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Clean Master For PC. cleaner PC booster privacy cleaner and those are all free as you can see these three here and then as a freemium product it has a driver updater here a file recovery to recover deleted files and the auto update service as the freemium product I believe it was 29.95 for.

Clean Master For PC Download. that but you still get junk clean PC boost and privacy clean for free the junk cleaned like a lot of apps as you can see has the basic scan button and it also has the auto clean and a real-time monitor I like this a lot because I always tell people they shouldn’t.

mess with their drives too much so I love something like two weeks maybe a week if you use your computer a lot and once you have that done you get your reminder another neat feature here is that you can decide how many Meg’s so if you’re tight on drive space you can decide.

when it’s going to actually start up and clean and of course you can do the auto clean when the PC isn’t being used you just click on and as you can see you can’t ask the cycle and you can ignore item so if you want to save your cookies and browser settings etc you can’t let’s take a look here back.

Clean Master For PC. to the basic stuff so all you got to do is hit the Scan button and wait I thought it found an awful lot of stuff I’m running in a virtual machine and in the case of a virtual machine I’m always on basically as you can see no icons a clean install of Windows so one point four gigs.

is pretty impressive you can scroll on down here and look at any details and what it’s going to find social software very clean as you can see if clean install so registry is very clean it should be not finding anything there and your machine is certainly well and it has a breakdown of. Clean Master For PC Free.

what it found if you care but I’m a guy who believes in a leap of faith and I’m gonna hit clean I’ve had no problems with it I think if a program is good you should be able to trust it with the one click and I think clean master does that PC boost on the other hand is designed to scan your machine.

Clean Master For PC Free Download

Clean Master For PC
Clean Master For PC

for things that it can take out this is great for gamers so if you’re getting ready to hop into a game it uses a lot of when you call resources you can run this by simply clicking boost so once again you can see it’s looking for applications it is looking for internet settings if you don’t want to play.

with them you can uncheck them and system Clean Master For PC settings etc so once again it’s up to you if you want to come in here and click this as you can see you can decide what you want to do by checking or unchecking but once again I like to do the leap of faith and I’ve done this and once again a few times and had no problem so I enjoy that a lot it really speeds up.

your computer which is great privacy clean as you can see you have your browser trackback setting this allows you to set up password locks decide where your gonna be tracked and that tracked and it lets you know what browsers are supported so very few settings there but you don’t need much so we hit scan and you want to see what it comes up with and.

you can spend a good bit of time Clean Master For PC running this program for the first time so the high risk privacy says zero history you can click on that and see what’s in there once again you can uncheck anything you don’t want to use your internet browsing history or download history.

so on and so forth so once again if you trust the program I feel you can click on clean and you’re done so for the amount of time we took to spend extra time showing you the in-depth settings for everything you can basically just go jump clean run it PC boost run it privacy clean run it and under your.

tools you will find a couple of the freemium Clean Master For PC things as we mentioned your file recovery and your driver booster and of course as mentioned if you do purchase the program you also get automatic updates so there you go as you can see there’s status update.

when you come back to the front page how much stuff was removed and now you go into the what we showed you before where you can wait until you hit a certain amount of time or a certain Clean Master For PC.

Download Clean Master For PC

Clean Master For PC Free
Clean Master For PC Free

on the home screen I can see that my phone is running at 12% storage and 78% ramp let me tap on junk files which is showing at 97 point 3 MB it’s scanning for junk files these are the various junk files on my device I may decide to clean all by tapping on clean junk 66 MB it’s Guinea yeah that’s.

done let me go back in fact I can immediately see after junk files are cleared is that my ram is now at 75% let me go to phone boost knob it’s showing that my CPU is at 63 degree so I can tap on it to fix it which is showing gas 34% higher than normal so I tap on fix scanning the CPU so these are the.

apps which are causing overheating I can tap on cool down so it stopped it by three degrees let me go back these are some of the apps which are running in the background Google Play services Clean Master For PC Google Play Store whatsapp so it’s not suggesting to free up any space.

on this so I am leaving it as it is just in case if I wanted to remove a particular one I can simply tap on it and then boost it from the phone memory so it has boosted five-and-a-half percent go back so this has further improved the RAM performance to 73 percent from earlier 75 percent.

antivirus will scan your phone programs to make sure that your Clean Master For PC device is free from any type of infection coming to app manager with this option you can uninstall the unwanted apps.

so if I really want to uninstall four or five apps in one go I can do that very easily by simply selecting them and tap on uninstall go back at the bottom of the screen tap on tools and you will see few things like battery saver CPU cooler free space etc so let’s start with the new feature.

which is battery saver gain extra 3 oz of battery everyday enter so it’s analyzing the battery usage battery saver mode is proposing to put these five apps into hibernate mode which means that they will stop working in the background but you can still use them whenever needed.

so I would like to put them into hibernate mode optimize enable so I need to go to clean master here and turn it on okay you can use this feature whenever you need longer working gas for your battery as this app stopped working in the background then I already spoke about CPU cooler.

let me tap on spaced collinear it’s proposing to clean 2.2 MB of junk which I can of course do by tapping on theme it’s done that now I can see the memory that various apps are consuming for example whatsapp is consuming to 0-4 MB if I tap on it so these are the various images.

and video messages I can delete the ones that I do not need tap on handle I simply need to select the images that I want to delete and then this deletes the space clean go back photo cleaner will scan for duplicate and blurry photos on your device so that you can clean the ones.

that are not required clean whatsapp we have already spoken about this app manager I mentioned about this thing being used to uninstall unwanted apps coming to useful shortcuts I swipe with this option you can activate the I swipe feature to view your most recently used and favorite apps tap on I swipe and you can enable it these are.

Clean Master For PC. my recently open apps so I can scroll it back like this or reopen it these are my recent apps again I can do it to see the toolbox these are some of the I swipe settings which you can use basis your need so as of now I am disabling it go back games we all know consumes more RAM.

Clean Master For PC
Clean Master For PC

so this feature will be helpful coming to a block this is one of the best features of clean master with this you can lock your apps using a pattern lock which will make your app secure so that others can’t access them without your permission it’s proposing to lock the apps while.

I can go ahead and drop as many as I want using this option go back check network traffic helps to understand which app is consuming how much data last but not the least me under this you can get.

some cloud storage for free currently it’s showing us 2 GB free data on cloud storage that was all about some of the rich features of clean master I hope you found this video good do give it a thumbs up also watch other interesting videos by clicking on the links Clean Master For PC.