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Canon Scanner Software. Scanner that Canon has released towards the end of 2018 this is the Canon light 400 my youtube channel is on art so I’m going to focus more on the image quality of this scanner how accurately it can scan and capture your artworks now Canada has reduced to flatbed.

Scanner this is the light 400 the other is the light Canon Scanner Software Download 300 now the other model which is cheaper has fewer document scanning features but image quality between 300 and this 400 it’s similar.

let’s take a look at things that are included in the box so we have this USB cable we have USB type-c this one goes to the scanner and this is USB type a these will go to your computer ass 10 is included so that you can prop up the scanner and scan vertically now personally I would use this and a flat.

on a table because when it comes to scanning not works sometimes the paper may have some warping so I will want to press down the lid to make sure that I can scan the artwork properly more on that later and lastly we have the warranty card driver disk and I bought this in Singapore so if you.

Canon Scanner Software. are going to register your warranty do it online you get three months extra warranty the design of this new scanner is a bit brakesh compared to the previous model the light 220 that are reviewed almost four years ago which is actually a very good scanner by the way so.

Canon Scanner Software Free Download

this scanner is still very compact I like the design on the cover it has this nice textured design and this lid you can actually sort of lift it up so that I can scan thicker sketchbooks see the CDs are hinge here this allows you to lift up the lid so they can scan bigger sketchbook as thick as this let’s take a.

look at the buttons in front this actually shot buttons for scanning some of the features of this scanner includes the ability to turn the skin into a PDF or multi-page PDF it has auto scan which allows it to crop and rotate your scan automatically for example if you are scanning a small piece of receipt.

Canon Scanner Software. it will actually scan to that size and rotate your receipt into upright position and you can upload your scan to a cloud or you can email the Scan directly to someone you just have to set those settings in the driver this is an a4 size scanner that uses GIS technology cia’s means

contact image sensors what that means is when you’re scanning you need to keep the paper flat and in contact with the glass if it’s just one millimeter of the glass your skin is going to be blur so if you want to shop images you have to keep the paper flat and in contact with the glass and because.

this is an a4 size scanner if you want to scan larger pieces of paper or sketchbooks like this where you draw across two pagers Canon Scanner Software Download. you will need to scan twice and do the stitching yourself now there is auto stitching in the driver software but it’s.

best when it comes to scanning large pieces of hard work to do manual stitching I am now on Windows 10 and I have just installed the Canon driver let me go through some of the features so all these buttons here they are actually quick scan button so for example if you click this document.

button it would scan whatever you want to scan using the document settings now all these settings they are preset but you can customize all these buttons so you want to scan high-resolution photos you can click this button if you want you want customize settings you can click these to scan.

all these buttons here with the exception of this scan gear button they will do some sort of image adjustment or editing to make your Canon Scanner Software skin look better or for example with Auto it will crop and Reese your scan so if you want to scan your artwork without any image adjustment you want to scan your.

artwork as it is you should use scan gear this is what I use to scan all my artworks so as mentioned earlier you can customize all these buttons so let me show you how let me click the Settings button so you can customize Auto scan documents can photo scan let me just choose photo scan as an example so you can change the color mode you can choose to scan in.

Canon Scanner Software

grayscale black-and-white or color you can choose the paper size you can choose the resolution you can choose any image processing settings you can choose where to save the file the format you want to save as these are the various formats that are available JPEG TIFF and PNG and a scan artworks I always use teeth because there is no compression so you can customize.

all those shortcut buttons using these drop-down menus the Mac version of this driver has essentially the same features except it doesn’t come with scan gear for some reason so if you want to scan on the Mac I recommend you use this app called image capture which comes with Mac OS.

so what image capture does is the same as scan gear it was scan your hard work as it is without any edits all right let’s scan something so I’m going to click the scan gear button to open up the scan gear dialog box these are the scan gear settings the important ones to knew it would be output resolution.

Canon Scanner Software Download. so for my artworks I usually scan them at 300 dpi if I need to reproduce them in print 300 dpi is a good resolution if you need high resolution you can go up to 600 but the data size file size will be about four times as much so right now the data size for a four scan is about 100 megabyte.

let me drop this down to 300 to show you how big that follow be so it will be 25 megabyte let’s go up to a thousand two hundred so that would be four hundred megabyte so for two days our video I will be scanning at 600 you can change the file size but usually I leave this at as default to scan.

here for now these settings they are very important some of them are on by default but to scan your artwork as it is you should turn all of them off so for image adjustment it actually has on all these different types of adjustments you will not want to attend this one because.

Canon Scanner Software. you should do your own adjustment there is there’s our unsharp mask which which we will sharpen your image so you want to turn this off as well as the screen reduce dust and scratches or these or you may want to turn some of them on or off but personally for me.

I leave all of them off I’m now going to scan this page of my sketchbook and compare the scan with the actual sketchbook to let you see how accurate this scanner is so I’m going to press down hard on the glass to make sure that I scan this properly I’m now standing at 600 dpi so the scanner will.

take some time to warm up if it’s the first scan so at 600 dpi this is the speed you can expect now if you are scanning at 300 dpi this actually Canon Scanner Software moves really fast you know what let me scan at 300 dpi as well just to let you see how fast this can go so at 300 dpi it moves.

really fast and it’s also a bit long noisy you can see that as it moves down there’s this a light that sort of shines onto the skin these are all the artworks that I have and I’m going to compare them one by one on screen versus the original to let you compare the quality so let me open up the.

Canon Scanner Software Download

file that I have just scan which is this one now this is a five size and the file size is about 47 megabytes so from what I can see it’s able to Canon Scanner Software capture my sketch quite accurately the only difference is in the white area so for this white area here it’s whiter but for my.

sketchbook I can see that paper it’s slightly warmer but the colors they are very accurate now the sketchbook is going to be a bit darker because there’s no light coming from behind so with our screen of course this is an LCD screen so it’s going to be a bit brighter but this is about as accurate as it can.

get right now I’m zooming in 100% now this sketch was scanned at 600 dpi so it allows me to zoom in pretty close I can see all this DQ’s Canon Scanner Software very clearly I can see the texture of the paper I can see the granulation of the watercolor I can see individual colors within.

the watercolor mix and I can see how the colors blend together now all these details if I were to look at my sketchbook like this I would have difficulty spotting all the details but this is sort of like using a magnifying glass over the sketch and this looks really nice and this is really sharp.

Canon Scanner Software

Canon Scanner Software Download. even though I haven’t done any editing yet this scan looks so good that I may actually want to use this as my desktop wallpaper and now I have opened up there’s two skin I want to show you the difference between using scan gear when scanning.

the original artwork as it is versus using the default settings that are provided using the quick scan buttons so on the left side we have scan gear I want to zoom into this white area here to show you the paper texture I hope you can see this I hope my camera can capture it so with.

the scan gear it was able to capture the paper texture as it is but with the auto settings the auto correction you can see Canon Scanner Software that the paper texture it has been reduced and there are some sort of editing going on so you don’t see the paper texture that obvious but if you scan like this you can actually.

remove the paper texture with your own edits but when you scan like this there’s no way to bring back the texture which which has already been lost so for example if I have a watercolor scan like this if I want to remove the textures I can call up this levels dialog box and removed highlights slightly.

Canon Scanner Software Free Download. I can give you a bit more contrast you can see that all this paper texture we are now gone now the other difference is I can see that there is some sharpening applied to the auto setting and it seems that the contrast level the contrast seems.

to be the same just that there is sharpening applied so I can see more shadows here versus here let’s compare what we see on screen versus the original artwork again so from what I can see both scans they look pretty accurate they look very close to the original even though there’s some auto.

correction applied to this it still looks very similar to the original and now let’s compare this scan with our original now from what I can see right now in real life I can see that the paper it’s creamy is off-white it’s warm but the skin it appears to be less warm as.

I look at my LCD screen on my camera can see that colors the paperwhite it’s actually quite similar but in real life this is warmer so the white balance for this scan it has been adjusted slightly but the colors from what I can see as I compare this side-by-side the colors they are very accurately captured.

the last scan I want to show you is of this sketch that I drew on a spiral-bound sketchbook so this is the original and that is the scan so the Canon Scanner Software original and the skin so the paper here again it’s a bit warmer it’s off-white.

but the scan is sort of correct at the paper into to make it whiter but the colors from what I can tell they are still pretty accurate this spiral-bound sketchbook is a4 size but because of the Rings here the overall size is actually slightly larger than a 4 and because of that I wasn’t able to fit this.

Canon MX922 Scanner Software Download

Canon Scanner Software Free Download

Canon Scanner Software. perfectly onto the glass of the scanner so let me zoom in to the bottom right here I’m not sure if you can see clearly but this area here the paper wasn’t in contact with the glass and because of that the scan appears to be blurry here you can see this lines here they are.

obviously blurry let me move to an area where the paper is in contact with the glass so here you can see the lines they are sharper there’s no blur in this area this area is somewhere in the center here but for the bottom Canon Scanner Software.

area here all these are areas where the paper is actually off the glass surface all these they are there and part of my skin is actually cropped off so you can see this straight line here there’s actually more to the bottom see this orange patch here this wasn’t captured in the scan so in order for me to scan everything I would have to scan twice and Stitch the two scans.

together and now I’m on Mac OS so the driver it’s pretty similar except there is no scan gear so if you want to scan your artwork as it is use image capture so this is the image capture app in which capture has less settings compared to scan gear but all the essential settings are here so you can.

choose the different resolutions you want to scan at and this goes up all the way to 4800 which is the maximum resolution that this scanner Canon Scanner Software Download can scan at you will probably not want to scan this because it’s going to slow down your computer to a crawl.

so you can choose different file formats and here we have more options more file format options JPEG TIFF PNG JPEG 2000 G BMP and PDF we have some image correction options here to change the brightness tint temperature and situation I typically leave everything as default.

this is a fantastic scanner for scanning artworks so I have no problems recommending this to you by the way I will make all the scans that you saw earlier available for download the download link will be in the video description below so you can download them look at the scans.

in high resolution and see for yourself the actual quality this scanner is currently priced at us $89 on amazon u.s.a that’s what a light 400 model for the like 300 it’s 69 US dollars if I remember correctly if you want to save some money you can go for a the image quality for the 300 forces.

the 400 is the same is just that with 300 there are less document scanning features which are you will not need if you are scanning hard works and as I was on Amazon I read some reviews Canon Scanner Software saying that this scanner cannot scan at 4800 dpi well with the Windows driver.

I wasn’t able to see any option to scan at that resolution the maximum resolution that the scanner can support but on mango wires with image capture I see the option available anyway.

sir there isn’t really a need to scan at such high resolution 4800 is going to slow your computer to a standstill alright so for this pricing I would say this scanner it’s really worth the money and if you are interested to buy the scanner you can get it through the Amazon. Canon Scanner Software.

Canon Scanner Software FAQs

How do I install my Canon scanner driver?

First you have to download Canon Scanner Software from the link which is given in this post.
Then install this software on your PC.

How do I download a Canon scanner?

Download Canon Scanner Software from the link which is given in this post.
Then install it on your PC.

How do I connect my Canon scanner to Windows 10?

Download Canon Scanner Software from the link which is given in this post.
Then install it on your PC.

Can I install Canon printer without CD?

Yes, you can install Canon printer without CD by download the software from the link which is given in this post.


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