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Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. Whatever other game you’re playing it has to be because you didn’t have the right keyboard or mouse or because your enemy just happened to get super lucky and land some ridiculous BS shot it can’t be that the other team was more skilled than you or better than you right no there’s. Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. there’s no way that’s what it is so if you’re looking for a new gaming mouse today might be your lucky day because I have the newest version of the pick tech Gaming Mouse to show you check this out at a selling price of about 20 US dollars this is an affordable high.

T7 Gaming Mouse Software. performance gaming mouse that is the successor to the original pic Tech Gaming Mouse that just so happens to be one of the best-selling gaming mice on amazon.com with physical dimensions about 125 by 67 by 40 millimeters the mouse strikes a nice middle ground in terms of size for comparison purposes.

here’s what it looks like next to its predecessor and also a Logitech G 402 Hyperion fury the mouse features a familiar design with upward sloping primary left and right click buttons and an overall shape that in my opinion resembles the Razer DeathAdder series of gaming mice the left hand side of the mouse is where you will find the typical forwards and back buttons and they also managed. Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download.

to cram a third button sandwiched right in between these two and all of these buttons are fully customizable up top there’s a nice wide scroll wheel covered with a nice rubber texture for added grip and also two dpi adjustment buttons flip the mouse over and this is where you will find the all-new BMW 3 3 to 5 10,000 dpi gaming.

sensor along with an additional button that can be used to change the lighting effects connectivity is handled with a very nice-looking 1.8 liter braided cable and gold plated USB connector despite its pretty low price tag this mouse actually supports Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download. full sixteen point eight million color are g/b lighting effects that can be controlled and configured using.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software

the included software utility the software is refreshingly simple and feels pretty easy to navigate on the left there is a list of all of the buttons on the mouse each with a drop-down menu containing a multitude of different customizable functions Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. there’s also a macro editor and a place to save your custom user profiles on the other side we have a few different menus starting with dpi adjustment with six.

separate programmable levels where you can set whichever dpi you like and also a custom backlight color if you wish the lighting tab is where you can gain access to all of the lighting controls this allows you to configure and control different lighting settings and effects including colors and speeds over all the RGB lighting system is pretty well implemented. T7 Gaming Mouse Software.

offering some very nice-looking effects the software also provides some additional fine-tuning options in a selectable polling rate up to 1000 Hertz gaming with this MELAS was an overall impressive and enjoyable experience it managed to keep up just fine with my fast-paced which style FPS gameplay without skipping or lagging.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download. at all the 10000 dpi sensor tracked well both on my Logitech G Series mouse pad and also directly on my white semi glossy surface desk I found that the button layout was pretty much perfect and intuitive as I was always able to quickly find and press.

exactly what I needed even when I first started using the mouse the only thing that I could possibly consider a drawback that Pictek Gaming Mouse Software I noticed when gaming with the mouse was that it felt a little bit more on the slippery side in my opinion now.

I don’t mean it’s gonna go flying out of your hand or anything like that it actually does have a nice silicone grip for your fingers but compared to my usual gaming mouse that I’ve been using for like two years it just felt a little bit more slippery something worth noting but not a deal-breaker.T7 Gaming Mouse Software.

by any means now keep in mind I have not had this mouse long enough to be able to comment on its durability or overall lifespan but for peace of mind I did look into it and the manufacturer states that the mouse has been tested and is certified to last at least 20 million clicks which sounds. Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software For PC

own and no one has reviewed this video prior to posting now I was really curious what makes this $15 Mouse the best-selling gaming mouse on.

Amazon first let’s start with the unboxing which does away with any fancy packaging Pictek Gaming Mouse Software and arises in a plain brown box inside this tightly packed box is the mouse with a standard USB 2 cable and these are enclosed.

in a bubble wrap package next a small manual with very tiny print I mean I really almost had to use a magnifying glass with these written in multiple languages and then a CD with drivers and of course my laptop doesn’t have a CD reader now.

physically this 4 point 8 ounce Mouse measures 5.1 inches long is 3.4 inches wide 1.9 inches tall I personally found the mouse to be pretty ergonomic in my hand very comfortable didn’t really have any issues with weight and the fact you can’t add or remove ways to the mouse like something much more expensive. T7 Gaming Mouse Software.

competitors can now the mouse comes with seven buttons all of the usual suspects are there the left mouse button the middle click wheel the right mouse button dpi up dpi down which adjusts the color and the DPI at the same time and a forward and back button now the mouse also comes with some pretty nice RGB.

bling as well if you’re into that kind of thing the defaults for the DPI buttons adjust the color along with the DPI which can be 1224 hundred thirty five hundred fifty five hundred and seventy two hundred dpi so in the next part of the video let me give you an overview of the t7 driver okay in order to make use of all the features of this mouse you have to go to the EPT CCN.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download. Website which came up for me at all in Chinese and it took a little bit of time to locate the English translation search around and ultimately find the download for the t7 is the one you’re going to get if you purchase this mouse and when you do that.

now you can do a lot of neat things with the mouse including changing what the seven different mouse buttons could do you can remap what those do by here on the main tab and then you can also change things like your left mouse button your middle mouse button your right dpi etc and then over on the right side here that’s where. T7 Gaming Mouse Software.

you can change the polling rate on the mouse the sensitivity the scrolling speed and also the double-click speed the next tab this is where you’re actually your dpi is mapped to the LED on there and you can actually adjust that on here so red being 1200 blue being 2400 green being 3500 purple being 5500 and then yellow being.

7200 then on the right side controls for your LED and without this driver software what’ll happen is that your LEDs do not stay steady on the mouth so just kind of breathe they have a breathing effect and you have to have this driver to turn that off which that kind of drives me a little bit wonky so I have to study but you can do the breathing effect you can do a blinking.

effect and there’s another study effect with some different effects you can come over here to the macro key and that’s where you can assign different macros to the buttons on the mouse Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. I don’t really have much of a need for that but is there if you need to simply hit apply and off you go that’s the driver that you need in order to have.

all the functionality of this Mouse well after a long gaming sessions my hands were still comfortable the mouse tracked pretty well on my desk I didn’t find any glitches there and I did find it to be pretty smooth and accurate now I’ve used the mouse for about a week don’t really have any issues to report now let’s talk. T7 Gaming Mouse Software.

about the pros and cons this mouse here’s what I like it doesn’t feel that cheaply made to me some of them feel a little bit more plastic either than this one the buttons were responsive no problem with those.

wasn’t too heavy the ability to remap the keys and create macros in the t-seven driver software very very nice and cool course can argue with the price of $15 here’s what I didn’t like the e ptc website is horrible it took a while.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Free Download

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download. switch button so on the bottom there’s a little button that you hit mode switches and that goes through three different modes you have on the software to select which kind of macro settings and all your settings basically and then you also have.

like five profiles so the mouse itself I mean it feels pretty good I I played with some other gaming mouses the more expensive ones and I can’t remember but this one’s kind of got I mean the click is a little bit of like a looks like a fun not spongy it’s like.

T7 Gaming Mouse Software. a it’s got a kind of a soft I don’t know if that’s typical for the gaming mouses or if that’s like what people want I kind of like more of a less of a sponge more of just a solid collect my cheaper mouse is like my Logitech and stuff they have kind of just like Oh instinct click and it’s not like just let’s travel.

almost this one’s got I don’t know slightly to travel I guess maybe just that’s more like a gaming mouse thing maybe you want that but for me I kind of like let’s travel I might click it’s super slight you might not even notice it but I noticed it a little bit besides that.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download. those Mouse has been pretty good it’s nice to be able to change your dpi settings right here if you’re doing like a first-person shooter something okay so once you plug your mouse into your computer and you want to get the software this will only work on PC max currently doesn’t support software.

I’ll have a link in the description on where to download the software or you can just do t7 getting my software first click here is their Chinese website and then they just automatically go to download yeah so then it’s a t7 wired gaming mouse driver setup so you download that so mine downloaded to the Downloads.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. folder then I just search t7 that’s right here this is a dot RAR file so you can either like extract files here extract files we’re gonna just open it with winrar whatever you have open dot RAR files and then you’re gonna go to auto run exe that’s the program itself double.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. click that and then you can install it right here I already have it installed so I’m going to exit out you install it there and then once you open it up this is gonna be your screen this is kind of just the basic stuff the polling rate is it’s measured in hertz is basically how.

Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse Software Download

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download. Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. often the mouse sends data to the computer back and forth so potentially I mean if it’s up the higher it is basically the more often it sends data so it should be more accurate and quicker response theoretically.

it uses more CPU I can’t imagine uses too much but people are really still computer maybe you could squeeze a little bit more CPU by having this lower I have it cranked all the way up I haven’t noticed really any difference this mount sensitivity this is only if you’re not.

going to go through your advanced settings you should want to set up like this or you can go to Windows and just do it through windows scrolling speed straight forward double click and then here’s basically all your buttons on you have seven buttons one two so the scroller is also a button as I showed and if you.

T7 Gaming Mouse Software actually click if you actually use that to click on links when you’re browsing the web it’ll open that link in a new tab which is a really nice little quick quick hot key deal right button and then six and seven are your dpi basically dpi is just your sensitivity.

so that’s why I say you don’t really need to worry about this you Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. can see it here six and seven so six turns your dpi up and seven turns it down and you can set up how fast or how slow each each setting is and it also change the colors the LED lights accordingly.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download. we’ll get into that in a second four and five are your side buttons those are you can assign also you can actually sign any of these just by clicking here clicking on it four and five I’ll show you set up those ever set up as macros and then in mode so basically.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. you can set up different modes and the way you switch your mode is with that button on the bottom of the mouse that you saw so it just you just press it once and we’ll go to mode to press again mode 3 press again I’ll go to mode one it’ll just cycle three inch and to figure out which mode you’re on and that was a tricky one for me.

I’d to email him and figure out because I’ve setup mode too and some reason was never working but they’re like all you have to change in mode but mode switch so change the mode switch on the bottom and you should be able to get to it and you also have different profiles you can set up for different games set up for. T7 Gaming Mouse Software.

browsing the web set up for I don’t know Photoshop however you want to do it and then under advanced this is where you change your Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. basically your dpi for each each different level so you just drag this over wherever you want it and then you hit apply once you do once you do anything that you want to save you just hit apply and it.

will apply it um so basically the slowest you can change his colors to to whatever you want I just left mine on default but I did bring all these down I didn’t need this at 7500 or whatever it was so when you clicked through D your dpi buttons it’ll go through the different colors and then it’ll also change the speed or the sensitivity of the mouse that’s I can’t tell which.

one it’s on based on the color of your mouse and then over here you have all the different light settings if you want the brightness my admin I’m breathing I think I just left this pretty much default steady respirate you can do so much different stuff with the lighting macro buttons I’ll show you how I set it up it’s pretty.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download. straightforward so you won’t have anything in here basically just do new and then let’s say rules for like rules of survival and one of those on here and then I wanted a button I went one of my buttons to be than number five on the keyboard so I don’t have to go up and hit five so I hit start record and they don’t record.

any keystrokes you do on your keyboard and then you can assign to whatever button you want so I’m going to just touch five on my keyboard so I just touched five and then so that’s five press down seven milliseconds and five press stop basically just one stroke and then once you’ve put in your whole sequence whether it’s just five. T7 Gaming Mouse Software.

or whether it’s a whole you know whole word whatever you want to be typed out and you hit stop record and then you have it under rules you can hit apply it just you have to keep it and apply if you’re doing something and then you can assign that.

macro to any basically any of these you want I mean probably I don’t know what you’re doing but for me I just wanted to assign it to button 4 Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. so then you go a button for and they go down to macro and then rules that’s when we set up you get rules and you can apply and then it’s it’s good to go so for me to give you ideas.

I set up I’ll show you so I have rules rules shadi okay so I have rules of survival is like when I first was doing it so that’s five and then that’s rules of survival shadi so I’ll show you what what that means let’s see I think that’s on mode – yeah so my five button on this game rules of survival it’s first-person shooter my five button selects.

Pictek Gaming Mouse

the number five on my keyboard when I pressed this button and then four selects my number two button on my keyboard when I pressed this button basically two switches over to the shotgun so Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. that’s how that can be really convenient yeah so then just make sure your you have it on the mode that you want.

it so I have one this is just kind of four I just actually changes that should be back so this one’s kind of just browsing the web so that the default is just this is back and this is forward when you’re on like a webpage she’s pretty nice and then I set up mode two for this game in both. T7 Gaming Mouse Software.

three four fortnight and then you can also have different profiles and do it all over again so really have a ton of ton of options for customizing this thing and that’s it if you guys like the video subscribe and like it give any questions or comments leave them below I will leave a link in the description if you would like to download the software. Pictek Gaming Mouse Software Download.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software

How do I download mouse software for t7 gaming?

Download the Software which is given in this post and setup your T7 Mouse Software.

Is the Pictek gaming mouse good?

It has 16 million colours for its LED backlighting and a cushty, ergonomic design. This is not going to check with the perfect mice on the market, nevertheless it’s a significantly nice value for what you get, and it seems to be and seems like far more costly choices.

How heavy is the Pictek gaming mouse?

Pictek Gaming Mouse waight is
6.8 ounces.


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