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EasyTether Pro Apk. very convenient and there’s no monthly charge so let’s just walk you through it right now so for the purposes of this review we’ve shown you to you on the model Droid X and that should not change the effects of the actual app at all so as long as Android and it meets. EasyTether Pro Apk Download.

EasyTether Pro Apk. the requirements that have it should work so go down your market and then search it up easy tether and get two versions one is a lite version which is free of charge and then you have an actual paid version which cost $10 so the only difference between the lite version and the full version is that the light version blocks HTTP sites and they.

EasyTether Pro Apk. also claim that you can also stream to your ps3 xbox 360 and your Wii on the full version but I haven’t tried that out for myself but when I did have the live version it did in fact block the HTTP sites and I realized that personally I visit those sites a lot so I just I need it about full version and I haven’t regretted it yet so once you’re down on the flat. EasyTether Pro Apk For Android.

EasyTether Pro Apk. version it’s a saccade once you open up the app it’s gonna have page by page tutorial on how to set it up it’s really easy all you have to do is get to change a few settings on your phone not for the worst but just settings that you wouldn’t even imagine that would have been there and then you have to install the free application on to your computer.

EasyTether Pro Apk. it supports Windows Mac and abun too so most computers will work with work with this so once you install that software it’s really user this install and then you’re good to go so let’s open up the paid application because that’s the main purposes of this review.

EasyTether Pro Apk Download

EasyTether Pro Apk

EasyTether Pro Apk so it’s good easy tether Pro up here so again I’ve already installed it so it’s not gonna look like this right off the bat but first you’re gonna have again the tutorial it’s gonna have a page by page tutorial and then after that then you’ll have this page forever in the app it’s really.

EasyTether Pro Apk. simple so once you get this page and you have the application looks like this you have the USB which do you checkmark to enable the actual tethering feature and then you have some network options like resolver and you to be passed as you can see here and when.

EasyTether Pro Apk. you click the menu button then you get setup wizard online help and about setup wizard is just going through the page web page tutorial once again in case you accidentally uninstalled something or you forgot and then the online help is just some support forums online some FAQs and about just tells you the application number and the copyright.

EasyTether Pro Apk. information so nothing really care about but so right now let’s just enable us because we’re gonna show you a quick test on how fast actually is so just to quickly to give you a quick demonstration on the speeds right now we’re getting with 3G let’s go to wix.com on the actual phone Wix gadget com and this is the full desktop version of the site it’s not.

EasyTether Pro Apk Download. the mobile version so it’s gonna take longer because there’s all these graphics so that’s fairly fast wasn’t too bad but so that’s the speed that you get on this phone and then when you actually want to tether on your computer which I have my laptop right up here when you actually tether onto your computer assume.

EasyTether Pro Apk. that you have with the software already installed so just focus this right now so yeah so you can have to connect it via USB which I already have connected and just to show you that there’s no Wi-Fi enabled or any network going on in my computer right now let’s just.

EasyTether Pro Apk go to google.com for a test and it’s gonna see there it’s unable to connect to the internet so right now we have nothing installed I mean no internet and now when I tag my phone I’m just assuming before I connected so you I was gonna actually turn up sorry I’m not that experienced the cameras yet but we connected through the phone and assume that you’ve done again all your setup and everything.

EasyTether Pro Apk. it should work correctly so up here in our case you made a lot of different ongoing notifications like USB debugging USB connection and easy tethers enabled and connection than the taxi but that could just be specific to the Droid X let’s just ignore that just you’re probably.

EasyTether Pro Apk Free

EasyTether Pro Apk

EasyTether Pro Apk get these three main ongoing notifications which isn’t a bad thing and right there as you can see right now a pop-up box appeared I just can’t get this to focus right now but it just tells you that connection has been established I’m running Windows 7 so it made the notification may look will be different if you’re running a Mac or an older version or whatever it is so now we have connection ready to go so now let’s.

EasyTether Pro Apk. go to go calm and there you go let’s just focus this okay that’s good so there’s a good one else to try wicks catch calm let’s just compare it with the mobile version I mean on the phone and there you go it’s loading and it’s all there it’s been like that’s exactly how it is oh you.

EasyTether Pro Apk. know what actually let me just try going incognito because some of these images might have already been loaded before so going incognito mean said there’s nothing loaded before so let’s go to backstage comm I’m incognito and it’s pretty much the same no big.

EasyTether Pro Apk. difference there but yeah so that’s still loaded up really fast considering there’s a good amount of images going on in the website right now but let’s try some more heavy content streaming let’s go to cnn.com sinan and that’s also really fast so now strike some actual video.

EasyTether Pro Apk. streaming let’s try to call it let’s just check out an episode of the office one my favorite shows so who loaded up pretty fast let’s just do a rant episode the seminar let’s just test out some of these videos streaming how fast it really is and again this is all incognito.

EasyTether Pro Apk so nothing has been loaded previously on this window so it’s all new to the browser going up pretty smooth the following program is brought to you with limited commercial interruption by Helmand all right well this honey to play the entire episode but you get the point it’s not taking any time to buffer which means that Fuji is actually streaming.

EasyTether Pro Apk

EasyTether Pro Apk. up streaming pretty fast which is a really good sign so let’s just close this now but II to the point it’s pretty fast actually really fast but remember to take into consideration that we’re after using Verizon 3G network so depending on how fast your network is and where you are then obviously the speeds will vary but just showing you.

EasyTether Pro Apk. how it’s real it’s really close to adapt with speeds on the phone to the laptops you’re not losing any internet speeds with easy tethers so we really recommend we really recommend that you buy this app try it out at least because it of lite version and then if you like if you really like anything you’re gonna use it then upgrade to the paid version.

EasyTether Pro Apk For Android

EasyTether Pro Apk. because again it’s really worth it I have not regretted a one since I bought it and I’ve been using it for about like nine months or so leaf but yeah so this has been a quick sad review and we should and we’ll see you next time check out be calm again we’re right now we’re growing really fast you guys are viewing our site a lot which.

EasyTether Pro Apk thank you but we need more staff so if you’re really interested in riding for whip Scaccia calm or if you think you can help out with editing or whatever it is just shoot us an email go to our website we have information over there in the contact your team or whatever.

EasyTether Pro Apk For Android there’s all these tabs a little refer you to that so we need more staff and just keep visiting us because we’re growing so hope to be the next big thing so until next time guys it’s been Trey from Luke’s gadget.

EasyTether Pro Apk. that and I will include that in the description of this video um what I really like about this app is it can actually save you who doesn’t like say that money um think about like this um if you use the way of lightning when I say lightly I mean checking emails doing the other.

EasyTether Pro Apk. research uploading photos um there is really no need to have additional internet setup in your household and you know it’s a key pan that high internet bill um what I mean by this man that setup is a robber a modem and then think about like this if you are a student.

EasyTether Pro Apk For Android. and you are trying to pull up some information but you notice that what that is currently unavailable but if you have your Android powered device your USB cable and of course the laptop and a data connection then you are good to go you have internet access right there um so yeah and let me say this now um.

EasyTether Pro Apk. I tested this app out on the HTC EVO v4g that you just saw and the Motorola Droid X so I’m not sure if it will work with your device but try it out and if it works for you click oh job Joe okay so now I will show you how to set up easy teller on your phone and on your computer so yeah let’s get started now on your Android device you will need to visit the Google Play Store and download the app.

EasyTether Pro Apk. if you haven’t already done so there we go okay once the app has been downloaded on your Android device launch the app you will need to go to USB settings then you will need to go to USB tethering setup then you will choose an option based on your current operating.

EasyTether Pro Apk system follow the directions make sure you enable USB debugging read over everything and once you see the screen click finish and that should be checked it should say ready for connection from the host so that is how you set up easy tether on your phone now I’m going to show you how to set it up on your computer while your computer.

EasyTether Pro Apk. you need to open up your internet browser need to go to Google type in easy cover click the first link scroll down the page you need to click download desktop drivers click a link based on your operating system I will click right here but I already have in there so says waiting they need to download it again well I’m going to minimize.

EasyTether Pro Apk this window open up each each other oh come on take it slow okay you will need to click install but I already have the software installed on my computer so I’m gonna go ahead and click close then after the software has been installed successfully.

I’ll recommend restarting your computer do this intensive boot up web your USB cable connected to your phone and their computer wait about 20 seconds come over here to the easytek icon right click you see massive disconnect right here the choice EasyTether Pro Apk.


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