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kLWP Pro Apk. Live wallpaper of maker or KL WP over the course of this year and it becoming my favorite wallpaper maker I found that while it does work with multiple launchers notably action launcher nova launcher and the stock one plus launcher i found that it works best with a nova. kLWP Mod Apk.

kLWP Pro Apk. launcher because of the shortcuts that you can use with the home buttons swipe down search and all that but for the most part action launcher nova launcher I have several similar functionality so you can get the same layout and same wallpapers working on either one whichever one. kLWP Pro Apk.

kLWP Pro Apk. so depends on whichever one you prefer to use so in this case I’ll be using nova launcher so once you have them both installed what we’re gonna do or actually before I’ll preface this with because I’ve done enough reviews already with custom my wallpaper maker this year.

kLWP Pro Apk I’m just gonna do a quick setup like you see here I have a two page layout like you see here one pages for the current date and weather and the upcoming weather which I’m using by today weather and then I have a second page which has my steps widget which is coming from google fit so once you have nova launcher installed and custom live. kLWP Mod Apk.

kLWP Pro Apk. wallpaper maker install both of which you can use via the free version but if you want additional functionality and definitely support the developers and get the pro version so for nova launcher i have a pretty simple layout the desktop grid is going to be a 5 by 4 grid so that the widgets.

come into play properly and the image fits according to how the size of my screen so if you have a different size screen or doesn’t quite fit properly then playing around with this or the image size will fix that otherwise i don’t have any with padding or height padding for the layout icon size is pretty standard for the search widget in the dock.

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kLWP Pro Apk

kLWP Pro Apk. I just have it set to a little one that matches the Google ones of the color version here that’s about it for that I have this a simple scroll effect and I have my wallpaper scrolling to off because there’s no wallpapers scrolling in this particular case no page indicate or anything like that so on the app drawer side I the only main toggle that.

kLWP Pro Apk. I have going on is a swipe to open that you see here basically just to be able to swipe off on my dock and not have a dedicated home but or a dedicated app drawer button and then as app drawer size it all depends on the size of your screen and how much spacing you want size of your icons and all of that so there’s that the background.

kLWP Pro Apk. I have just set to pure black no transparency scroll accent colors up to you I guess I’ll set it to pure let’s say pure white I’m just for the sake of consistency and that’s about it for that for my dog I have a one-dog page and for dock icons for my folders and then I have the search bar and dock set above the icons like just like you see in the pixel launchers.

kLWP Mod Apk. so you can match that look pretty easily and that’s I think the bulk of it I have the look and feel percent a pretty much standard I have the icon theme going on with a some icon pack adaptive style icon just sort of default round normalized icon size and things like that gestures and inputs.

kLWP Pro Apk. I think I left it pretty much straightforward swipe nothing for swiping up so I’ve down to it for notifications that’s the only real one of note but you can do a lot of different things here so you can open the dap drawer recent apps screen lock open a specific app if you want Lotus just have a shortcut if you want or anything like that so that’s all for.

kLWP Pro Apk. Nova Launcher so I basically just as you see here and pinching will open up the quick freeze so you’ll see that I have two pages going on and that is it but that all depends on or to get my the layout that I have it can work with one page or it can work with multiple pages.

kLWP Mod Apk. depending on how many widgets you want to set up so from here we’ll go into custom live wallpaper maker so the layout I have set up here is because I don’t wanna I want to have an image but I don’t want taking up the full background because the problem that we run into and I’ll show you right here so I’ll set a wallpaper so let’s say.

kLWP Pro Apk. I set an image from my phone let’s say I set on this this particular one and I want to set it right in the middle I’ll set the the wallpaper now the my widgets blend in with the wallpaper and it can get weird to read same thing here white on Y can get a little okay but it could be better and it doesn’t really work that well so my problem here.

kLWP Pro Apk. is I do one image but I don’t want to taking up the full background so what I did is I’m using custom live wallpaper maker I have the image set to a specific portion of the screen and the rest of it is just solid black actually it’s not solid black I’ll take that back I have the background.

kLWP Pro Apk. set to be the material color muted material color extracted from the image so what we’re gonna do once you load custom live wallpaper maker you’re gonna go into Global’s and you’re gonna set a global preset for bitmap that you see down here you’ll call it whatever you want so image or whatever so like you see here.

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kLWP Pro Apk

kLWP Pro Apk. I have image you’ll pick an image so let’s say I want to go up and I want to use this one as my image instead it’s a little bit wide so I’m gonna crop it down a little bit so it’s so it fits a little bit more into the screen and you’ll see that the background changed color a little bit and that’s because what we’re gonna do next is go over to background. kLWP Mod Apk.

kLWP Pro Apk. I kept the background type as a solid normally you’re gonna see the option like this where you can pick a manual color but if you change the box or if you select anything you touch this calculator button you can set a formula so what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to bitmap and you’re going to say and select any one of these color options.

kLWP Pro Apk. for whichever color option you want so I did I selected this first one extract muted color from cover art but that’s what that’s going to do is any that it’s that is gonna extract the colors from your media album are so if you’re playing a music or podcast or anything like that I’ll get the colors from there but you can just as easily and this is where the prequel. kLWP Mod Apk.

kLWP Pro Apk. oboe preset we set up what the image comes in a play you can remove that and you can I in order to go we can actually change other so what we can do is we’re gonna change that and we can actually set the image variable as our preset so because it hasn’t really changed too much.

kLWP Pro Apk. here but I’m you continue to mute it if you want dark media just added the in front of muta the same thing if you use the vibrant color if you do D you can do a dark vibrant color so that way the in the background color that’s on the unused portion of your background.

kLWP Pro Apk. will be the vibrant color so we can see that here like that so let’s say we can’t we take out this the D from the immediate changes to that so it’s just a musical color if you change from muted to vibrant then nothing there or I guess a it’s a dark image so if n be too much they’re dark vibrant not too much there either so on there’s that and then.

kLWP Pro Apk. I just just go to are all the changes we made there just because there’s no change so that will take care of having a background color that matches the image you picked and so now the last thing we need to do is actually have an image to load so under items you’ll see that I already have the image selected but if you click on the plus sign any select. kLWP Pro Apk.

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kLWP Pro Apk. kLWP Pro Apk image it’ll put the immediate at the top of the screen so for me I wanted the position in the middle of the screen so just Center and then from here you’ll have to play around with the positioning depending on where you want your voyages how many you want on each.

kLWP Pro Apk. screen where they actually end up on the screen so I’m gonna delete that one but the I sighs I selected the wave fell in a place with my wages I had to actually move it down by 110 whatever lines or rows or whatever so that it fits properly with one of my widgets landed.

kLWP Pro Apk

kLWP Pro Apk. and then I set the width of the or and then from here what we need to do is actually have the pick an image from a specific point so I didn’t again select the boss’ll to the calculator and I have it just picking the global variable image that we said in the formula so that way whatever.

kLWP Mod Apk. image you have there it’ll pull that image in automatically I set the width to 720 K that’s the width of my screen but depends depending on the size of you know how high you want the image to display you’ll adjust that accordingly and I pretty much left everything else as is so basically from here you’re all set you’ll set the you know a custom live.

kLWP Pro Apk. wallpaper as the wallpaper and you’re all good to go so in this case I’m gonna change it a little bit to a different image so let’s pick this one it’s gonna load the image you see it all right already picked the colors and I’m gonna do that crop down a little bit and you see that it I changed.

kLWP Pro Apk. it to a purple issue from to match the color if you want to see a different color I’ll take out the D from D muted and you see it adjust that automatically so a pretty nifty way to get a minimal layout and then from here you can pick whatever widgets you want so just long press

kLWP Pro Apk on your home screen or open the menu or open a mobile launcher that’s why the your widget paper however it is on your device and whatever is on your device you can pick from here so if I wanted a Firefox search bar I could select set that in there and if the on Nova Launcher.

kLWP Mod Apk the one thing that’s 50 is that if the padding is off a little bit you can adjust it to fit a little bit better on your screen so there is that option so we’ll remove that and then whatever other widgets you want on your home screen that works nicely with whatever you’re doing definitely helps.

kLWP Pro Apk out so that is actually all for this particular review nova on and custom live wallpaper maker are available in Google Google Play Store you can get both for free to play around with it and see if it’s something you like the pro version and Noble on triads I think gestures and I don’t know if notification badges are part of the pro version or the free version.

kLWP Pro Apk but a couple of gestures and inputs are available in the free version with more in the papal in the pro version and then with a custom live wallpaper maker you can create your own wallpapers and apply them but in order to import or export ones that are already made you do need to pay for the pro version.

kLWP Pro Apk so there is that as well but they are definitely worth the price and worth checking out so if you like them then definitely pay for the pro versions but for the year and I just wanted to share a minimalist or minimal layout that I have going on that matches a pixel UI and also uses for example the date and weather pill that we saw that comes with a pixel.

kLWP Pro Apk launcher and that’s about it and in the same pixel on date and what other thing can be created in custom live wallpaper maker if you want if you don’t want an extra widget and if you want to set up your own shortcuts and things like that I recommend and this is on a side note.

kLWP Pro Apk. I recommend using a stack group with a layer being horizontal Center and then you can add text items or basically I could recommend the text items so you can have the three or I recommend three text items to be more specific so the first one is gonna be your date.

kLWP Mod Apk so when you stick the date in here you can do that I’ll just create a quick one so it’s not it doesn’t it’s not too time-consuming but if you do you can stick the date like that on in the first text box in the second text box I recommend putting the little vertical divider I’m afraid of what that’s.

kLWP Mod Apk

kLWP Pro Apk called in the third one you’ll put the actual weather itself and so you have the weather showing up there and then I recommend and then for the actual weather icon if you go into component and you do the weather flat SVG so that way you get the color version of the icon you let’s already set the current so you’re good to go there Knight icon are.

kLWP Pro Apk. not the only thing you’ll often just as a size to match the or setting out opacity but size to match your fun and you’ve pretty much got yourself the weather and date till they’re the easiest way to have everything match on the pill is to create the first text box with a date set the size font.

kLWP Mod Apk and all that and then you what you can do from here is you can actually select that item you can copy and you can paste the text so all you have to do is change the text in the second box and the third box everything else matches and you’re good to go the only thing else that you’ll.

kLWP Pro Apk have to change from here is if you go into layer you’re gonna have to change the margin so if it’s properly on your screen I think 10 or 20 actually works best for the spacing and it looks about right and then the size depends on your screen and width and all that but around 30 to 40 is about right I think 30 is what.

kLWP Pro Apk I had it set to before 20 is probably matching exactly the weather feels so there is that to work with as well but there is that so that is actually all for this particular review if you have any questions comments concerns anything like that then you can.

kLWP Mod Apk find me on twitter at patel in zero 1 you can find link subscription links and all of that good stuff on the website at the tell n01 comm and of course if you like this review and want to check out all the reviews they can be found on youtube at youtube.com slash patel and zero one. kLWP Pro Apk.


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