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Samsung Migration Software Download. Magician click the first link which is Samsung so you want to click on data migration under that section then you want to download wait to migration software you see so first Fonda it’s this one here you wanna press download and once. Samsung Data Migration.

Samsung Migration Software. it’s downloaded open it then run it then once you choose you what language you on English click Next don’t know why is it so tilted except you install it Plus finish and he said look okay guys the software is ready I need to tell you drive which is this one he has to be.

Samsung Migration Software Download out the case like not probably then you need an external cable SATA cable let you just plug in plug and play and then plug into your computer then you should come up and there you go simple as ah now plug into your computer using a USB and then Samsung Migration Software.

Samsung Migration Software Download it should appear that if I stop and no guide you to stop okay so this is the sauce disc that’s my destroy now and then it’s already automatically chose it and then target disk is this one so it’s already family because it’s a Samsung so that’s gonna make it a place being. Samsung Data Migration.

Samsung Migration Software. cloned will be 263 kicks used out of 931 so let’s start a simple as that guys might take a long time because it’s a old hard drive when cloning starts all data on the target eSchool we deleted cannot be recovered also files in the source text and open cannot be grown please.

Samsung Data Migration

Samsung Data Migration. call ok let’s go guys alright it started might take a long time you don’t know okay cloning disk started assuming few day ago it’s not begun pro-player cuz it’s a zero and B okay stone 11 MB 30 MB so that is flow as you can see 2 MB disc speeds at the moment well let’s go take applause even those small.

Samsung Migration Software Download drive alright so make sure you leave it connected and we will do is think once it’s done it’s basically do you just plug and play into your new computer or whatever okay it’s given the estimation but it’s keep going up our six hours cuz very slow 10 MB 16 MB.

Samsung Migration Software

Samsung Migration Software. very slow IDE speed okay so this will be done very late in the morning knows we shall see how we’ll be back one system or close to finishing nearly finished guys took three hours and 45 minutes down to the last 200 MB you look on the left so close and we don’t.

Samsung Migration Software Download in three hours 43 minutes for four minutes right stone enormous always do you know hi guys it was finished now so there you go taki disk samsung USB ok so it’s using 263 cakes which is what I have now on my my own they turn the sausages has been successfully cloned so now you don’t. Samsung Data Migration.

Samsung Migration Software. samsung migration and this works only for Samsung’s drives so if you’re a cloning your OS drive or your main drive to your newly installed a SATA SSD or MDOT to Samsung SSD then this video might help you guys out stay tuned and I’ll be right back.

Samsung Migration Software. okay so first you’re gonna have to have a Samsung branded SATA SSD or a m2 nvme SSD like the 960 Evo that we’re looking at here and you’re going to have to install that on your computer now I have other videos in the past that you can look at to show you.

how to install it on your computer it just slots in kind of like a ram stick and then you just hold it down basically with a single screw nothing too difficult don’t think that this is a difficult process because Samsung Migration Software it is not again you can look at some of my other videos to show you how to do the installation now once you have this installed as long.

as your operating system recognizes the drive you’re ready to use Samsung’s migration software and that’s what we’re gonna do now we’re going to take Samsung’s migration software Samsung Data Migration and we are going to migrate our OS drive or our operating system drive to our new Samsung SSD okay.

Samsung Migration Software Download. so once you get to your desktop you’ve got your drive installed you’ve got your old Drive you’re running your operating system on and you’ve got your new Drive which is the Samsung Drive you’re gonna use Samsung’s migration software and now you can go to Samsung comm and download that I will have a link.

Download Samsung Migration Software

Samsung Migration Software Download. in the description where you can download the migration software and we’re gonna run this and this is going to clone your drive so basically once you run it you can make sure that it’s Auto updated it will check and you can update it to the newest version and this is the data migration software. Samsung Data Migration.

Samsung Migration Software. it’s a super simple just has a start button and it basically says SSD to a samsung Drive you can also use this for hard drives as well like if you have your Windows operating system on a hard drive and you want to copy it over to a samsung Drive that will work fine to it Auto populates it has my original disc.

here it’s an Intel 330 series SSD and my target disc is now the samsung 960 Evo 500 gigabyte which we installed you can see that I have a hundred and one hundred and eleven point nine gigabytes and this one is gonna give me substantially much more size now obviously when I say start it’s going to tell me that it’s going to erase everything on the target disk.

Samsung Migration Software Download. Which is my new disk so it doesn’t really matter and we are going to actually close down all extra programs here just to make the process as fast as possible any open programs it says will not be cloned so you want to make sure that you have.

Samsung Migration Software. as many programs shutdown as possible to avoid conflicts basic programs that like your sound and your Bluetooth that stuff will all come over so you don’t have to worry about that so once you have everything shut down you just click yes and this is when the cloning process begins and remember we’re cloning a hundred and eleven point nine gigabytes from one drive to the target drive this is gonna give.

me a lot more space from that older SSD that I only had about 50 gigabytes left on I’m going to have closer to 350 gigabytes left on now for open space so that’s one reason while I’m doing this the Samsung Data Migration. other reason is because the m-dot to nvme drives are so much faster even than the regular set of SSDs so you can see that it has a bar here that it’s gonna tell you how much time.

you have left and the speed that it’s copying everything and that will actually speed up faster and faster as the process goes on so I’m going to kind of speed through this just so that you guys can see and don’t have to watch this in real time and I will be back as soon as that is done you okay so as you can see we’ve copied this over it took about eight to nine.

Samsung Migration Software

Samsung Migration Software Download. minutes to copy a hundred and eleven point nine gigabytes over we topped out at about two hundred and seventy megabytes per second so and now my one hundred and eleven point nine gigabytes has been copied to my target disk.

and I’m ready to reboot I can go in I can remove the old boot drive and I can set in my BIOS to boot from this drive and we are good to go so the process is very very easy. Samsung Migration Software.

Samsung they have particular software that you can use to help migrate all of your files your operating system and everything over make it real simple there are multiple multiple ways that you can do this whether you’re on a laptop or a desktop it even works with the MDOT – SSDs so if that’s something that you’re about to take on here we go.

I’m going to show you how it’s done all right guys so quick I’m going to take you through basically how to connect it depending on whether you’re using a laptop if you’re trying to upgrade your hard drive in your laptop or desktop now if you don’t have an extra slot in your laptop you know most laptops these days especially gaming like laptops they. Samsung Data Migration.

Samsung Migration Software. may come with a extra slot that you can just kind of slide an extra SSD or laptop hard drive in in this case my laptop does not have that so I’m just going to be simply using this little adapter now you can get these on Newegg I think they’re like 20 bucks you pretty pretty much get them even at Best Buy or whatever but it’s just an easy way.

to connect your new SSD to your computer and you want to make sure that you use your USB 3.0 now I’ve got you here I’ll go ahead and show you pretty much all that comes with the SSD in this particular case the Samsung 850 Evo is just some type of driver information you’ve got warranty and installation guide stuff like that so this is pretty much. Samsung Data Migration.

Samsung Migration Software. how I recommend doing it if you’re going to connect it to a laptop without an extra port you know on the inside the laptop or if you do not want to take your laptop apart this just makes it real simple just make sure you’re using USB 3.0 and now I’ll show you.

how to connect it to the desktop and the setup for the desktop as you might expect there’s just a touch different all you have to do is connect it with some type of SATA power and data cable and just run that you know to your power supply to your motherboard now in this case already have.

Samsung Migration Software Download. a samsung 850 Evo but I’m just going to kind of demonstrate the software that’s the whole purpose of this but I have a lot of questions I had a lot of questions on you know how to connect it depending on what you’re using so with the desktop you actually.

Samsung Migration Software For PC

want to try and use it this way you can with with actual SATA cable and power now you can still use the adapter for the desktop if you want to but I recommend just go ahead and connecting it straight into computer but all right let’s move on into the software and I’ll show you exactly. Samsung Data Migration.

how it works all right now so once you get the new SSD initialize within Windows and it’s being recognized in Windows Explorer you can see here brand new ready to go and all you have to do is download the software from Samsung Samsung’s website now this is data migration version 3.

Samsung Migration Software Download. I’ll go ahead and drop a link in the description below just to make it easy for you guys but basically DUS install the software get it started the very next window is going to show you your hard drive so here’s the original now it automatically detects.

the new one because this software only works with Samsung related as these are hard drives so you don’t have to go through and try and find the exact target disk that you’re looking for now as we go through the process you’re going to see some windows pop up so you just want to make.

sure that you read those carefully because it’s basically going to say that it’s going to bleed before madness and that so we’ll go ahead and get started with start now right here it says warning when cloning starts all data on the target disk will be deleted blah blah blah now if you have anything on there of course you want to make sure you back that up but in this case.

Samsung Migration Software Download. we’re not worried about that since it’s a brand new drive so we’re just going to go ahead and hit start now depending on how you know what kind of system you have or whatever this may take a little bit okay so I just wanted to pull you all in real quick so you can kind of see how the process is going we’re removing.

Samsung Migration Software. roughly about I don’t know it’s kind of back and forth actually it’s increasing a little by little but you can see the transfer rate and then how long it’s going to take now when this first started this was about 20 minutes and it just continues to be creased because the speed.

obviously is increasing alright guys so we are about to finish this as you can see here now it has only taken about six minutes and it still says that it has seen six minutes remaining Samsung Data Migration. that’s probably because it’s going to have to go through and check all the files and all that but once.

Samsung Migration Software. it gets through the you know completes the process I’ll go ahead and bring you guys in again so that you can see the final but as you can see here we are about ninety four percent and we are almost finished.

see just by logging into this initial screen magician has come a long way now the biggest updates at version 6 are around a brand-new user-friendly GUI they’ve also added a PSID revert tool which is utility to help in the event of a drive locking situation there’s a new diagnostic scan and a help.

Samsung Migration Software Download. function this is my favorite a help function to solve users curiosity and increase convenience I can’t help but to start by clicking the help so that we can see what sort of user curiosity it would solve here we go there’s all sorts of stuff in here you can scroll through your leisure to dive into all the capabilities.

Samsung Migration Software. of the the software my curiosity is satisfied so we’ll bail on that the very first thing you see is a nice visual that shows drive condition temperature used capacity and the benchmark runs for each Drive incidentally the Samsung tool will see all the drives in the system even though these are other vendor drives and it can’t do anything. Samsung Data Migration.

other than grab temp off that Intel drive at the end it doesn’t really matter though that’s not its intention its intention is to manage Samsung Migration Software samsung drives within the system so why don’t we go ahead and drive into some of the capabilities that magician offers.

when we go into drive details it’ll start to show us one of the drives in the system now what’s important here is that the capabilities and the support for each one of these tools is dependent on the drive so the drive has to be able to support these things the 860 qvo in our system for instance supports.

Samsung Migration Software Download. everything within magician’ the 850 Pro won’t so we’ll see that a little bit as we go through but either way it starts out with a nice clean visual of tamp and drive Samsung Data Migration. health all the other basic information you can see we’ve got a firmware update we’ll get to that in a little bit capacity used and that sort of thing if you want you can click.

Samsung Migration Software Download. into the smart button and it’ll show the current smart details for the drive these can be exported in the event you want to keep keep track of those offline and when we switch over to the QV oh it’s larger but it’s gonna look the same way it’ll scan pick up the drive information and display that for you here again.

this guy’s got a firmware update and we will also look at that in just a little bit samsung also includes a performance benchmark tool now you can see we ran this just a few minutes ago and this is useful for just Samsung Migration Software keeping an eye on your drives performance if we switch back over to the 850 Pro it’s been run a couple.

times and identical results which is interesting but anyway we can hit start on this it takes about two minutes to run but it’ll show you some interesting details read write read write in different block sizes and again it’s just Samsung Migration Software Download. helpful to keep an eye on the drive a lot of people sometimes think the drive is performing slowly

you could use tools available but this is built into Magicians so it’s a real quick and dirty way to see what the drive is capable of we’ll go ahead and speed this up and let the run finish you all right so it’s Samsung Migration Software Download. finished and the results are similar but just a little bit different now it’s worth noting that the the ID here on these random.

I ops it’d be nice if in the history would show these performance headers down here so it would be a little more clear that we’re looking at sequential on the left and random my ops on the right Samsung does note they were on all of these at a queue depth of 32 and for the sequential work.

Samsung Data Migration Software

it’s one thread for random it’s four for an nvme drive and four SATA it’s one sequential in one random so they do vary the workload a little bit depending on the drives capabilities so again a useful tool just to help keep an eye on the drives capabilities let’s go down to Diagnostics skin.

Samsung Migration Software Download now this is a one where the 850 Pro isn’t supported but if we flip over to the qvo we can see that it is so there’s a short scan full scan this is gonna look and feel a lot like those defrag tools back in the day if you ran those on your hard drive every.

now and then but we’ll just bust through a quick scan real quick and what its gonna do is just prep the drive and then take a look for any bad Samsung Migration Software. segments within the media this will take just a minute or two and should come back clean this is a pretty.

much a brand new drive you and there we have it the short scan finished we could look at a full scan and do the deeper dive but that just takes more time and does about the same thing we’re not going to worry about that a whole lot let’s cruise down to over-provisioning now the ope settings.

Samsung Migration Software Download. are something that not many users are gonna mess with but you certainly can and basically what we’re doing is giving up capacity to increase endurance and sometimes have a performance benefit as well now it recommends in this tool 10% it would be the same if we switched over to the 850 Pro you could switch.

Samsung Migration Software. to whatever you want ranging from 1% all the way up to 50 I wouldn’t recommend 50 but it’s not the worst idea to allocate some space for Opie and we can set that and it will go ahead and perform that task and there we go we’ve got the little Opie guy of 372 gig and still have 3.3 remaining another tool available is the performance. Samsung Data Migration.

optimization tab Samsung offers two different things here a trim management bit and then rapid mode let’s start with the trim management what they’ve done since Windows 8 is just relied on the windows tools within here and so we can see the four terabyte has never.

had it run at once optimization we can go ahead and do that manually it will also have a calendar where you can set it to run how we’re off however often you want so that’s something that’s probably best left on a weekly autom automated schedule the other thing that’s available is this rapid.

setting here in a rapid setting essentially uses the RAM a little bit of RAM in the in the system to enhance overall performance it’s like a cache again this is something where you can’t enable it to get a little more temporary boost out of the system for small working sets really just depends on what.

Samsung Migration Software. you want to get out of your drive and how you want to use it we find that it’s not necessarily that beneficial but again depends on your workload now dropping down here into the data management but this is where things get a little bit more serious so the secure race function just like any SSD Samsung can can offer a secure.

Samsung Data Migration. race they want you to use a USB Drive and they’ll be a reboot as part of the process you can do this if you need to really wipe the drive get it back to factory fresh you might do this if you sell your drive to make sure the data is all gone there are a couple of the reasons you may want to do that as well when we look at talked about PSID revert being in the system.

this is a unlock capability if it’s been locked by the operating system again something you won’t use a lot but it’s there for certain drives that support it and then lastly we’ve got the encryption piece at the end where you can enable encryption and when you do a clean and solve the OS.

Samsung Migration Software Download. that drives the support encryption will be will be ready to go now we’ve also got this Update button at the very bottom so we know that we have firmware updates on the 860 qvo and we also have it on the 850 Pro lastly we can see a magician 6000 is current and that’s the latest version so let’s go ahead I will say when you look at the update notice if you’re expecting to see a lot of information.

Samsung Migration Software Details

mmm not much there we could probably improve that with release notes that would be useful for the end user but we don’t get that let’s go ahead and walk through the process for the 850 Pro it will require a reboot we’ll go ahead and continue and right now it’ll be polling Samsung’s site to get the latest firmware pull that down and start working through the process.

Samsung Migration Software. that was relatively quick we’ll go ahead and let it shut down and rejoin when the system comes back up so our system is rebooted and come back online and our drive information has just refreshed we see both of our drives there just as we did before which.

is expected let’s go check out Drive details see this 850 Pro it should have removed that firmware warning or or alert which it has it’s gone it says latest version so we’re good there we can drive down into update which shows us the magician SiC so we’re current 850 Pro Samsung Data Migration.

one terabyte current and the 860 Eve qvo 4 terabyte still needs his update so we’ll go ahead and do that and finish out this video now it’s important to remember that the magician tools free. Samsung Migration Software Download.


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