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Sonic Heroes PC Recommended Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon MP
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Xpress 1200 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE
  • System Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB Hard drive space
  • DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card

Sonic Heroes PC. Sonic Heroes and just a heads up I’m actually gonna be doing this game at the same time with generations so be on the lookout for part one of that series later on today because you know sonic forces is coming out in two weeks. sonic heroes pc free download.

Sonic Heroes PC Download. so I thought you know what let’s just go ahead and tag-team mode the last two games in celebration for that and also super mario obviously is coming out this week and I really want to have undivided attention for that so I was like you know let’s just get on this. sonic heroes pc windows 10.

Recording ground listen let’s get ready to rumble so feel they’re excited as always make sure to go ahead and smash that like button lets who can I feel like all the 4000 likes for the Sonic Heroes PC first part and let me know in the comments below for question of the day would you all like to see a Sonic Heroes 2 and what mod should.

Sonic Heroes PC Download. I use for the sign generations places but anyway it’s without any further ado let’s go ahead and get into the story modes of this so I’m just gonna be doing Team Sonic but I did say that if there was enough support than interest I would do the other stories and maybe do.

live streams of those so if that’s something you’re interested in you know but always show your support down below anyways without any further ado let’s go ahead and get in with sonic speed Sonic Heroes PC look down some gun can’t stop this party till we save the world oh I love it sounds like.

sonic heroes pc windows 10. an invitation time to crack that egg man wide open yeah party all right so here we are going to seaside hill and bruh I am so excited to be playing this right now this is one of my favorite childhood games like this is one of the first Sonic games I ever owned for Gamecube and one of the few games.

I actually played with my dad so I got a lot of really fond memories with this sadly they will always stay memories anyways alright I gotta give a huge thanks to preemie though for hooking me up with the 4k texturepack prism look at this water right now man just makes you want to take a dive and sodoku but ironic thing is we’re actually gonna get a 1-up.

Sonic Heroes PC

so we live in anyways though yeah this looks absolutely fantastic in 4k res whats so vivid and colorful and the pc version of this Sonic Heroes PC Download game is definitely the definitive version because i tried to set this up on dolphin emulator was having a lot of problems.

so don’t don’t even bother with that but man i started playing this earlier today for just a few seconds just a few seconds and I was like brah we need Sonic Heroes too I can’t believe how much I’ve missed these characters like I I never realized how much I missed extra playable characters in the Sonic series until I picked this game up again because man the way. sonic heroes pc windows 10.

they did everything with this was just phenomenal I know I did a play drove you know Sonic Heroes super hard mode a couple of years ago so probably like well shouldn’t you have realized that when you played it then but like you know I was playing the hard mode the super hard mode so I was getting more so pissed at the game than anything but being able.

to actually play this you know just chill kind of lets you appreciate things that you know you may have not you may have not appreciated as much when you played it you know the first time or another playthrough whatever and I can just say this right now Heroes is a phenomenal.

Sonic Heroes PC. game the only thing I think really helped this back was just how slippery the controls were that that was basically it everything else about this was so well done the level design was really good the difficulty was good you know I mean rel Canyon can suckle someone real good.

ya know that’s age but all right wait wait wait okay we gotta get that triple nickels right now let’s go let’s go baby all right yo I’m just like super ecstatic right now because I am playing one of my favorite sauna games of all time and I think that’s why a lot of people were really excited to when we saw.

tag-team modes be confirmed for uh oh please okay good good I was about to say please do not make me miss out on the last the last booster because what will happen sometimes is if you’re not careful all right look at this that shoe Rock if you’re not careful though tails will go over the last booster and it’s kind of annoying. sonic heroes pc windows 10.

Sonic Heroes PC

so be on the lookout for that this and give him that last piece or whatever you want to call it I don’t even though Sonic Heroes PC Download I’m just like taking in this game right now it’s been so long holy crap so if I have some commentary flubs my apologies it’s just because I got a lot of excitement like.

I really really really really love science I mean y’all already knew that just from looking at the past uploads for the the uploads for the past two months but like mind games like this gets me excited to do play through this again you know I don’t know I’m just really really glad.

I decided to choose this aim for the road sonic force issue alright yeah that is one reason like I said before why I actually did choose this game because you know taxi mode very similar to what you’ve seen in Sonic Heroes how you can like team up with a character switch between the custom. sonic heroes pc free download.

Sonic Heroes PC. hero and modern Sonic’s depending on which play style you want to have if you want to have wisp on abilities and whatnot I seriously think Sega needs to implement that into a new game we need Sonic Heroes too late let’s just be really Sonic Heroes dude honestly I would wreck I think to be honest I would rather have Sonic Heroes 2 before Sonic.

Adventure 3 I know I’m about to tilt some people for real for that comment but I just think it would be really really great to see all these characters like this was the the creme de la creme when it came Sonic Heroes PC Download to just sonic and friends and it playing well and bro I need the thirst guy I need to quench my thirst.

or I know because I’m just looking at that water I’m just like oh my god alright it’s time here we go time for that team blast skadoosh so cool thing about the King blast when you actually do finish activating it you should be able to uh it’s like you can press the X button or something like that.

Sonic Heroes PC. I can’t recall if it’s the X or the B button but see how the gauge is still kind of depleting right there if enemies are still nearby you can press it again and Wow see there that that is one thing the collision detection of Sonic Heroes is kind of weird but if you do it while the gauge is still depleting you can take out extra energy I’m going to see.

if I can actually do that here maybe what I should do is I should activate it here let’s see if it takes out all of them if it doesn’t then I should be able to show it off I really hope it works okay here we go wait why is this see here look at this I hate okay for some reason this is not there we go there it is alright for some reason it actually really really weird at times to. sonic heroes pc windows 10.

where the button layout because I’m playing this on xbox one controller it won’t work as well as it should but all right be careful because those guys have swords and if you’re not careful their hitbox will take away all your rings and we don’t need that right now especially since we got ourselves.

the the gate key there we go that’s zip for seaside hill yo yo yo yeah yeah I’m just loving this so much right now it’s weird because I feel like I’m happy you’re playing this than colors I think was cuz I was pressuring myself with colors to like have that playthrough be really good because. Sonic Heroes PC.

I wanted that to be my final playthrough of colors and done really well but I just feel like with this I can just chill we don’t have to worry about s-rank so I’m just getting a drink like everything’s is I don’t know I’m just in a good place right now but anyways here we are getting in emblem.

Sonic Heroes PC Download

I remember I only a hundred percent of this game because I thought the emblems in this looks cooler they didn’t like Sonic Adventure 1 and Sonic Adventure 2 I did it I did 100% Sonic Adventure 2 once but I’ll never do it again that was just the worst thing ever I don’t even remember.

Sonic Heroes PC Download. how to beat the missions anymore honestly it’s been so long but alright so we are going through the special stages these are some of my favorite reading stages they are just so sonic heroes pc windows 10 colorful so vivid the music’s awesome and generations 3ts actually pulled from this game when it came to special stages and I would really it would actually be cool.

Sonic Heroes PC Free Download

Sonic Heroes PC. yo what if Sonic horses had special stages in this game like this oh but we will wait special stages only work on the I just remember that you only get a Chaos Emerald on the second stage so we have to get a gate key only on like ocean power or the the second act so cool world look.

at this I guess you could technically say this was like the first Sonic game to actually have the boost to because we are just skadoosh through this section like crazy now the star balloons give you extra star balloons give you extra extra boost and the regular ones just kind of like fill it up at a regular.

speed this is so fast this is so so so so fast holy crap and then this music hey Dan ten into ten eight yeah that is that it dad hey yeah there sonic heroes pc free download we go that is if for act one special stage and see here when you have that gauge if you fill it up you’ll be able to or.

I think if you have extra gauge in it it’ll give you extra one UPS or something like that alright so here we are going down with Jim pal it’s not a quick edit but uh anyways you want to know what’s really really funny so Sonic Heroes PC Download proud just water oh my god holy crap okay anyways oh okay so you’ll know it’s really really funny how people absolutely.

hate the mess out of Green Hill Zone right now right but this stage was done or brought back into Sonic spin-offs and other games more so than Green Hill Zone ever was but I think the reason why is because Green Hill Zone is being added to new Sonic games as like the first stage for them and then like I don’t know I guess seaside hill and ocean palace were just brought.

and two spin-offs so maybe that’s why this stage didn’t get as much hate but man I remember when people were actually getting annoyed with seaside hill and ocean palace being stages constantly shown off in the Sonic series and you know it’s kind of funny too because even though people complain about that they it sure did appear and uh Sonic Generations.

sonic heroes pc free download. so I guess but is that that was one of the top voted stages kind of crazy when you think about huh anyways I love ocean palace the music here in ocean palace is just all right so we gotta use our boy Nichols to go ahead and do that the Kumbayah Kumbayah attack and we’ll be able to fly high no lie you know this pollen but all right now we got ourselves a triangle jump.

we’ll all jump here to definitely one of the cool things about I honestly would like to see a triangle jump wall jump again it kind of reminds me of like an early build of like parkour or Sonic Heroes PC Download something like that in the Sonic series all right so we’re gonna fly a little bit higher and you can you can you you lift me up all right thank you whoa what what do you drop like a rock.

Sonic Heroes PC. hold on I don’t know what happened there but that was really really weird never seen that but all right let’s go ahead and get ourselves these extra one up sand rings I was almost positive that were there were some enemies there that’s the thing when you always play the other teams and whatnot you’re gonna end up getting enemy placement.

Sonic Heroes PC Free Download

confused and whatnot because team dark will have way more enemies than usual and because of that it’s like you’ll be playing team hero and you’re like I swear I thought I saw some enemies in the last run but it’s just you confusing but it’s kind of funny I wonder what’s actually because I know team dark is like the hardest team in the game but. sonic heroes pc windows 10.

what’s the second hardest team is it team chaotix or the Kunsan let me know that below okay anyways all right let’s go ahead and you’re getting that real quick now I think what I should do is actually I’m a-goin go flight let’s go ahead and go on the flight path way cuz we definitely got our souls team blast there so might as well go ahead and use this right.

Sonic Heroes PC Window 10

now to get ourselves some extra points I don’t know how many points that actually gives us oh it doesn’t even give us extra points it’s just yeah anyways okay we got another one so might as well Brad hold up hold on hold up hold up hold up who’s got a gun yeah oh sorry that’s a gun and Glock at the same time all right let’s go ahead and let knuckles take control.

here Oh God okay I’m scared now I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared okay oh my god all right now so knuckles I guess is a precursor as Sonic Heroes PC well to the that what is it the the custom heroes gameplay with the combat weapons but or the wisp ons because bro the way knuckles.

will be flinging himself off the stage when he does his punches and whatnot is just it’s one of the worst things ever it’s caused so many deaths and I honestly think that’s one of the big problems with heroes just how the characters feel really really slippery but it’s a fire ball gonna hit him yes nice that’s clean but the the wisp unlike the the lightning wisp and sonic.

forces that is actually insane I’ve never seen a character move so much it’s so much momentum just from like besides my mom besides my mom and my dad see they they got that speed would say they start to having a ton of momentum when they say I swing it whether it be the Beller the switch.

but you know dad was always I don’t even know what I’m going on with that I am like being hello resume sonic moonwalking to yo we’re on that thriller thriller her not hi and no one’s gonna save you from the beasts of that stretch all right yo but I mean hey Halloween is about to come Buffy that thriller night it’s going glide here Jesus Christ.

I really what happens when you commentate for like four hours alright yo seriously I love the triangle dope man okay now I just need you to hop off it I think I should save that though I should say that just in case some shenanigans happens like you know some random stupid club but it looks.

like we’re solid we’re solid solid as this rock that’s about to be charging forward okay so we are not about to let this hit us like it did in the super hard mode because if it does it’s over it’s over it’s over no okay good blessed wrap okay then I’m just hoping that it doesn’t glue job because.

Sonic Heroes PC Download. I believe this on the PC and I’ll be using Mac controls the buff hooker for real even sonic built it oh my god alright there we go and that is a frozen Palace and we have the key still yeah I’m really gonna be editing this oh man but I feel more like myself right now recording this see I need games like this any games like this.

to get me back get my mojo back there we go a rang baby let’s get it let’s get it let’s get it let’s get it alright people so we’re going to special stage act 1 this is the actual emerald challenge let’s go but that it moves push alright we’re really going for that splash in just a sec you come on give me some booth it’s a booth rinsed alright so we should be switching the power right.

now but that’s the thing you know we are the holic and we’re trying to just reach it as fast as possible so we’re gonna be using sonic but all right we’re almost there we’re almost a we’re almost there and there we go people that first chaos the choir man these are actually not that difficult no I think I think what it is is if you play it with team rose or something like.

that it’s a bit easier to actually keep your gate key so that’s why most people do it with team Rose at least that’s why I’ll usually do I’ll be choosing it for you but there you go oh oh how could I have forgotten yo heroes had some good bosses too even though they did a recycle some oh my god that water.

alright let’s go going against dr. Eggman in the egg Hawk I’m trying to thank actually how do you do this the best most effective way because we definitely got to get ourselves an airing I think what I’m supposed to do is this and then aren’t you supposed to use halos or something like that.

Sonic Heroes PC Download. something like that or maybe it’s not maybe it’s not either way we’re gonna do right now I’m just gonna go I know the other characters if you have vector or big the cat that’s like really really helpful but alright I think we’re good I think we’re good nice all right there.

we go that’s it people that is it for the first world of Sonic Heroes so I’m trying to things they’re like 7 worlds yeah we should be done with this in like a week’s time definitely alright ladies and gentlemen so that is it for the first part of Sonic Heroes so thank you all so much for watching.

Sonic Heroes PC Download.if you did enjoy it you know like I said make sure they go in and smash that like button helps out tremendously and next time we will be going to Grand metropolis own and power plant I believe team sonic and like I said depending on the support on this series will decide.

if I do live streams of teen dark team Rhodes team chaotix and let me know in the comments below for a question of the day if you all would like to see Sonic Heroes 2. Sonic Heroes PC.

Sonic Heroes PC FAQs

Does Sonic Heroes work on Windows 10?

It works fine on Windows 10. Download Sonic Heroes From the link which is given in this post.

How do I download sonic heroes full version PC?

Download Sonic Heroes From the link which is given in this post.

How do you download Sonic Heroes on PC?

Download Sonic Heroes From the link which is given in this post.


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