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The Simpsons Hit & Run Minimum system requirements 

 CPUPentium III 700 MHz processor or equivalent
 GPU100% DirectX compliant 3D video card with 32 MB VRAM (T&L)
 Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operating system
 Storage2.2 GB hard disk space
 Sound100% DirectX 8.1 or higher compatible sound card and drivers
 Optical Disk Drive4X Speed CD-ROM drive

Recommended system requirements for The Simpsons Hit & Run 

 CPUPentium III 1 GHz processor or equivalent
 GPU100% DirectX compliant 3D video card with 64 MB VRAM (T&L)
 Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operating system
 Storage2.2 GB hard disk space
 Sound100% DirectX 8.1 or higher compatible sound card and drivers
 Optical Disk Drive4X Speed CD-ROM drive

Simpsons Hit and Run PC. Welcome back to the greatest game of all time the simpsons hit and run when I was a kid I actually had this on the Gamecube that goes to show how old this thing is this was everybody’s GTA but kid edition because you could just come around and be like but you could literally go up to people and steal people’s cars stuff it and you just.

Simpsons Hit and Run PC Download. you boot him out and suddenly you’re driving the car I mean technically I’m in the passenger seat technically I didn’t boot him out I’m just getting a lift to the coroner so I’ve actually gone in and I’ve got a mod for this game that gives me every single car there is so much stuff in this game.

it is incredible we’re gonna start it up with this mr. burns limo anyways as per always with this revisited series if you want me to check out other games please let me know in the comment it is always much appreciated oh there were races in this game I forgot about that so I’ll be honest I haven’t played this game basically since I was about 8 so bear with me.

if my memory for this isn’t the best yes yes it’s here no way ok get out get out of this hold on before we get that get out of here Simpsons Hit and Run Download. hey this is what I mean this is little kid GTA the rocky Cartman bingi no mr. burns mansion Jesus Christ hidden tunnel yet it’s not it’s not very hidden it goes under mr.

burns mansion and I think it leads into like the plan oh no oh no all right so that’s what in car we’ve already blown up today the rocket car doesn’t have the best durability how about we try this thing the hurt no in the in the old plant oh don’t can take it out by the thing oh yeah yeah the original danger. Simpsons Hit and Run Download For PC.

Simpsons Hit and Run Download

Style okay how have I done that how how am I done now we’re going down get out absolutely nailed it it’s on the way back down when I was eight years old I don’t remember any of these glitches oh there we go and we’re back in this game absolutely incredible all right so what is this shall we go into a mission and see.

what we got hey bud the plough King it’s a hundred and fifty coins i’ve got a hundred and fifty one I don’t know if it was only me but if you live Simpsons Hit and Run PC somewhere cold and had snow on the ground did you drive this around and pretend to put salt all over the road so people.

could drive I don’t know if you can tell but we’ve gone all the way back round to the front the thing with this game is the map was just a big circle too if you went left for long enough you would end up back where you started anyways let’s go left for school and our science project can you get a tour perfect all right we got her project. Simpsons Hit and Run Download For PC.

Simpsons Hit and Run PC

let’s get in the plow King and let’s head off to school oh look at this we have aced it in the race Principal Skinner getting the bin Simpsons Hit and Run PC Download. oh yeah I remember these will get demonetized if we run her out of that one for too long this is what a Chad Homer Simpson looks like open-wheel race car definitely not an f1 car wow.

it sounds better than fourths of horizon for sounds yo it’s so fast it’s so fast I don’t remember the camera ever doing this before when I was a kid yo Ned Flanders never run sorry collect all of Ned’s lost items before time runs out I got it somebody’s telling me you can beat up Flanders for cops we’re going back all right come here Flanders hit-and-run let’s.

go let’s go bud I need my f1 car it’s not the time in the car yo this game is harder to run away from the cops that need for speed where where are we going watch out coming through I would like to apologize for everything of sorry alright one more let’s go bud alright let’s try not to crash into people’s houses that’d be great oh not again not again you’re out of here wait.

wait what’d I do I clicked the wrong button I’m sorry oh no no no he’s cops ROP all right we got the last thing alright Ned what do you want that’s just the way to stop just kick him in the shins before I give his stuff Simpsons Hit and Run PC back we should probably repair this thing because right now it looks like a Volkswagen the sound of this is.

I can’t deal with the noise I’m I’m sorry I can’t I can’t deal with Mack I think Homer is enjoying his time on this bike a little too much hey buddy you want to give me a race I love this game Simpsons Hit and Run PC I love it I’m racing tsk oh yeah I’m already in first what let’s go boys y’all need to step it up I’m going apex to Apex finish line hello this is worse.

than one Jubjub ate my fries I don’t know you say that that’s definitely not a Ferrari how do I go to another world I don’t remember and or Bart hello bud ooh rocket car rocket car fire says there’s a monster truck on this left okay how do how does everybody in twitch chat remember this game.

so well I’m getting a lot of questions in chat how I got this game the reason this game took almost two months to get working was because I had to buy it off eBay I literally went on eBay found a version of this game had a bunch of trouble installing it and long story short it took like two months.

Simpsons Hit and Run Download. to get this thing working finally shall we go to another level Bart you’re cool but I’ll be honest there’s cooler stuff ain’t Nick just wanted to say we appreciate all the videos and all the smiles you give us you have a big heart big brain and nice muscles just a shame about that tiny penis hashtag Nick can’t penetrate.

when I was a kid going through this world took me forever just cuz I absolutely hated it I just remember ya doing this this big old jump straight through wasn’t there a really cool like movie like film location type of thing here where was it oh wait yeah look at this this is called crusty Lou studios Hey look at my memory from when I was eight this is.

what I’m talking about oh we got to try the hover car out I’m sorry is it just me or it’s like transparent fire says there’s a secret car on top of the boat okay I’ll give it a go oh I remember yeah okay no I know where to go it was in one of these like shipping containers wasn’t it yes. Simpsons Hit and Run Download For PC.

I found the secret car I remember this thing Oh apparently it’s not a ramp I know I’ve said it for like basically every game we play it in like the revisited series but I think this one’s a little bit different when I say I think it kind of deserves its own like full playthrough this one’s very special we will check out one more vehicle though I don’t what uh was it level 4 with.

Simpsons Hit and Run PC

Simpsons Hit and Run PC Download. a boo no this monster truck is nowhere near no it also sounds like an f1 car apparently Forte’s is not the only people who copy and paste their engine sounds alright should we do a race in this I love it I absolutely love it I’m gonna go no it’s not it’s not a shortcut as it turns out I am so far behind this is not even funny.

now he’s literally in one of the fastest that never mind never mind you win this one game okay way everybody wants me to do the RC car I am a lean mean been deceived I think the characters talking to each other is one of my favorite things all right RC.

car let’s go I don’t ever remember having an RC car in this game so this is gonna be new to me here we go yes the RC car this is new this games been out how many years 2003 this games been out for Simpsons Hit and Run PC 16 years and I never knew this was a thing oh the baseball dot.

I didn’t mean to do that my car it’s just so silly okay I really shouldn’t be doing these races in the slowest cars Simpsons Hit and Run PC Download and beep oh dang no wait a minute this beam was just like so far ahead of its time though it was incredible it was an absolute classic.

I would love to see something like this again thinking about it this game probably is one of the reasons why I like cars so much like I played me that was a full-on drift I played need for speed before this Midtown madness. Simpsons Hit and Run Download.

yeah I’m just gonna be messing around here in the game today see if you get two notes and if you want to see some more of this and yeah let’s see if we can break 5,000 likes on this video and yeah let’s begin right so we’re gonna start off here with a brand new game we’re gonna talk to Marge here play one of the first missions I wonder who that was alright.

so the first mission is to get to the kwik-e-mart and purchase some ice cream and some Cola so let’s get into our vehicle and yeah let’s sit over there I think you guys are gonna see a lot of similarities to this and the GTA 5 and I think this might also be the guiness sort of got me into detail. Simpsons Hit and Run Download For PC.

Simpsons Hit and Run Download For PC

on Andreas back in the day because I feel like this is sort of like a child-friendly MDTA in some way but anyway oh very sorry about that and yet animations when people fall in this game is actually pretty funny so this guy is insanely creepy but let’s go ahead and kick him and it is kind.

of fall down and slide away but anyways listen into the kwik-e-mart and finish the mission which was to buy some ice cream and some Cola alright let’s talk to a pool here yeah you probably did okay let’s grab this right so now we need to head back home I deliver the goods and they were actually gonna be doing some stunting in this game.

Simpsons Hit and Run PC. I think there is some ways that we can do some stunting as you guys know in every game that I play and oh I’m very sorry as you guys know like in every single game that I play I always have to try and do some stunting and the driving is actually really good in this game as well and let’s talk tomorrow right so need to raise Principal Skinner.

to the school and give Lisa her science project and this is actually what most of the missions or I can eat erase and sort of collect things in a certain amount of time and the first few missions are pretty easy to be honest but once you get further into the game it’s actually very difficult sometimes.

Simpsons Hit and Run PC Download. but yet his first mission is gonna be briefs and we can’t actually also get the cops after us if you like run into too many people you can see the yellow border down to the right and if that goes all the way around and yeah we get the cops after us but here we go that was super easy so now let’s enter the school right what’s up Lisa alright.

mission complete and also over here you can actually select a different outfit if you want to run around in our underwear we can do that we can be the Moomin character or the chosen one and I think that is it for this level we’re gonna explore some other levels in this game as well and yes some.

other parts of Springfield and have actually unlocked every single car in this game already and as you can see over here you can select different cars they have different acceleration toughness handling just like GTA 5 pretty much and it has a pretty sick horse here like the hover. Simpsons Hit and Run Download For PC.

Simpsons Hit and Run Download. bike you have a Samba car and the race car as well and I think the fastest car is actually raced like a chase car this one is actually one of the best cars in the game so let’s spawn that in let’s try to do a stunt in the same sense hit and run and what is this guy trying to do alright so no one spot whoa whoa I did not mean to do that but I just kind of glitched out and now I’m sat down alright so doing a one spot.

in this level we can sort of do like a stunt and where you bump off a roof and then do a flip somehow now unlike detail you can of course not control the car in mid-air which would be amazing if that actually worked but yeah let’s head over to the stunting spot and see if we can do something oh nice drift owner get a drifting physics in this game is honestly a bit better/

Simpsons Hit and Run PC. than GTA 5 and I wonder if we somehow can jump through that donut thing up there would actually be a crazy stunt if we can do is we like the hover bike maybe and you know what let’s just go and try that straightaway all right so we got the hover bike.

now the question is will the game allow us to fly through now I activated a cheat code in the game which actually allows us to jump whenever we press the horn so as you can see as soon as I jump Simpsons Hit and Run PC and oh we almost just made it through now the question is oh sorry.

a question is if this is even possible the fingers another donut sign in another level so if this one doesn’t work and we’ll try the other one out just try it out to see if it is impossible that was so good guys first attempt we did a stunt in the simpsons hit and run age I guess that was nice a clean little.

stunt with the hover bike in the Simpsons hit and run now let’s get back to the chase sit down and try to do the bump stunt think oh god we got hit and run Oh God escape escape we just jumped over Simpsons Hit and Run PC the cop come on keep going keep going cops are actually pretty much better than the cops in GTA 5 because they are so freakin.

Simpsons Hit and Run Download For PC

fast and all they gotta do is like get close to you and they will bust you and oh yeah what did I just do nice stunt ever actually managed to get away from the cops as well nice what is that Simpsons Hit and Run PC Download I do not remember this car and can you get away from here let’s get some coins what is this I don’t think that.

I’ve ever actually unlock this car when I used to play it as a kid man this thing is crazy let’s head in here into mr. Simpsons Hit and Run Download For PC Burnes little house here and man we’re gonna fly way too far yeah that did not we’ll end up too well and I blew it up already it’s really nice that you have these like phone booths.

around where you can just call in your car okay I think this is it so what we need to do is go off a jump it is right in the cemetery which is in here then we need to jump through here bump off this roof just like Simpsons Hit and Run PC that and try to land it which is gonna be pretty easy don’t even have to use my hands there we go no as I said you can’t really turn.

the car in mate the air so it’s kind of hard to do like spins and stuff and but you I’m gonna try our best to it something nice for you guys in this video of course it’s not very nice yeah let’s do another mission and then we’re gonna switch levels to go to another part of the town and play a sport and try to do some stunts with his vehicles as well okay so we need to talk to Flanders.

Simpsons Hit and Run Download so let’s no I don’t want to kick him I want to talk to him okay collect all six Nets lost items before time runs out so this should be pretty easy because we have like one of the best cars in the game let’s begin here by picking up the tuxedo which is right there and now.

for the lawnmower which is just a bit further down the road there we go I’ll wait to talk to Barney okay come on come on come on well Flanders wants it back now what will I use for a toilet okay anyways let’s collect Barney’s toilet cooler there we go task complete that was very easy actually the last.

thing we need to find is the inhaler which I think is on the top of the kwik-e-mart no there it’s on the top of the truck okay we double jump and there we go and the Flanders oh I keep hitting this freaking dude he’s Simpsons Hit and Run PC everywhere right mission complete now let’s actually am NOT to the next mission let’s see if we can switch levels here.

so we need to go to mission select and go to level two and just select anyone here and yet try to do some stunts with Bart right so now we got the hover bike with Bart and as you guys can see there’s.

Simpsons Hit and Run PC there a donut so let’s see you can do this first try that was so clean nice job man I was a flawless first attempt stunt as well oh we’re gonna hit the jump guys come on oh oh that was so close we can actually do like a nice little side flip there yes I spawn in the race car now let’s see if we can do something Simpsons Hit and Run PC Download.

Simpsons Hit and Run PC FAQs

Can you get Simpsons Hit and run on PC?

Yes, it works on Windows 10. Download Simpsons Hit and Run For PC Free From the link which is given in this post.

How do you install Simpsons Hit and run on PC?

Download Simpsons Hit and Run For PC Free From the link which is given in this post.

Is The Simpsons Game on PC?

In order to be able to run The Simpsons Hit & Run, you will need a CPU better that Pentium III 700 MHz processor or equivalent, more than 192 MB RAM, a GPU that is better ranked than 100% DirectX compliant 3D video card with 32 MB VRAM (T&L) . Download Simpsons Hit and Run For PC Free From the link which is given in this post.


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