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Epson projector software. for K home theater projectors are becoming ever more popular because projection technology has evolved so fast and so well it’s now possible to get a movie theater level experience at home now at the same time there’s lots out there when it comes to projectors.

for your house I’m Aaron for Best Buy Canada’s vlog and I recently had a chance to test out a new 4k home theater projector Epson projector software here in my house the Epson home cinema 4010 here is a projector made for in-home applications let’s take a look at how it stacks up but first if you end up liking this video.

and finding it helpful please hit that like button and consider subscribing because it does help us keep making more videos that we hope everyone out there can watch enjoy and learn from now the first thing I want to point out with this Epson projector here is the size it is huge it’s easily twice the size of most projectors I’ve tested out and

I’m not really sure why it’s also incredibly heavy you’re definitely going to need a good solid platform for it and plenty of space now since Epson projector software this one is a loan from Best Buy I’m not doing any kind of permanent installation down here but this one might be a good.

Epson projector software Download candidate for say suspending from the ceiling so that it takes up less valuable space here I’ve just got it on an adjustable stand that I got from alene vision I’m using it with a hundred and six inch illumine a Lara nano edge projector screen which.

I got from Best Buy’s marketplace I really like it and definitely recommend it if you’re going for a professional looking home theater as opposed to using a white sheet or a wall two of the key features of this Epson projector are that it’s got both 4k and HDR and before we get too far we’ll give you a quick primer on 4k video it’s a higher resolution video.

and 4k is the highest resolution you can get in a consumer TV and let’s leave a que aside for right now because it’s not readily consumer available and there’s also not really any programming being shot in 8k for most of us to consume now 4k video is four times more detailed than today’s HD TVs.

so it makes lines ultra sharp it creates a video picture so real that you’ll want to reach out and touch it it’s pretty amazing quality overall meanwhile HDR stands for high dynamic range and this feature means better color replication and more realistic light reproduction there’s less.

Epson projector software Download

Epson projector software

Epson projector software. harshness and better visibility in dark scenes to HDR helps give you realistic light and depth I could dazzle you with some stats here like that this projector has a full 10 bit color output advanced three-chip 3 LCD technology and a contrast ratio that’s 200,000 to 1 or I could just tell you in plain English through the Epson home cinema 4010.

is designed to show you a very high level of detail on the video with even and realistic light levels think no burning bright spots or no bottomless blacks so does it deliver let’s get right to what the video quality looks like the video not surprisingly looks great three to four K’s nature it’s razor.

sharp ultra detailed bright and colorful the Epson home cinema 4010 has a 2,400 lumen output what does that mean to you it means the Epson projector software projector is going to be bright and can probably compete with some ambient light bleed and here’s what it looks like with my overhead lights on now let’s talk about set up in the box you get the.

Epson home cinema 4d 10 projector a power cord two HDMI cable clamps a remote control with double A batteries and your assorted paperwork generally speaking setting up a projector is pretty easy assuming you don’t have to mount it or wire it into your ceiling you can be ready.

to go in just minutes to get going plug in the power then connect your peripheral of choice and here I’m using my 4k Apple media streamer then you can go ahead and make adjustments to the picture to get it just right the Epson home cinema 4010 has motorized lens controls which make it super easy to adjust. Epson projector software Download.

projector so if you’re into that subscribe but let’s get into the full review so first off this thing is a heavy projector this is about 1516 pounds so this is a beast it’s definitely a bit big you know as some people pointed out in my previous videos this is actually kind of like a compact size 4k projector.

there are definitely bigger ones you can kind of see the lens size here you know my hand is definitely bigger than that lens there but there are some models there’s another Epson one that’s a behemoth that literally the lens is the size of pretty much my open hand there so this is way bigger than you.

know your typical 720p 1080p projectors so that’s the first thing so as I showed in the unboxing you can mount this there’s mounting brackets Epson projector software on the bottom you can also use this on like a tripod which is what I’ve been doing out of my living room area.

so those are your options as far as like mounting in the setup and also touched upon the controls in that unboxing video and everything but you’ve got a good amount of options here on the actual unit itself right there on the top you’ve also got a remote that’s included and that remote is pretty robust it’s got a bunch of different options pretty much.

all the different controls you’re gonna ever need are on that remote so that’s really cool because you can easily change different settings and picture settings change your sources the volumes on there all that kind of stuff now this is one of the first projectors where I’ve seen the actual lens shift you know a lot of the budget ones that I’ve tried out up to this point.

you basically have a little bit of a keystone correction 15 degrees usually it’s just vertical and that’s about it this is nice because you have this lens shift on here you can actually hook this up and you know projected on the wall if you don’t have a completely straight set up maybe you’re coming in a little.

bit of an angle with where you’re projecting to this will allow for some fix of that the lens shift basically you have a vertical and a horizontal knob Epson projector software that you can turn and by shifting that it actually just moves your picture you know either left to right or up and down and you can really dial in you know that picture on your screen kind.

of get it to the edges so that is really really nice because then you don’t have to worry about necessarily a whole lot of other you know controls and factors like moving your tripod up and down you know if this is up on the ceiling this gives you a little bit more leeway with kind of directing the picture and everything without even having to touch the Keystone.

on the back here for your connections you’ve got two HDMI ports right there which is nice because you can go back and forth like I said on that remote very easy to change back between HDMI one and Epson projector software Download two you’ve got you know a little USB here mini USB for kind of service port you’ve got your regular USB hub right here there is a DC out USB hub right there so you.

Epson projector

know for maybe things like a fire stick where you need to power the device you can go into one of these ports here and then use that for external power there is a little like lock here so if you wanting to hook this up with like Epson projector software a cable lock it I guess and then you do have an audio out port right here so that is for like an aux jack which leads me.

to my next point this projector does not have internal speakers so you’re gonna have to use external speakers in order to hear any sound coming out of this so I made a video on that you might think if you’re looking at this if you just got your projector that maybe there’s something wrong with it but this actual model does not have internal speakers so you might be thinking.

maybe if you just open this up and you’re you know looking at this and you stumble upon my review that maybe there’s a problem Epson projector software Download with your model but this projector the 3200 does not actually have internal speakers your options are you can use this audio out.

port right here you can use an aux cable and hook it up by line into a set of speakers you can also use a Bluetooth transmitter where you can pair this by the on-board Bluetooth that this projector does have to a set of non bluetooth speakers if you want to maintain that Wireless compatibility otherwise you can just use the Bluetooth sound down here and hook it up.

to a regular Bluetooth speaker maybe your home speaker setup you’ve already got Bluetooth capabilities or soundbar and then you can just hook up that way by bluetooth so I have a whole video on that so if that’s what’s you’re than issues with right now that video will be popping up right up.

here so I showed how to hook this up to other Bluetooth speakers how to maybe use a Bluetooth transmitter and make your non bluetooth speakers bluetooth that is a cool option it has the apdex bluetooth and that is included on this model so if I was doing a real deep dive on what that apdex.

bluetooth is because I didn’t know what it was so the app Dex is an audio codec where it basically decreases the size of the audio file that you’re transmitting wirelessly but theoretically the way it’s supposed to work is it can decrease the size of the audio file that is transmitting wirelessly so.

in one transmission they can fit more data and you’re supposed to get better sound quality out of that it was cool that that’s included like I said you have the Bluetooth onboard with this model some people might be Bluetooth snobs you might be reluctant to go wireless and you might want to do.

Epson projector software. something where you’ve got you know the wire in connection because you feel more secure that way but I’ll say you know Bluetooth 5.0 technology has come a long way a lot of the devices that I use with that you know including earbuds and things really don’t have much lag or any noticeable lag whatsoever with watching video so you really.

don’t have to worry about that and like I said I have this other video where I went over with this projector how to hook things up to it by bluetooth and things like that if you get a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter and plug that into a set of non Bluetooth speakers you know then you can just pair your projector.

right up to the speakers like that wirelessly and I tried it out I didn’t have any lag whatsoever so to hit some of the other specs real quick of this projector so it’s 4k but it’s 4k pixel shifting so it’s basically double full HD they say you know shifts the pixels so it gives you a better picture so you.

know you guys can look up more of that if you want but you know there’s basically a true 4k where you have all the pixels there in that and then there’s the pixel shifting which kind of mimics 4k or gives you a better picture so some people have different viewpoints on that but it’s gonna.

be a better picture than 1080p this does use three LCD technology which you can see labeled clearly on the front of the projector and Epson projector software they basically claim that that’s going to give you 100% of the RGB spectrum for a full color accuracy guys the other thing.

I forgot to mention with this with the lens is when you first get this if you get confused I would a ring on here is like the zoom so you can zoom in and out which is a really handy tool if you basically can’t move your projector forward or back that much you can kind of zoom in and out without it.

affecting the image quality and it’s gonna make that projection on the wall bigger or smaller that way and just zoom it right there so that’s pretty awesome because you can make it even smaller if you need to without actually physically moving the projector the inside ring that is going to be your focus so you can kind of twist that and actually dial in the image.

Epson projector software

so having that zoom on here is big because again kind of like the lens shift if you don’t have as much portability and freedom for where you’re going to set this up you can really kind of dial in your picture that way just kind of zooming in and out making it a big around the wall and then you can just.

Epson projector software. change the vertical and then the horizontal placement on the wall by using the lens shift on the top of the projector here it also has time that HDR so with third-party capable devices you can have some HDR quality to the video so there are some things.

I was looking on like prime video certain things on there are actually included with 4k content and HDR content so you can look that stuff up online there’s like lists of shows that I found that you know have either 4k or 4k with HDR so if you have a device that supports that like.

I’ve got my Roku premiere which supports 4k then you can stream that kind of content to your projector they also say this is 2,900 lumens and up to 40,000 to one contrast ratio so I will say the brightness on this definitely did not let me down the amount of lumens that this has it is really really bright.

compared to a lot of the other projectors that I’ve tried out so using this at night it does illuminate the room pretty well you can actually see you know a lot of things in the room that you can’t see with a lesser projector and a lot of the budget ones that don’t get quite as bright so it’s almost like having.

another small lamp on in the room or something because Epson projector software it definitely brightens up the room quite a bit so you are going to be able to use this during daytime as well you know there’s gonna be a little bit of maybe some loss in saturation in that but it is bright you’re not gonna.

have to worry about that whatsoever and I’ll show you a little bit of some of the video quality of daytime in night just so you can kind of get an idea for that because you know I’m sure a lot of people if you’re buying a $1,500 projector like this you’re gonna want to be able to use it for daytime use as well so this projector does support active shutter 3d that is something.

Download Epson projector software

I have not tried out yet but if that’s something you want me to make a video on definitely let me know down there below in the comments so you will need to by then your own active shutter 3d glasses and then you’re gonna have to actually hook it up you know to a device that can actually play 3d.

content as well and I will say if you look at the fine print if you’re playing 3d content it does state that you’re not going to get that full you know 4k because of the pixel shifting it just says it’s gonna be full HD for 3d content so you’re gonna be looking at your 1920 by 1080 natively so if you really.

want to get the best picture quality and the best usage out of this thing the lamp life is going to be 3,500 hours on the dynamic setting if you play it in Eco mode you can get up to 5,000 hours of lamp life so someone has pointed out already in the comments of one of my other videos that you know they.

think that stinks but let’s do the math here so if you have 3500 hours say you watch this you know 4 hours a day that’s gonna give you 875 days of life you know if you’re thinking about years that’s like two point four years for the bulb life that’s using it for hours every day so if you put it that way.

You know that’s the dynamic setting I don’t think it’s that bad I mean for the most part if you really like tech and you like items like this yes you like a $1,500 projector to last you know quite a while but next two years there can be a lot of different changes in the tech space and you know you’re.

probably gonna see a brand new products coming out you know maybe there’s gonna be a new technology by then or you know who knows gonna be aka is gonna be a lot more of the standard by that so yeah Epson projector software Download it could it be better maybe but that’s not something that held me back from purchasing this at all and.

I really don’t think that it’s much of an issue just looking online real quick I found that there’s a lamp that you can get four hundred and nineteen dollars for the home cinema 3200 so if you’re buying this for 1500 I don’t think that it’s that unreasonable out in two years you might replace this for you know a hundred and twenty so that’s not something that would really.

hold me back okay so let’s talk about the picture quality so you get that 4k pixel shifting technology so you’re getting you know above the 1080p basically getting a 4k picture it’s not true native 4k it’s not a 4k chip then but they’re basically moving around the pixels to make it look like it’s you know a better image so like I said using this at night time this is gonna.

be you know a very bright image you’re not gonna have any issues whatsoever with you know brightness and having this blown out so it’s gonna fill the room up you’re gonna get a good solid picture up on your wall there and you’re not gonna have any issues whatsoever with you know.

there’s not being bright enough and again with the daylight that means you’re gonna get pretty good image quality there as well at 2900 lumens is pretty good it’s pretty substantial to where you’re gonna be able to use this during the daytime as well and get a pretty good picture where it’s not.

Epson projector software gonna be washed out so a couple of the areas where I you know was a little bit disappointed I guess is kind of like in the color saturation and in the blacks in your picture so I have a 1080p higher TV that I’ve had for over five years now that I got on a Black Friday deal and it’s still going strong and that’s that’s what I use a lot for you know.

streaming through my Roku and watching my Netflix and Hulu and that kind of stuff so comparing that to this you know I don’t know if I guess maybe I was just kind of in the mindset of like you know 4k TV and kind of the you know depth of colors and the saturation you get there you know a little bit of disappointment I guess in kind of the blacks that this puts.

out someone else commented RIT too and like the best buy reviews I saw that blacks were kind of more of like a gray when you’re looking at you know this is a very bright projector but I have noticed that the blackness and kind of the contrast could probably be a little bit better as far as that the other thing is you know it is a sharp picture I was maybe.

I guess anticipating it to be a little bit more sharp and having a little bit of a difference sometimes you know some of the 4k footage I was watching I would say yeah I could definitely tell the difference there but you know if you’ve just got I guess 1080p native footage that you’re playing and stuff like.

that not a whole big difference from you know watching something like that on my TV I guess I’d say but definitely if you want to get the best out of this projector you know you’re gonna want to find that 4k Epson projector software content for you know like I said Prime video has some free stuff included you know Netflix I believe you actually have to pay.

for you know the next tier up and actually pay a little more I think you know compared to $9.99 a month it’s like $12.99 a month for you know streaming the 4k so if you want to take advantage of the stuff like that no you gotta look into those type of options obviously on YouTube there’s 4k content people do reviews and 4k people have you know all kinds of like.

time lapses and stuff like that in 4k so you can check that out as well and play stuff like that on there alright so what I recommend this projector it’s a great option if you’re getting into you know 4k it’s got that 4k pixel shifting technology so you’re gonna get a really good image the brightness is out of this world so you’re not gonna have any issues with the brightness this.

is gonna be for someone that you know wants 4k content want to be able to use this during the day time as well as the night time this is a pretty robust option it’s got ton of different specs it’s got you know 3d capabilities it’s got that pixel shiftings got HDR so this is a really good model if you want a model that you know you don’t want to have to upgrade again in another.

couple years this is gonna be a model that’s probably Epson projector software .

gonna be pretty good as far as tech wise and what’s built into it for years to come so maybe if you’re someone that you know you don’t want to spend 800 $700 and then have to upgrade soon you know this is something that you can buy this now and you’re gonna have.

a lot of good features that are gonna be able to do the 3d you’re gonna have you know good sound and good Bluetooth built in all that kind of stuff so if you’re looking at this projector and you can spend.

in this range this is gonna be a good option for you alright guys so let me know what you think down there in the comments so like I said I’m gonna be making a whole playlist. Epson projector software.


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