they want they program some functions that they want you to they think that it’s best for you so this is alike I like this where you could program the buttons to do whatever you want instead of left clicking you could have it do something else you know drop for inventory.

or something so which is a great feature I like puppies months when they’re programmer especially now with the weights this little button it’s a sure it’s the secret new compartment put some money stashed in cash or something in there it’s not a big space in there you can put your little secret your little gold coin maybe in there to make it more weight you could be.

Tecknet Mouse Software. it’s a little compartment that I would never think of existing when I first saw I thought was pretty much like a battery release or something but when it’s plugged in and there’s power in here there’s no better release so let’s take a little closer look and this is pretty much what you get not stuff nothing fancy everything’s basic and very simple so let me bring that camera in so you guys can see more detail so.

Tecknet Mouse Software Download. here’s a tech net real close and personal so the mouse it’s pretty handy I mean it fits my whole round the whole hand let me grab the camera the other way it fits pretty handy I mean it’s just the mouse I mean your thumb rests right below the little little plastic thing so it’s just it has a thumb rest right there there’s left and right.

button and like I said there’s these feature buttons here that you can see 1 2 3 4 5 and they’re crazy buttons there need em five and four and three and two and then one so they have these end buttons on the corner on the side of them of the mouse which is not a bad idea and then they have these two little but extra additional buttons in here this is actually most of the test.

Tecknet Mouse Software. is to make the cursor work a little better and move the mouse you can slow it down on some of these features but it’s off programmer here and now on the bottom of it and the tech mouse it is it’s not cheap material it’s pretty handy pretty simple like every other Mouse but there’s a release button here we push the release button it pretty much.

Tecknet Mouse Software. opens the side of the mouse here and here’s a way to get you get a couple of weights you know you get six weeks there’s a little cover in there if you can just go freely you don’t have to put them back in there you can just move it it’s very light the moss is very very light without the weights now with the weight itself like.

Tecknet Mouse Software

Tecknet Mouse Software. I said it’s four grams each that’s where has four G each so it’s not too heavy it’s not the fancy it’s not so bad and I likes it once it locks in and it pretty much locks it in and the mouse design it’s basic it’s a simple mouse design like I say it has this this feature to rest your thumb in here it’s a wire so you’re never gonna.

need any any kind of charging if you get the driver for the M zero zero nine which is that’s the model of the Technic Mouse it’s a gaming mouse one of the most cheap this month I’ve seen in the online that you can purchase it comes with the mouse and the guarantee the warranty and all that information. Tecknet Mouse Software.

Tecknet Mouse Software

How do I connect my Tecknet mouse?

Press the “Connect” button on the underside of mouse for 2-Three seconds. The mouse needs to be discovered by program, and choose the Bluetooth Mouse and click on “pair”. 3. After just a few seconds, mouse will end connection by itself, you should use the gadget now.

How do I change the DPI on my Tecknet mouse?

Make the fitting strikes in any sport state of affairs. Shift by means of as much as 4 DPI settings (1000/1600/2400/3200DPI), from pixel-precise concentrating on to lightning-fast maneuvers with a single button press, conveniently positioned behind the scroll wheel.

Why is my wireless mouse not working on my laptop?

Typically the receiver will get out of sync with the wi-fi units, inflicting them to cease working. … Then press the Join button on the keyboard and/or mouse and the flashing mild on the USB receiver ought to cease. Your receiver is now synced with the keyboard and/or mouse.

How to Download Tecknet Mouse Software?

You can easily download Tecknet Mouse Software from the link which is avalible in in this post.

What is DPI on a mouse?

Dots per inch (DPI) is a measurement of how delicate a mouse is. The upper a mouse’s DPI, the farther the cursor in your display screen will transfer whenever you transfer the mouse. A mouse with the next DPI setting detects and reacts to smaller actions.

How do you reset your wireless mouse?

To reset a wireless mouse:
Turn off your wireless mouse.
Hold down the left and right mouse buttons.
While holding down the mouse buttons, turn the mouse back on.
After around 5 seconds, release the buttons. You will see an LED flash if it resets successfully.


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