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Boxing Star Mod Apk. All right so boxy Stars is a great plan of story mode based boxing along with competitive multiplayer matches as well so you have your story mode and your league mode and what’s cool about this game is that when you’re not focusing on your matches you can focus on building your empire because you do have a personal management. Boxing Star Mod.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. Option in this game which allows you to build your assets you can gain revenue from buildings you can generate more revenue to get different cars then you have customization options where you can upgrade your gear like your gloves your mouth guards you can get sponsorships to a lot of different perks for. Boxing Star Mod Apk.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. When you fight you also get customization options for your parents you know down to tattoos different hats different gloves there’s a lot of options that you can do folks and if more you fight the more you do in a game you get to rank up there is a level system built in so again more reasons to return to the game has replay.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. value there’s also in-game currency that allows you to filter your league matches based on the opponent that comes up you can keep searching for a different one you can also use that to upgrade and train your fighter and if you don’t want to wait you can use the go to speed up the training time so there’s a lot that you can do in this game if you want.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. to take your time with it you absolutely can if you want to speed it up and accelerate your progress then you can buy the gold in the game and have fun so what we’re gonna do in this video is I am gonna show you guys some gameplay so I’m going to show you one. Boxing Star Mod.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. matching story mode and then we’re gonna jump into a I’m not sure you guys can see how that is as well so let’s check an office all right so when the story moving were going up against McGarry [Music] now I didn’t play this game for a bit that’s why my love was a little bit higher and I finished the tutorial ready.

Boxing Star Mod Apk Download

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk. I just figured it’s better to explain to you guys if I went through the beginnings of the map so let’s get in this iku so Brown wanted folks let’s do this now choose a Dodge you touch either your level and then you catch it with a combo by swiping the screen th and jabs use your right button you have the left side of screen to the left jab you. Boxing Star Mod.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. can do an uppercut so upon completion you’re seeing the rewards that you earn along with the experience so again more replay value there folks so we unlock some gloves here these are some common jabs now the items that you don’t lock have rarities as well pawn starting the game you do get some items for free so you can end up.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. unlocking some pretty decent stuff all right so the next fighter here is Leo but we’re gonna go into online match now when you win a match or do things inside the game you get rewards and they come in packages right so they open up every couple hours or every couple of minutes depending on what it is so you see here we got some more. Boxing Star Mod.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. currency we got a new mouth guard then you kill a mall so you see you have your gear that you can equip and unlock so this is where you manage it so we have these rare gloves that we’re using then you have your sponsors which allows you to get more perks in stats for your fighters so let’s get into all on the match now all right so we’re going to be fighting.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. bear now all my matches are pretty intense so you could do a rope a dopes buy something with time down god I’m knocking down hopefully he doesn’t get off from the count two three four I just go right here now in addition to everything that I explained earlier folks you have your different modes so we saw the gear so based on your job power.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. you can equip an item you can also upgrade those items by using items that you don’t need you have your social experience here where you can you know make friends inside the game you have your management here where you earn revenue it’s called swank so depending on what you have so I have a place under the bridge so I’m getting 50 coins.

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Boxing Star Mod Apk. every day but once you upgrade you get an apartment it helps you earn 70 I’m middle-class house 150 thousands of local diner gets you to on 120 coins this is a different cards that you had that it helped you reduce the delivery package time and then get your entourage so see entourage helps you out this is pretty.

Boxing Star Mod. funny actually boys from the hood and it allows you to get one bonus per day then you have your skills so with your skill set you can choose what type of job you can do and also based on the selection that you make there’s.

perks that you can activate so like stuff like 70% chance when activating when attacking on the job you can activate the body job you can increase the jab power and then you can also decide on the type of stance that you’re. Boxing Star Mod Apk.

gameplay and let you know that this game is available right now just in case you haven’t seen this game I haven’t tried it at all of course this game is totally free so there’s nothing wrong you know you’re not gonna end up spending anything to try it out so of course.

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk. I’m here that’s going to collect this that I got some parts for free here some things for my boxer I’m here it’s going to show the gears hearing gears you can actually switch between gloves and protective ‘s some protective will protect you against jabs or uppercuts and all that you can also upgrade your protective as well like using this and using that.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. it will upgrade your protective and then you can also same thing with them or if the mouthpiece as well we’re gonna leave it like just like that I think I collected a new one now no that’s okay here you also collect skills you can add different type of skills to your boxer which is COO and here is the achievements section as you keep on completing.

Boxing Star Mod. achievements you’re gonna be able to collect like free stuff and every time you complete one of these you get a trophy there this game of course has a very cool story mode so far DS all the matches that I’ve done you can actually go back and do one of them if you want and let’s go ahead right now I’m I’m on this one so let’s go and see if.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. I can actually beat this guy’s the first time I’m gonna fight this guy can fight off okay okay so here we are I guess a I really like the cartoony like spot graphics okay boom there you go Oh another counter-attack so this is jabs this is hooks if you go a fight from bottom up is um uppercut move and if you timely counter make them make them make them fail or you miss you can actually land in a counter punch.

Boxing Star Mod. this guy’s not easy there you go round is over so right here during the round break you can actually hyper max this for gold will fully recover with extra gold as well but of course we don’t want to do that now because you know oh crap oh he missed his go attack mine boom there you go ha ha ha that right there is a special attack.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. I made he actually missed his special attack and I actually land in mine I like how the animations when they go down oh oh no when I go down look who went down okay come on you’re going down this time bro there you go okay you got up right away.

Boxing Star Mod. oh there you go Oh okay all he miss his let’s see oh he miss his – oh holy crap this matches bad let’s see if I can use that here you go for the purpose of this video I did that oh look at that sucker he did the same thing okay holy crap oh okay oh oh yeah baby stay down you better stay down stay down.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. okay oh that was an awesome match that’s on that was an awesome match of course when you start playing the first matches are gonna be easy because they’re basically like tutorials you know letting you get used to your character and you know how to fight and all that so these matches are actually kind of easy but then it starts.

Boxing Star Mod Apk getting hard on this character for me it actually got hard on this character I lost a couple times then this one was okay this one was actually pretty tough I was surprised how tough it was right now and you also got leagues leagues is basically playing against people online I think it is gums bones find somebody there you go you can see there.

Boxing Star Mod. this is like their level of stars but right now that’s not actually the level of and you’ll see here this is a different location when you start the game yes you can actually school oh and another thing yes you can actually change your gears as well your like your pants your gloves your shirts and all that oh oh no this guys throwing he’ll makers.

Boxing Star Mod Apk Download. oh I’ve got your first boy Oh whoo I got you first oh I got a special over here if you stand up I’m gonna hit you with my special so you better stay down you better stay down you better stay down yeah there you go he heard me he heard me he didn’t want none of that he did it one none of that there you go that’s awesome.

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod. so he got a win there I think we got okay level nine and we got some stuff there some package that we got on this package let’s go ahead and order it and we have to wait like five minutes for it to be available but you’re gonna go ahead and for the purpose of the video I’m just rushing it now using my goals otherwise.

Download Boxing Star Mod Apk. I would just wait and there you go that’s what I got it gloves right now let’s go ahead to gear and sponsor I could go ahead and the sponsor here where’s mine okay I’ll be your management appearance they go I could change my haircut if I want there you go oh yeah let’s go and choose that look at that I unlocked that when I beat one of the characters I can also go black there look at that we’re gonna choose.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. no is that little kid there you go choose that one hair style you can use this as well if I want I can change hair style their facial hair look at that I can do that let’s go do that that looks cool accessories I don’t have anything let’s go outfit my tops look at that I could change that don’t use something cool here what else let’s see okay it’s gonna.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. choose dad pants okay that’s good choose that instead choose who’s gonna select that don’t know belt whatsoever and so on you know what it’s going to put a car top yeah hey go slick that that looks pretty cool so let’s go ahead and do one more match right here I just got to story mode here again and you know this go fight Kelvin which.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. I think we’re gonna look alike I think we’re gonna look alike oh crap yes we do we do look like he might beat my butt but let’s go for it okay let’s go ahead and try to beat this guy this guy I think is gonna be tough I have a feeling he’s gonna be tough Oh uppercut oh I’ll slap you oh crap Oh No oh wait a second why am i slow oh oh you go dog okay.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. around he is over okay I’m not gonna use any go there whatsoever I’m just gonna leave it like that now bad let’s go to round two now I don’t know how many rounds we have to fight here but as you keep on progressing you’re gonna be fighting in different venues so it’s gonna look like more professional like right now you see me here.

Boxing Star Mod Apk. fighting off whoa all right Oh X excessively Oh wiggle oh I successfully counter that they got a fast oh no he got me this time he got me this time [Applause] [Music] oh try to get that boy try to get down stay down stay down stay down yes kale there you go guys really really awesome game.

Boxing Star Mod. I really like it it’s really easy to use to play for me so far I’ve been addicted to this game since I started trying it out yesterday I like boxing I really like MMA games as well and it’s been awhile we don’t see a good and make game in a good.

boxing game and I think this is a really cool boxing game so that’s why I actually actually registered to get notified when this game actually came out so like you see here there’s a whole bunch of venues as you keep on playing you’re gonna keep going up and everything’s gonna change. Boxing Star Mod Apk.


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