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Google Duo For PC. Video chat from a cell phone to a cell phone the screens were about 20 pixels by 20 pixels it was extremely small but it worked well in today’s technology we have these incredible smartphones.

tablets and computers and we can send a lot of pixels all at once so Google has come out with Google duo which has actually been out for quite a few years which really enhances the video experience between phone to phone well now they have made some really.

Google Duo For PC. big updates that allow you to not only use google duo on your Android or your iPhone you can also use it on a tablet or you can use it on a smart display and now you can even use it on your computer which is really cool first let me show you how you can get the app.

downloaded you will need to have a mobile device that can receive SMS messages and a mobile phone number to get set up once you download the duo app to your Android or your iPhone device just open it up the first thing that it’s going to ask you to do is verify your phone number because.

that is how you can find other people that are using duo is with your phone number no email is required to be able to do this so I’m going to select agree and there it has already verified my phone number so is what it did there is it actually sent a text message to my phone and the application.

Google Duo For PC. automatically verified it I didn’t have to do anything so if you go into your text message application you may see that there is a code that was sent to be verified so that is how it works here on Android and then it’s automatically going to show you some of the users that are already.

connected on duo and then scrolling down to the bottom here you can also see users that don’t have their phone number linked to Google duo so you can just go through and select invite and it will send them a text message so they can sign up and then you can begin chatting with each other and then.

Google Duo PC Download

Google Duo For PC Download. at the top here all of these contacts have the link their phone number to duo so I can instantly begin a video chat with them now that we have that set up instead of calling one person I’m going to call an entire group of people all at once because you can now have eight people in a video chat at once so that would be seven people including.

yourself so let me show you how to do that so once we have our phone number linked to google duo we are ready to go ahead to create our group chat so that we can video all of our friends so if we swipe up here it’s gonna show you some of your most recent contacts that have used google duo.

Google Duo For PC
Google Duo For PC

but down here we have the create group option so we’re going to go through and find our friends to add to the chat today so first we’re gonna start off and we’re going to add Josh so there we go Josh we got to Josh’s oh can only select one at a time so I’m going to go through and add all of my.

Google Duo For PC friends here I’ve got Jimmy Greg Scott TK Brian so here you can see at the top it says seven are selected and the group has reached its limit so the max you can have in a group is eight so seven and then yourself so we’re gonna select done and then here it gives us the option.

to rename so we’re gonna name this youtuber life select save and now everything is ready to go up here at the top I have the option to rename the group or I could leave the group so if I no longer want to be a part of this group I can do that alright so let’s go ahead and see what my friends.

are up to so once I select start it is now waiting for others to join the call so what is sending this ghost message to Google Duo For PC everybody I’ll check it out we got Greg and Scott already on TK’s down here not showing any video so we’ll see if you can join they’re got Josh there so so far it’s up guys thanks for joining.

my chat Krispy that’s that’s the power of Google duo yeah you can do this now it is now available to create a group with up to 8 people yeah so it looks like a few haven’t joined but that’s okay how’s everyone’s day is this is this past your bedtime oh that’s right is video time go ahead since it’s 11 o’clock.

Google Duo For PC. there Scott let’s have you introduce yourself and tell us what device you are using that works okay well it looks pretty good on orange okay next we have Josh G up in the top what’s up Josh yes running Google me between the two but it’s actually as you said it’s quite crispy.

I was wondering how this would look compared to like hangouts and dealing with that but man this is you guys are pretty awesome it’s true okay thank you then let’s go Greg Iles TV oh that’s what it is.

oh nice that’s pretty good there’s not much lag or what do you call it pics pixelation alright Jimmy down and you’re down in the Google Duo For PC bottom I don’t know if it’s the same for everybody it looks like no yeah it’s jumping around sometimes the person that’s talking goes to the top.

let’s see if it moves that works hey looks pretty good it looks like TK keeps dropping out so he must be on some terrible old phone just kidding and then we got Josh Josh Q up there when you first did the call some reason didn’t let me get on but I was able to join in a couple seconds later.

I guess so yeah galaxy s 10 I’m currently on Wi-Fi because Google Duo For PC they’re working on the style tower right kind of sucks so on Wi-Fi right now so it looks like we do have the two spots for TK Brian he’s up in Canada he was going to join on his smart display but it looks.

like that’s not working I of course in tech with Bret I’m on a note 9 right now it looks super crispy for me but of course that’s because it’s my video and not having to be compressed well that’s the Galaxy Note 9 and sweet which way am I looking some other options while we’re in the chat that.

Scott nobody’s that way it’s like nobody else Jimmy Google Duo For PC I like it so we can swap the camera to the back so you could see the other camera over here I can go front I can mute my audio if I leave the app somebody somebody leave the app so I can show what happens there.

Google Duo Download PC

Google Duo For PC
Google Duo For PC

you go Jimmy did it it’s showing blank screen so it mutes them well they’re not in the conversation they can still hear and then you just need to click the notification and it will jump you back in and then over here I can click our YouTube for life chat and all the people in blue are the people that have joined so over here it’s showing that one has not been able to join the call.

alright now we have we finally got Brian to join so let’s have Brian introduce himself and tell us what device is on Google Duo For PC 6s plus I can tell thanks Brian for joining he’s our only Canadian in the chat that’s correct the XR looks way better than the success that’s for sure work.

on this place you could easily use this like how Facebook’s stupid display is your parents inside you have family time work this would be great to use for that with displays but I guess if everyone rotated their phone it would work but this is not working now okay never mind bad idea we’re rotating.

this thing wait wait right there so yeah pretty pressed with Google Duo For PC Google duos video chat up to eight people in a chat group any other final thoughts was how is Scottie here twice thank you that’s one thing I was gonna say if you do leave the chat and you come back to Google duo.

it’s still showing there’s a chat going on right yeah so as long as I keep the chat going it’s kind of like an open forum of anyone that’s invited can keep joining that’s why i TK keeps jumping on and jumping off alright well thank you guys for joining I will leave all your channels in the description.

below for everyone to go check out these awesome youtubers so thanks so much for joining tonight okay thanks so much bye and at the end of each duo call it will ask you to rate the quality as well as here it’s asking you to rate the application if I’m enjoying it and that is how you do a group.

video chat with Google duo so that works really well and there were some problems with some of the devices like this smart displays weren’t able to see the video call come in but that worked really well between Google Duo For PC Android and iOS devices now I do want to mention.

that once you add people into a group on Google duo it will instantly show up on their Google duo app so if they come in here under groups they can see that they have been added to a group they can also see who else has been added to that group so just make sure that you are properly adding the right people whenever you do create these groups because then they.

Google Duo For PC. can instantly start a video chat with everybody in that group so now let me show you a few other ways in which you could message people through Google without doing a video or a voice call so if we go into the contacts down here so you can swipe up to see all your.

contacts you could search for a contacts or a bin their phone number you could also invite your friends right there but I already have a contact right here I want a message so I’m going to open that up and then here you can do the voice call you could do the video call or over here you have.

Google Duo App For PC

the message option now I actually sent myself a message earlier and so let’s plug that back to see what that’s like hey Brett just calling to see how the clock is doing have a great day the clock is doing great so right now I could actually call myself back I could reply to the message with another message.

I can delete it or I can download that video clip right there so we’re going to close that and then down here we do have the option to send a message back we could have just select reply in there but here we’re gonna select message so now we have a few different options one is we can us.

Google Duo For PC. the front-facing camera or we can click the button here where it will go to the rear camera now if we just want to send a voice message back we are able to do that right here so we can just press right here hey this is a voice message through Google do oh how are you doing.

Google Duo For PC
Google Duo For PC

so I can send that or rerecord it I’m gonna go back and we’re gonna go back to the video portion so before we send the video I want to do one more thing up here at the top we do have video effects so right now this is the only video effect where we have these heart bubbles coming up and.

popping now it’s actually pretty cool I don’t know if you saw that one it came from behind me so the cameras Google Duo For PC automatically cutting me out and it’s putting effects behind me which is really cool so now I’m ready to record my message hey the Lenovo smart clock video went really well.

it is now live on the channel so make sure you go and check it out so I could record it I could send it or up here I have a few other effects so here I can put some text on the screen so we’ll just keep this simple and we can change the color make it to blue so I have some text that I can throw on the screen.

Download Google Duo For PC. and then I could also put a little squiggly line there we go if we can draw another heart I have some options down here or we can do some highlighting and some other features there so now when we are ready we can hit Send and it will send our message over.

so there you can see my video response right there so there is one other way in which you can send a message and that is to swipe down from this main screen and you swipe down again and now it takes you right into the video options so you can do video or you can swipe over and do the voice.

message so let’s record something real quick hey how’s it going I’ll see you later super fancy messages and then we’re gonna you could do Google Duo For PC those options up there we’re gonna select next and now it gives me the option to send it to specific people.

so if I want to send it to the Verizon line and tech with Brett I could do that so I can set it to multiple people all at once and then I can select send right here and then they will receive that message so that’s really cool because it allows you to quickly connect with people it’s kind of more like some of those social networks we have today like snapchat or Instagram.

where you can send your story to multiple people at once you are able to do that right within Google do oh now there are a few other settings right up here if you click the menu and you go into settings here you can change a few of the things you can do with Google Duo so first there is this feature.

Google Duo For PC called knock-knock so what this means is if you call somebody before they even answer they will be able to see you and to see what you’re doing so they know if they want to answer the call or not so if you do not want that to be on make sure you come in here and turn this off next we have data saving mode so currently whenever you do a video.

chat while you’re on a mobile network it will actually limit the amount of data that’s used if you turn on data saving mode it will actually Google Duo For PC increase the data that’s saved on your mobile network as well as on your Wi-Fi network so here you can see what it looks like without data.

saving mode on and then here you can turn on data saving mode so while it does look a little more grainy it’s gonna save you a lot of data which is really nice especially if you are on a metered data connection so if you have to pay for extra data this is really important to have turned on just so you don’t have to pay for any overages and so if you also have a limited Wi-Fi.

network you can turn this on as well and here it says that people you call also save data so it’s helpful for you and the people you are calling and then here we have notification so you can adjust what notifications are coming through here you can see the block numbers your phone number

Google Duo For PC. and then you can also add your Google account right to here if you add your Google account to your Google duo linked phone number this will allow you to make google duo video chats on multiple devices so here I could use my phone I could use my tablet.

I can use my smart displays or even now you can use your computer by going to do oh cool calm but that’s also a benefit of Google duo is you don’t have to do that it can all work off of your phone number without having to link a Google account if you long press on a contact you do have a few more.

options here you can start a video call you could start a voice call you can quickly record the message remove them from recent contacts or you could block that phone number so here is the Google Nest hub and while.

Google Duo PC Download For Windows 10

it does support do a video of calling it does not have a Google Duo For PC camera so anyone that’s on the other end of the call will not see you but if somebody’s using their phone or a smart display with a camera you will be able to see their video now even though smart displays couldn’t join the.

group chat you can do person person video chat via smart displays to connect your tablet head into the google duo application and then link your gmail account and here it will verify your phone number and then you need to allow for permissions to record audio and video and now you’re ready to make calls so one other really cool thing about Google duo.

Google Duo For PC. is the video chats person to person or in a group are end-to-end encrypted so that means that nobody is able to get in and view those chats other than the people that are a part of them which is really nice to have when you’re doing a video chat and that is pretty much.

everything you need to know about Google duo we had a really awesome time hanging out with all seven of us on the chat tonight there was only one person that wasn’t able to join because their phone wasn’t.

showing a video for some reason but other than that everyone had really crisp clear image on the video so Google duo is definitely my favorite way to video chat with my friends and family to stay connected so I hope that this can help you be connected more with those Google Duo For PC.


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