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unlimited gold/money84.8Mb10,000,000-50,000,000
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DEAD TARGET Mod APK – a decent 3D first-individual activity game, the plot of which happens in 2040, the planet is depleted by wars and atomic weapons. Mankind is battling for the leftovers of assets, however, at the finish of the war, natural weapons were utilized that contaminated every living thing in their way, leaving the hordes of tainted freaks behind. You have phenomenally endured and are attempting to make due in this cruel world, utilize the most progressive weapons, and demolish hordes of adversaries in your way, purchase or improve your gear so as to be constantly more grounded than your adversary.

DEAD TARGET Mod APK is an Android shooter where we control a veteran war leather expert who needs to end the crowds of zombies

After the Third World War, the world has become foxes and among different fiascos, there has been a zombie intrusion that takes steps to end human life on earth. Fortunately, you are a war veteran who is more diligently than Rambo, Van Damme, Chuck Norris, and Schwarzenegger together.

A zombie executing game for Android type FPS DEAD TARGET Mod APK.

After a contention as splendid as depicted we locate a first individual shooter where we should confront unlimited swarms of zombies that will test our reflexes and speed with regards to pointing, shooting and reloading.

We will experience various situations with an admonition in regards to most shooters: we don’t need to move from where we are. We will stay static in our position however we can move to point the correct way. We will do this with the control on the left half of the screen in light of the fact that with those on the correct we will pick our weapon, reload and discharge.

Guns, assault rifles, projectiles … everything goes to end the intrusion of zombies. DEAD TARGET Mod APK.

Fundamental highlights

Among the fundamental highlights that we will discover in DEAD TARGET: Zombie Shooting features the realistic area. Great structures for situations and cautious surfaces that make this a decent shooting match-up for Android:

Great 3D designs with nitty-gritty surfaces.

Practical audio cues (as sensible as it very well may be to hear a zombie shout).

Wide scope of weapons to look over. DEAD TARGET Mod APK.

Strategic accomplishment framework to contend online with your companions.

Improve your weaponry and hardware to confront your foes with ensures.

Various sorts of zombies.

Many maps and various missions to finish.

Indeed, there is a variant of Dead Target for PC. Explicitly for Windows 10, which makes it superfluous to download the APK to run in a BlueStacks emulator.

DEAD TARGET Mod APK. Keep your guard up and shoot zombies in extraordinary compared to other first-individual shooters DEAD TARGET. Would you be able to make sense of the way to endurance in Zombie Games?

A great many shooters are shooting to execute zombies and spare the world how about we get together with them and become the best!

In 2040 World War III struck and the nation’s boondocks changed. The zombie end times started. A unique expert marksman group was employed to make a beeline for the fighting gather weapons and supply to spare humanity! DEAD TARGET Mod APK.

Battle for endurance in a zombie end of the world with the shooting match-ups. Pick the best firearm to battle against the dead that are strolling toward you

Execute all the dead and don’t leave any zombies alive!! Is it accurate to say that you are prepared for all the activity and experience in this marvelous shooter game? In the event that you would prefer not to be dead attempt your best in shooting and murdering in magnificent zombie shooting match-ups!

This Zombies game is an activity game where you can:

  • Shooting zombies in this addictive Shooting match-up with epic 3D weapons
  • Upgrade firearms and rigging to confront the up and coming zombie waves in disconnected games
  • Experience 3D shooting as a zombie tracker in the best zombie game
  • Slay zombies of various kinds into the dead when you set your nerve to the most significant level


End of the world – CAN YOU SURVIVE?

  • A free FPS disconnected game where enormous floods of zombies come to you as the tempest
  • Shoot zombies before the attack come toward you the dead can come whenever in this Zombie game
  • Kill zombie by head shot to make due in the really Shooting match-up


  • Zombies with different murdering capacities in the best disconnected game
  • Zombie games with certain zombies those can be very contaminated with the infection
  • This Zombie game is one of the Shooting match-ups with the most zombie types


  • Shooting match-up with various weapons – A rifle shotgun and the sky is the limit from there
  • Upgrade the trigger and all aspects of the firearm to fire zombie
  • Unlock 3D weapons when you rank up and improve your solidarity to turn into a genuine executioner in expert rifleman games
  • Discover battle moves in Shooting match-up utilizing different weapons
  • Shoot zombies with the correct lift to turn into an eliminator on the war zone to dominate zombie match


  • Shooting zombies to make due in shooting match-ups and complete journeys to rank up and open increasingly cool things in expert rifleman games
  • Shoot zombies so you can be the last one standing and become a legend in this zombie shooting match-up
  • Weird accomplishments are consistently the most generously compensated in zombie games


  • Prevent zombies from getting away while safeguarding the ruptured cutting edges in disconnected games
  • An exact shot in disconnected games can trigger a blast that can spare the expert sharpshooter at the perfect time
  • shooting match-ups with numerous sorts of grounds to find


  • Enjoy 3D illustrations with sensible lighting to exhibit the disease of zombie in the expert rifleman game
  • Shooting match-up with weapons those have distinctive audio effects to speak to their genuine variants
  • Experience the dead with reasonable designs in zombie games


  • Compare your execute records to realize who is the best shooter
  • Share what you have done in the best shooter disconnected game
  • Shoot the most zombies to turn into the top zombie tracker in disconnected games DEAD TARGET Mod APK

This zombie shooter is unique in relation to other Zombie games as a result of the addictive ongoing interaction numerous kinds of zombies and firearms sensible 3D illustrations and impacts. As uniquely this Zombie shooter game is a disconnected game you can shoot Zombies at whatever point and any place you need

Would you be able to endure the zombie end of the world? Secure the cutting edges in the FPS game DEAD TARGET. Download now to begin shooting zombies in best-disconnected game DEAD TARGET Mod APK

Necessities and extra data:

Least working framework necessities: Android 4.1.

It offers incorporated buys.DEAD TARGET Mod APK.

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