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Fable 3 PC. it’s been two years now since the well-received launch of Fable – and i know a lot of its fans have eagerly been awaiting its sequel released last Tuesday for the Xbox 360s Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios new action RPG fable 3 brings us back.

Fable 3 For PC to Albion with several new features and design elements but will it stand up to the epic tales defined by its predecessors let’s Fable 3 PC check it out the age of Industry has come to help you there’s some connect the age of oppression the story around fable three takes place roughly fifty years.

Fable 3 PC. following the events that took place in fable 2 you’re a nameless son or daughter of the hero of the previous title your older brother Logan rules the kingdom and is not too popular with the locals his tyranny is well known as it appears that the rich are getting richer the poor continue to struggle to survive and his personal army seems to carry out devious.

tasks of murder and deceit while this may or may not be true it will eventually be up to you to decide as he forces a terrible decision upon you very early in the game that’s so impactful that you begin to form a revolution against him to do so you and your companions witty Butler.

Fable 3 PC. Jasper and military hero Walter travel across the country to varied towns and villages to convince their generals and their armies to join your cause along the way you find that you in fact have the powers of your father and will be the next hero of Albion obviously the first half.

the game is all about building the forces of the revolution to overthrow your brother the second half is about ruling the kingdom and preparing for a devastating attack by an evil force that is spreading rapidly across your neighboring country across the sea as you persuade the generals to. Fable 3 PC.

join the revolution you make a promise to uphold something upon becoming King most of the game’s morality decisions stem from withholding your promises to these people and they will have significant effects on the outcome of the game world this time around I played through the title pretty much the opposite that I play any RPG basically.

Fable 3 For PC for any decision that I had made I did the exact opposite of what my gut told me to do which inevitably led me to being a total evil [ __ ] I actually felt bad for the decisions I was making but I stuck to my guns and it led to a very interesting gameplay experience regardless the entire tale.

is not epic by any means I wasn’t attached to the story at all like I was with fable 2 which is really too bad because I thought fable 2 was great only you can defeat the creature that dwells in the shadows if you do not unfortunately fable 3 only took me roughly 13 hours.

to complete though I didn’t tackle too many of the side quests just enough to allow the story to continue to progress it’s important to note that you may continue to play after you beat it so that you can go back and finish up the side quests as well as use your character. Fable 3 PC.

Fable 3 For PC

Fable 3 PC

to join your friends games that’s right it appears that the multiplayer functionality was properly implemented this time around your character could join friends game in progress or join a completely random player as well as have others join your game all the players will control their own.

characters and will earn money items and quest progression though the host is in control of what zone you play in the multiplayer portion also has its own unique set of achievements and some quests may only be completed via multiplayer in addition you can get married to other players or form.

Fable 3 For PC a partnership to split the costs and profits of any properties that you purchase together in an effort to immerse you into the experience the designers completely removed all menus from the game when you press the start button instead of navigating through the clunky menu.

system of Fable 2 you’re taken to the sanctuary where you can bring up a map to track quest progress and warp to destinations or you may explore the various rooms that allow you to customize your character one room allows you to decide which outfits tattoos and hairstyles your character.

will wear as well as dye your clothes and save your favorite customizations for later quick swaps the weapons room allows you to choose your melee range and magic spells another room displays your trophies achievements and treasure earned and the final room shows statistics about how your.

character stacks up without your friends characters allows you to purchase DLC and allows you to specify your multiplayer settings finally the whole leveling up and acquiring new skills aspect of the game has been streamlined no longer do you have to collect different colored orbs to spend.

Fable 3 PC on the skills and spells that you want to advance now you automatically collect generic orbs from all enemy deaths that could convert it to guild seals which are spent in a new area called the road to rule this area has treasure chests that contain your new abilities dies and emotes and interactions the system is a lot simpler than the previous title.

now you simply unlock for instance melee level three which makes all of your melee moves more powerful instead of selecting various melee upgrades for the most part combat is the same as it was in Fable – you’ll mix melee range and magic but none of the encounters are tricky by any means.

in fact it’s quite repetitious because there’s no menus there’s no way to view your inventory of items so your consumables get automatically hotkey for you but really you don’t need items that much the combat is extremely simple and offers absolutely no challenge and the rare situations.

Fable 3 For PC where you actually taking up damage to die you simply lose a few orbs you’ve collected and stand back up and start fighting again being that you never have to use your own items your character will also not get fat like they easily did in the prequel the magic system has been revamped.

and that you can now weave two spells together or rather two spells are now cast at the same time so there’s some interesting combos you can create but I found the force push and fireball combo to be the most useful the interaction system has also been revamped in that you no longer have to select your actions from a radial menu but three or four relevant.

interactions are selected for you and you simply press the corresponding button a new holding hands mechanic has also been implemented to I guess try to get you more immersed into the game but I just found it annoying if you take the time to straight from the primary story quest there’s a lot to do in Albion you can of course hit up the local prostitutes instead of some.

orgies get a job get married have babies purchase homes and shops and repair and enhance your properties but really there isn’t a need to do this like there used to be money is so easy to make in fable 3 that there’s absolutely no reason to purchase all the properties and run your business.

like there wasn’t fable 2 this was a huge disappointment for me as you unlock new melee or ranged abilities in the road to rule your Fable 3 PC weapons will level up and change in appearance and stats some weapons even have special objectives associated with them like killing X amount.

Fable 3 for PC

of enemies during the day which then unlocks special abilities for the weapons it’s neat that the weapons love luck with you but because of this you don’t ever need to worry about finding new gear this is also a disappointment to me because that’s the best part of our peachy’s.

the primary story quests are actually quite boring except to the parts we have to deal with morality simply listening to two sides of a story and judging the outcomes was more fun to me than actually playing through the story missions in fact I found the side-missions to be much more enjoyable one side mission shrinks your character and puts them into a Dungeons.

Fable 3 For PC & Dragons like board game as you move through the board the stereotypical nerds act out the voices of the characters you encounter and roleplay the situation’s they put you in it was absolutely hilarious Oh Mildred that was Mildred what about the princess she say that Mildred.

sauce and Hobbes carrying a large wriggling bag but she didn’t have you come to protect me oh you big softy you’d be rubbish in a fight wouldn’t you one of the positive points of the game are the remarkable voice actors your character this time around actually has a voice and interacts with.

other characters some other well-known actors also voiced some of the characters including Monty Python John Cleese much of the music throughout the game though sounded like was reused straight from fable 2 which is just lazy as far as I’m concerned the graphics have seen a pretty significant improvement over its predecessors but are certainly.

not without faults there is constantly terrible screen tearing and the framerate drops down to what seems like single digits all the damn time plus the motion blur they added all over the place is enough to make you nauseous in addition the glowing dotted line that leads to your objective.

was buggy and often stopped leading me at all or simply led me to the wrong damn zone [Music] to be blunt fable three was rushed and is unfinished and I’d honestly just give this game a pass and go pick up the game of the year edition of fable 2 it’s much better in fable 2.

Fable 3 PC. I felt the need to buy lots of property because it helped me afford the things I needed to survive in advance in fable 3 money so easy to come by that you just don’t need to do these things but what’s worse is that you don’t need money in the first place the weapons you start with level up with you over time and are so good that they don’t need to be replaced.

Fable 3 PC

Fable 3 For PC. plus you don’t even need to buy food or potions or anything these are the reasons I play RPGs to remove the need to do them as just mind boggling I don’t know what audience line head was trying to cater to at this game it’s really a lot different from the previous fables.

and it really just did it and do it for me what are your thoughts leave your questions and comments below check out the full write-up and screenshots over at zeitgeist game review calm stay up to date by following me on Twitter and Facebook and make sure to check out all of the other great gaming Fable 3 PC.


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