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Cute CUT Pro Apk. I call this um settings yeah so here you go you hit the plus button you add like videos this is my last video that I just recorded that cheating you as you guys saw yesterday that I uploaded it no did I know that yeah yes I did I’m doing this on same day that. Cute CUT Pro Apk Download.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. I did the GTA video so I don’t know perfectly couple of pictures you know you can put music as I did which I have this song Hunger Games I have also more songs I know Justin Bieber’s there but it’s actually not I wasn’t the one who actually got it Barry can you record your voice by Robert Fisher.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. you guys heard that but yeah alright so this what you do you put the video I just put this one my intro put the video so here this is where you start I mean like if you this is what I alright guys see ya that’s my angel and then this is after you do that if you like one hour like you know add something you just go here like add another video you just go to the word the other way. Cute CUT Pro Apk Download.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. I mean if your intro ended and you have the plus sign again your video you put like the same thing all over again but you could put another video on I’m just putting the same thing over here you put it again and then yeah it would like to start again look look see.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. I’m just speeding it up a little and it starts again see but you have to start the video Lori and you just here just start with another video I’ll show you guys look look actually started a little bit earlier but you can start it right before there you go man yeah well now how you show you guys you guys want to see that video you can go to my last video in your check it out like being awesome.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download

Cute CUT Pro Apk

Cute CUT Pro Apk. and GTA yeah so as I do in my videos I put a like share you know no I subscribe that’s how to do that’s what I actually put for mine videos we go you can I call this what else can you do in here okay yeah face can and this is how you do it first you put the video that you wanna put you know for face cam you DoubleTap wait sorry alright oh. Cute CUT Pro Apk Download.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. I’ve gotta do it oh yes that two videos yeah that’s the thing yes that tomatoes I’m pretty sure all right so you see how this one is there you double toe my car how do you do this thing forgot yeah there we go so you see here you go I understand guys so you see here where it has like we’re we’re moving in here we’re SS Francis gaming.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. how’s the video you double top W that you wanna you know have it as your face can so I’m gonna put my intro video I class my face cam which it never is my face cam sorry it’s got out of it imma show you guys you know for the thing in this video who dub was happy you sorry you go here put it like that but yeah I know it’s on top because.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. I put the video last boy let me show you guys look sorry right so here this video you can this video of make it larger or you can move it in which that’s how you do facecam you just record it with another device send it to yourself or you know send it some way and then yeah you do this.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. double tap make this right so look put services like my FaceCam video and this let go take both go at the same time as you guys can see it you see which is awesome guys I know it’s awesome yeah but it won’t shut off but yeah this is what this app can’t do it’s awesome.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. lets you add your videos after you have to know that you can export it to your album I actually do you take sport it to YouTube email Facebook you can undo with that here settings it just gives you your other settings again just have this settings and you’ll be fine.

watermarks on my videos so I decided to go with the full version so I’m going to go in depth and show you guys everything this app can do and this very handy since it’s a good editor they give you on your iPhone if you didn’t have a Mac with like iMovie on the laptop and you do get a movie on your phone obviously but this just has a few more features that iMovie.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. doesn’t and I think very helpful I’ve use this for a couple of weeks now and I really really like it and I’m excited to share it how it works and I know this can help you guys and again if you don’t care for the watermark go ahead for the free version it still has awesome things you can do with it so without further adieu let’s get into the video.

Cute CUT Pro Apk For Android

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. so here you see my home screen and I’m going to go into this folder called YouTube which has all my editing and things like that I’m going to go into the app and here you see this blank page and this is where all your projects will be stored that you have edited so just click on that plus on in the corner and that will create a new project.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. so you can just name that whatever you feel like what kind of video you are making I’m just going to name this as cCute Cut Pro since this video is about how it works and things like that click create and then you have settings think you can just like a definition if it should.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. remains great or portrait the background colour and I like to make that white I don’t know it’s just a personal preference but you can add the frame rate or the fixed cover image but after you’ve done that you will have this blank canvas and just click on the plus button to add a video or photo whichever you’d like.

Cute CUT Pro Apk

Cute CUT Pro Apk. I’m just going to add this the bank video that I created on iMovie and it’s going to process and then it’s going to import into your project as you can see here so this is what the editing screen looks like you can double tap to edit that and that’s like moving it around which every.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. place you want it to be as you can see you can enlarge the video or just make it smaller whichever you feel like doing but I liked it the way it was originally and then we can do a bunch of things as you can see with all these tools here at the bottom so you can cut it you.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. can delete some files you can add transitions and if you want to know what that it’s basically like how your video is going to come into the screen and you can just click on that plus sign over there and just you can add a bunch of transitions or you can make a custom transition by just choose this one and this is what it looks like.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. when it comes in see it’s just slides across the screen like that but that’s all for transition now next up you can adjust the volume of your videos a video is too loud or to soft you can adjust the volume you can adjust the transparency of the video so you don’t want it to make.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. that harsh color you can just like make it transparent a bit you can adjust the speed of your video and that’s like making a video in slow motion or speeding up a video if you really need to do that you can also crop your video if that’s something you’d like to do it gives that option next thing you can do is adjust like the colors like color.

Cute CUT Pro Apk For Android. corrects the video which i think is also pretty cool like saturation brightness all that things can add a border and you can adjust the size of the border that’s what my video has they’re the wide corners over there you can also like round the edges of the video since you now it looks a little more like a circle and and you can also add a.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. shadow and that’s for like overlay if you want to pop out a little more and look a little 3d you can also rotate or flip your videos which i think is also a very helpful feature that everyone always needs you can also like take a screenshot almost of your screen which is again.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. very helpful the next thing we’re going to do is add in overlay and you can just click that on the plus sign and add a video or a photo overlay whichever you’d like so I decided to go with this iPhone overlay since I always wondered how people edit their what’s on my iPhone.

Download Cute CUT Pro App

Cute CUT Pro Apk videos with that phone as it over this screen and this is basically how you do you just add an overlay of iPhone PNG that I got from the internet okay so as you can see you can rotate this around you can move it around however you’d like you can make it bigger or smaller or you can really edit this however you’d like so that it is to your liking.

Cute CUT Pro Apk you have all those tools available to you that you had about that first video that we import it into our project and as you can see here at the bottom you have all those tools which you can use to edit this and make it to your liking now I’m going to add another video which is the screen recording that I took and I did a whole video on.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. how to record your iPhone screen a few days ago if you want to go check that out I will have that link in the description box below as well so as you can see here I’m just editing it to my liking so it looks like it’s actually screen inside an iPhone and you can make this however.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. you like bigger or smaller just make sure it doesn’t have any weird black lines around the corners or shadows so it looks a little realistic and it just feel like when you put it in an iPhone PNG it just looks a little more professional but that’s just my preference now.

Cute CUT Pro Apk I’m going to add text and you can do that by clicking the plus on again and you can tipe whatever you like obviously so I’m just going to type in iPhone cuz it’s a PNG of an iPhone as you can see and it does look a little stylish think that’s the last style I use on text from my previous projects that I made so you can also edit this.

Cute CUT Pro Apk however you’d like you can adjust like the transitions again custom transitions or the transitions they give you so here I just made a simple one which goes from up to down as you can see here and you can obviously again make your own custom transitions if you’d like you can adjust the size and the color of it takes.

Cute CUT Pro Apk

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. however you’d like it to be as you can see here with that a and you see me adjust the size of the font and things like that and then I just changed the color to something a little more neutral on that pink background so I’ll just make it a black and it’s pretty simple to do nothing too hard to understand there then you can do a lot of things.

Cute CUT Pro Apk like adjust the font I’m going to show you guys how to import a different fonts and they give a bunch of uploaded fonts already but it’s always nice to have the fonts that you like on your phone so I’m going to show you that in a while you can also adjust like the outline of the text like if you want that white background that.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. I have they’re on the text or you can have none whichever you like again also at that shadow that I said previously but it does stand out a little more on different colors of overlays like the black doesn’t make the shadow stand out too much and you have all these tools given to you that you can use to edit the text to your liking.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. as you can see this is what the project looks like so far nothing too special about it but this is just the basics so you can also add music and they do upload a bunch of sound effects onto the app itself which is always helpful to have like applause or swoosh or whatever.

Cute CUT Pro Apk you like using you can use that or you can use the songs that you already have on your phone that’s always very helpful if you want your songs they also upload a bunch of music already but I prefer IMovies music that already upload as background music next thing.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. he can do is add a voiceover and then video itself goes a little slow so you get time to talk and say whatever you want to say and I think that is pretty helpful if you don’t want to be mumbling if the video is too fast you can also add a self draw and that’s where you draw over your video I guess I could say and you can just like the brush size.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. or if you just want to make a certain shape you can do that and can adjust the color I’m just going to make go with a plain white and then I’m just going to make a random drawing over it you can see here I over lined the iPhone I wouldn’t say I’m going to use this a lot since I don’t like drawing over my projects but it’s there if the.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. opportunity arises that I really want to use that so it’s good that it’s there I guess at the top right corner you will see all these things like export you can export to different things you can adjust the settings again like change the background color or whatever you’d like to do you can undo something if you accidentally did something wrong.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Free

Cute CUT Pro Apk and when you export you can export to your album, Email, YouTube, FaceBook, all those things and you can adjust the quality of the exportation I would recommend 1080p since that is the highest resolution now I’m going to show you how to upload a font onto Cute Cut.

Pro so just search the font what you want I’m just going to say ButterCup and behind that I’m going to say dafont and that is a website that you get a bunch of fonts that you can download and not all fonts are like full versions but it’s very helpful if you want like a specific font just click on the first.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. search result that you get on there and just click on the download button as you can see right there you just click on that and it will start downloading onto your device and then you will get this pop-up and then just click on open in and more and then you go into documents and that’s the app that you get on the App Store.

Cute CUT Pro Apk if you want to go download that this is what it looks like and this is where you can download a bunch of music or things like that onto your device this is a bunch of the other downloads that I have made on my phone the font will be in a yellow zip file to just click on that then a blue folder will pop out that says Buttercup just click on that and then.

Cute CUT Pro Apk For Android you just click on edit and click on the TTF then just click on more and then open in and then last step is import into Cute Cut Pro and that’s easier if the font is installed onto Cute Cut Pro I’m just going to show you here when I add a text I’m just going to say normal hi I guess it’s just the easy thing to say then just go to the F that stands.

Cute CUT Pro Apk. for font if you’d like and then click on the font that you just install and that is Buttercup that I just installed but whichever one you’d like and this is what it looks like that’s what the font looks like if you were wondering and it’s very easy to import a font into Cute Cut Pro.

Cute CUT Pro Apk Download. I really thought would be more difficult but super easy so I went to the liberty to install Cute Cut which is the free version of Cute Cut Pro and it gives you a bunch of sample projects and then you can just name.

it whatever you want all those settings that we went through previously and then you can see when I import a video any video that you’d like again I’m just going to use this one that I use in the previous project. Cute CUT Pro Apk.


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