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IPTV Pro Apk. It’s so simple and easy we don’t need to panic all the information it’s showing right there on your screen use the following– TV MAC address meaning we need a MAC address to upload your playlist at my dot s IPTV that you so our job is to go to that site and we’re gonna. IPTV Pro Apk For Android.

IPTV Pro Apk. enter our MAC address that our show ins right there in my case this is my MAC address remember every device or every Smart TV has its own MAC address in my case right here and please do not do that mistake this is my own MAC address now you could use your tablet you.

IPTV Pro Apk. could use your computer you could use your phone you could use even your TV to go to my dot s IPTV that you and we’re gonna install the m3u the IPTV streaming our stream source now before we go D I’m gonna tell you something if you type in the IPTV Pro Apk. link or the MAC address and correctly is not going to work play it simple is that so make sure you type it exactly as showing capital letters capital letters.

IPTV Pro For Android. lowercase is lowercase numbers is numbers characters as characters any single mistake not going to load so please be careful what you type it again we’re gonna type in our MAC addresses right here now we’re gonna go to the URL as well now if you have a file all you.

IPTV Pro Apk. need to do you go here choose file but most of the time they will provide you with a u our L link in my case I have it right here and again type it exactly the same now we’re gonna scroll down little bit in here and we’re gonna click I’m not a robot check and we’re gonna go right here I’m gonna go and click us in here and I’m gonna click send wait for a few.

IPTV Pro For Android

IPTV Pro Apk

IPTV Pro Apk. seconds there we go one URL added restart the app the app mean your application that you have or you installed on your Smart TV there we go I just restored my application some cases as well you need to unplug and plug again your TV you have to wait for a few.

seconds for the list appear there we go we got it guys there we go guys we have it in our TV right here at the bottom the bottom of the IPTV Pro Apk. screen you see Mpho you see favorite you see a PG you see sort and you see group for those guys would like to have this link or this list on their smart TV all the information under the video description I made a video three.

IPTV Pro Apk For Android. weeks ago regarding in and IPTV service to be honest with you I highly highly recommend it works in any smart device smart device meaning works on iOS iPhone iPad any tablet works on Android devices fire stick fire TV works in PC computer Mac Anna’s well.

works on Smart TV so today I’m showing you how this list works on smart TV as you guys can see right here the list is phenomenal we have regional local network TV sport network 24/7 24/7 movies music pay-per-view IPTV Pro Apk. football and rugby Italian Portuguese UK Canadian Brazil Germany China Caribbean French Armenia Arabic NHL NFL NCAA F MBA section 24/7 pay-per-view cinema we have the aloe we have the movie.

we have 4k and we have kids Spanish TV VOD and TV shows 4k serious I repeat again this list is mainly USA UK Canadian Latino meaning English speakers as well as Latino as well a right regional right there we have plenty of them right here and comes with a PG as well every time you click and ready go start right away here we go switch and different one work.

IPTV Pro Apk straight away switch different one works right away so which different one work straight away switch different channels work right away with no issue with no buffering it will go back again right now network TV right there all us a locals are right here and works with no issue rest right away right there works right away right there works right.

IPTV Pro Apk For Android. away and the quality is phenomenal right again the quality is phenomenal look at this just beautiful quality I’m gonna click on the movie section right here as you guys can see plenty of the latest movies now let’s go back to our screen right here again this application is paid but its lifetime payment meaning you pay I believe Y five point six.

IPTV Pro Apk For Android. or something like this I think seven dollars American and you get that application forever I know a lot of you guys misunderstand this application it’s version comes without any link to watch TV you have to pay your own service application you pay a $7 I believe us and you get a full life anywhere you go everywhere you go the.

IPT service it’s a totally different game all right now they always want you install at the beginning and you activated they give you seven days after the seven days you have to pay for it to activate your application all you need to do is activation right here you go right here you enter your MAC address.

IPTV Pro Apk

and make sure do not make any mistake and then type in the email and then you could activate it right there either with credit card or PayPal simple is that I repeat again this application it’s five point four nine or oh and it’s one-time fee this application totally different than an IPTV service and if you like to have an IPTV service I highly highly recommend.

IPTV Pro Apk the one that I’m using right now for more information either you click on the top right corner what type of channels and all that stuff in there as well as under this video I highly highly recommend it good quality picture good technical supports on the top of that it’s so reasonable.

IPTV Pro For Android. for one month is ten dollars one connection two connections for one month is 15 so it’s pretty much you paying 7.5 with 2 connections 3 connection is 20 right Sony you do the math so you have 3 connections for $20 5 connection for $35 only 5 connection and it’s unlocked. IPTV Pro Apk.

IPTV Pro Apk Download

IPTV Pro Apk. television we already installed the app but you can just go to your app store – LG smart world or choose from some smart app and install the application when you first install your application you will get a screen which tells you your MAC address your MAC address is really important.

IPTV Pro For Android. because this one is which you need to upload the file on the official page but if you haven’t write it down after your installation you can just go on settings you see it down there there is a Settings you can just press on the red button it says red button for settings.

IPTV Pro Apk you go on settings when you go to settings you see here this won’t work this version here is 2 point 1 point 14 my TV Mac is up right front you can see it over there so you can see your MAC address there and then you can use that MAC address to upload your file you canIPTV Pro Apk check the page out in description so if you of course if you buy IPTV so put a subscription from from us you can just write as your MAC address.

and we will upload it directly to your TV so you have you got here some settings you can do we’ve got the zoom option on our original so the original picture which is sent from the server to your TV will stay original you can change that of fullscreen or zoom the group’s page plus – as well the.

IPTV Pro Apk. HLS mode you need to check out with if your what TV you have I had to turn that off there or it wouldn’t work on my TV the the IPTV application was already clear always crashing a stream player type and see Auto but you need to check out if you have webOS inside or not so let’s go to this menu here I already have installed one of our files so we’re gonna.

IPTV Pro Apk just zap through some channels and see what possibilities we have here ok let’s try with this guy you know you should have at least four ambien if you see it when I connect it to the channel I have like about eight so after you when you start the first channel if you press on okay you get this small screen mode here so you can zap through other channels.

IPTV Pro Apk For Android. and watch TV at the same time so you see here under on the right you see that the connection is about 10m bit so sometimes just five or six well so you can make a favorite list as well now we have like the problem that the channel does not connect connecting.

character connection so this means not that the application is failing usually this is the problem of the server so we’re gonna try to go back here sometimes the applications have some problems that they crash afterwards let’s go to UK channels see here which I was telling you about the picture.

IPTV Pro Apk. now was a lot smaller so now if I go on settings okay okay when I pressed like the red button now I could change the screen menu oh thank you now it’s full screen okay now it’s freezing let’s go back now the whole application crashed well this can’t happen let’s go back to my UPS.

IPTV Pro Apk

start these mortal IPTV up again I let’s start the same Channel okay you see here it’s four to three I think now there’s a picture so if IPTV Pro Apk. I go now on settings and put full it should give me a full screen but it did not well doesn’t work like I wanted to but something else let’s go on this.

channel here press the red button and now it’s full screen but when it when I press on red button twice it full screens the picture but then I had problems to show it well this is another problem here in the application it doesn’t have to that doesn’t have anything to do with the.

IPTV Pro Apk service but what let’s go back to this one year you press ok what you can do is you can make a favorite list you can make a favorite most easily just with putting the red button pressing the red button I want this one here my favorite list. IPTV Pro For Android.

Download IPTV Pro For Android

content TV so what you need to do just go to your TV’s app store open it then I go to apps and games I’m looking for a smart IPTV which I just IPTV Pro Apk. spawned now just need to install it that’s okay my TV is not on Android right away my TV’s webOS application has been installed and the next step guys just need to launch at so they launch the app.

you’re going to see the pop-up window and this pop-up window it’s gonna give you the MAC address so what you need to do you see those numbers and letters you need to write it down somewhere what IPTV Pro Apk I am going to do now after you write them down we need to do to go to your laptop or your PC or mobile phone and then you need to go on this app.

IPTV Pro Apk. website to put the list from your IPTV supplier I’m gonna show you how to do it let me just go to my computer and I’m gonna show you what to do then okay so when you go on your computer or tablet or mobile phone doesn’t matter which device you’re gonna use to activate.

it first of all you need you need two things after you install smart IPTV on your TV you need two things first one which is your MAC address which is the one which I just wrote it down over here and the other thing guess is the IP TV link from your IP TV supplier which I’ve got over here and then.

you need to open your browser I’m gonna use Chrome and then you need to go to this website all the links are included under the video in the IPTV Pro Apk description so you need to go to this website which cause si PT V dot a PP /my list and then you press enter and you’ll be on this site so in this window.

IPTV Pro For Android. when says Mac we need to do just get that MAC address you copy it from your TV and just put it in this window and then go three options if you go to file from your IP TV provider save it on your hard drive you can choose that option let’s press choose file and find it on your.

hard drive and then just upload it because I only got the URL I’m gonna copy it like now and then I gonna pass it in this next to the URL guys don’t try to copy the link which I just copied because this is only IPTV Pro Apk. don’t copy the links from my films because the only for certain time they will not work I’m only showing you the matter to know how to get the free.

TV so back into what I was saying so new upload your MAC address a new URL from your IP IPTV supplier and on on this little box when it says next to it safe online make sure you put back so your IPTV Pro Apk list will be safe and then detect EPG.

you put out as well and then you scroll down and you can see that think press soon you see that soon you see the effect you just press send and when you see that one URL added we start the up that’s it everything is being done to upload it and then next thing what you need to do just go back to your TV what. IPTV Pro Apk.


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