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Boom Beach Mod Apk. This next update and our past warships seasons so as you can see here they put something like eight or nine days between worship seasons I kind of assume that means that we’re gonna be getting an update in that huge huge gap but more importantly powder 40 powder for hitting legendary now.Boom Beach Mod.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. My first beef about this is I basically stopped playing as soon as I got to legendary as you can see my base right here I got two legendary three and then I stopped playing because the worship season is based on your highest it’s not sorry backing up it’s not based on your highest level it’s based on where you finished.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. I would really really like it if they allowed it to be your highest possible level I would have maybe pushed more but the fact remains that we weren’t incentivized to push more so I’d really like it if they changed it so that the trophy was based on your farthest possible position maybe they’re concerned people are gonna like drop down to rank.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. 10 and then get 50 win streaks in a row or something like that but I really really do wish they would have made it about the highest possible rank you got – now this is my final base as you can see here we can’t even we can’t look at my tech tree so I can’t show you what choices I made I can’t show you any of my previous attacks so a little. Boom Beach Mod.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. bit stale in that regard also we were not able to share those attacks with our taskforce mates so hopefully in the next update or the update after that warships gets a little bit more social because right now it feels like we’re kind of siloed with worships you’re playing by yourself you can’t share it unless you have a YouTube channel.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. or a way to record them and upload telegram maybe because discord you can’t upload them too so feel a little bit siloed in that regard like you’re by yourself playing and you can like maybe describe your attacks to your teammates but really do hope they add some social features now bomba deers were very very neat very cool using them.

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Boom Beach Mod Apk

Boom Beach Mod Apk. a lot basically every attack that I did use bombardier which meant no smoke just throwing Bombardier with them hopefully Bombardier is at some point make it on to our PvP or operations or something I kind of I’m not gonna hold my breath on that one though because it really does feel like warships is the focus of the game and so maybe. Boom Beach Mod.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. They want to keep bomber tears there so that it’s only a warships troop doesn’t really make sense to me I play the game per operations but operations seem like they’re dead or dying now controversial point coming here I think supercell is trying to intentionally kill operation attacks they have said going forward that task.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. force versus task force is gonna be based around warships so what happens to this aspect of the task force like it just seems like worships gives basically zero Intel and they’ve made zero new bases except for duplex city which no one plays anyways so I mean number of times we’ve beaten Manta chord I’m gonna times.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. We beat Titan and cook her it’s probably in the thousands for like so is there new Maps coming I really doubt it otherwise Intel would be more prevalent I would really really like to see some quality of life improvements and now here’s my number one quality of life improvement the mines the mines on these maps are always in the exact.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. same spot that’s how the magic path on Waterloo works and all that just add some randomness to the mines even and that would or maybe like some randomness to building locations so they’re within six tile radius or something because it just seems like right now.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. everything is just the same old same old and I get it they had to like do all this testing per duplex city maps and it had to deal with a lot of work and the idea of making new maps why would you make new operation max when people are gonna make new warships for you like operation max Maps take balancing my operation Maps take art and time.

Boom Beach Mod. worships you just have free labor so I kind of get it but it’s frustrating at the same time let’s just make sure I actually got my rewards yes I did 40 powder now as you can see here I can’t wait for a shard converter I really do hope that this 7 days 13 hours countdown that’s happening here by the way where that count don’t even go.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. I really do hope that is a countdown that brings us a new update I would really really like to see a new update in the next 7 days for the season 4 and that’s kind of my assumption of what’s gonna happen but who knows please hit me up in the comments if you have any suggestions ideas thoughts on that but enough blabbering.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. let’s do a full boost and we will see what we can do now warships the seasonal link my gosh that to me was just way way way too long I got to legendary and I stopped playing and I know a lot of other people did that as well so maybe if they did it based on your highest rank I would have played more but I didn’t want to risk dropping. Boom Beach Mod.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. down to legendary too and I was right on the cusp and just not playing as much as I have in previous I only have one instant training I have previously had three so bring it down to one just shows my amount of play has been decreased now we’re gonna try and hit Titan here now this base on Titan and now.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. I realized I should be showing warships replays or something but my thinking was replays not super exciting live attacks slightly better now this we’re gonna try and shock a bullet somewhere in about this area and then hopefully have all sorts of zookas in behind doing damage I don’t even know this path this.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. I don’t know what happened at shore there’s a Messier that laser is still there that front cell is missing I love using that front cell to anchor my troops but it’s not there anymore so we’re gonna have to just make something up and hope that it sticks we’ll see.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. I don’t have high hopes for this but whatever we’ll just do it live like that guy on that TV show once said bill bill someone I can’t remember famous internet-based meme it’s probably long gone at this point but we’re gonna drop all our troops there we’re gonna walk up to about there ish and hopefully not get absolutely destroyed.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. by that laser for those machine guns not going well so far I have to tell you but I think we still have the majority of our troops and I’m hoping that I can keep bullet right about there without ok so it’s so far so good we’ve started to clean things up my screen just totally slid though so I feel like maybe I have a drop of water on my screen.

Boom Beach Apk Mod

Boom Beach Mod Apk. which is the worst possible thing to have we’re gonna go like this extra smoke just because I don’t actually know where bullet is one two into the corner hopefully those smokes get there quickly nope lost the delay if you don’t know what the delay is please do ask.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. because it is super super important to know we’re gonna choke throw critters in there and we’re gonna shock this we’re gonna shock the laser and the shock launcher just because otherwise I don’t think that we would be able to do enough damage let’s get one more taunt out and maybe just maybe we can finish this off come on it’s so close.

Boom Beach Mod. not bad I mean bullet was far far too close to our troops should have shocked him a little bit earlier but at least the base went down so it’s not 40 powder from warships definitely helping me out there I don’t have enough diamonds to Diamond powder the crystal shard converter is not a thing yet so I really really hope that this next update brings.

Us something that is not just warships related I grant that I really do enjoy warships now one of the things I learned about warships this season is do not start late in seven days 13 hours start on warships do not start in two weeks because everyone will already have figured out the meta and you’ll be trying to beat bases that you simply can’t beat and it’s really frustrating.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. your when your win rates will be highest if you can get in really and that will dramatically dramatically help you so yes I don’t know I don’t have I don’t have a heck of a lot to say else about warships I mean warships is a known known environment at this point people make mistakes in the tech tree and then learn to regret them then you got a grind.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. a little bit to catch up now I’m not sure if that’s good or bad I really do like that you can make mistakes and regret them later on but at the same time I feel like people a lot of people just quit so for example in rush Wars I just made the defense the defense of layouts much much easier and tank medic for example people in boom Beach.

Boom Beach Mod. seem to enjoy the easy path so I’m hoping that worships has a good balance of easiness and and skill I don’t really don’t know I honestly the fact that I haven’t played war I don’t think I’ve played a worship attack in probably a month like that three months season just drained me and so this whole idea of three months seasons please.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. do let me know but I have yet to hear a single person say that they are excited about a three-month season so if you are that person by all means please please do hit me up in the comments but I would love to see a one month season a two month season anything less than what we have and I’m trying to sound positive because.

Boom Beach Mod. I I really do think that there are some great great things involved in warships but I don’t think that those things require three months because if you make an early mistake in your tech tree then maybe you’re just gonna stop playing or maybe you get to legendary to legendary one and then you just stop playing just to get that 40-pounder.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. maybe you don’t play it all and by the way please please even if you never played warships even once go in check this out on this account I had never played warships didn’t even look at it they opened up warships and sure enough 50 diamond 12 trader tickets so if you’ve never played warships but you have worships click the button.

Boom Beach Mod. just once pick up your rewards and then close it I mean now I know I know there are some people especially on discord who really really really don’t like warships and that’s fine to each their own there are many many ways to play the game there’s the crab there’s the warships.

There’s pvp there’s operations and I really do hope that I’m wrong I really do hope that supercell releases some new maps or retool old maps or something because it just seems like we haven’t had new maps in forever not since Green Court and Mays came out which was.

Boom Beach Mod Apk probably two three years ago at this point I usually guess what it is and my first initial guess is two years which means it was probably actually closer to three but anyways that’s it for me that was my quick warships review let me know what you thought about.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. i have six basis for you guys today three from the reddit community and then three from youtube and as always if you want to be getting a chance of getting your base featured comment down using the template use the full template otherwise i’m ignoring your comments and yeah you have the chance of getting your base featured in the.

next episode which should be airing this week as well starting of today’s episode we got dr t who apparently wants a base review showing up the comments right now his name is dr t his task force is called the turtle crowd bars from that commercial level 999 would had pulled it off of 30 that’s right his face because that is what he’s asking for so let’s bring up

Boom Beach Mod Apk

the base right now this is the magic wraps taste level 44 really nice mind placement in both sides gonna have trouble with all the defense’s at the left on the right side you see a little laser beam at the front there you see nice spreading off the shock launchers you got one there the core one at the right side a couple of them at the front as well so he has six shock.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. munchers you got those critter boxes over there which are gonna be disadvantageous against dr. T so that’s something to take into consideration gobias placement of the rocket prices over there and shoe generators could be spreaded out obviously because you know i think them close together will make sure that someone who’s going to be attacking.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. your base is actually going to be going there enough of this base would be relatively easy to take out if you actually make your way up there behind because then there’s one rocket launcher left at the top there if you can take that out then the mega crab core is going.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. to be free so if you’re gonna have to rate this space I’m gonna give it a solid eight and a half out of 10 if it was a because it is a cool stuff of 30 I would assume a little bit better but hopefully you’ll be able to gain something out of this dr. T and that being said let’s go to the next base okay so the first real base we’re going to be reviewing is going to be of Joshua left a comment on the last video from ducks I think he’s making.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. some YouTube videos about flash around clash of clans either way he wants his base review so that’s actually go ahead and take a look at this base right now so right now what we’re seeing level 50 with 501 victory points hatful is level 20 of course you have both of the shock launchers made as well so that’s very nice to see a relatively.

Boom Beach Mod. low level you may want to work on that but first things first let’s go out and take a look at how everything is leveled up in the first place sculptures level 7 I would encourage you to try to laughter that up fast because you know an additional statue cannot hurt at all this fault is ridiculously under level um that will make sure that people are going to take more resources whenever they’re gonna be taking you down.

so make sure you upgrade this one a pretty high priority right now because you’re getting some big upgrades in the works relatively soon the Armory’s level 19 which is very nice to see Raiders level 18 Boom Beach Mod Apk. and the web lab over here is an only level one Gumbo’s is level 18 also something that I would encourage you to level up because you know being.

Boom Beach Mod For Android

able to have more complete antigen with you at all times as always good most of these at any crafts are pretty high level I see that this one is level 15 you may want to get this one up to level 17 for the extra warrior but in no means are the landing crafts our priority right now I think you should focus on the fall and the scope to right now first that your statues over here.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. we got a thirty-four percent resource ward that is definitely decent six to eight percent is great for the Power Stone chance twenty-eight twenty-nine percent true belt is great as well 30 to troop damage health is awesome I want to be having that one as well thirty percent gunboat energy is above average but can still be.

improved for sure so your statutes are definitely decent then taking a look at your defense I’m seeing a weak point immediately and that is the fact that you got all of these buildings clumped up together over there if they were to be spreaded out it would even be a little bit better it is okay in any instance to have some buildings laying around in the back.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. but by no means they should all be in the back because if you take care of both rocket launchers then you basically got free play on most of these like you can take them out relatively easily with range all Zukas is gonna be doing a great job on that even rifleman will do the trick there there’s only a single cannon over there which can do some work.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. there the more there isn’t even really arranged and the shock button doesn’t do barely any damage whatsoever so the rocket launches are gone you’re in big trouble there and people will most likely smoke behind the headquarters to take care of these buildings so definitely take that into consideration if you’re building your base other than.

That I am also seeing that all your flame throwers are basically in the front and one over here decide if you want to be protecting against the warrior tax strategy that you definitely want to be making sure that they are around the head cover just like that I personally prefer to ask some cannons and snap guitars in the front because i feel that on a frog works very very.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. well and to give people some trouble with the Warriors and the ending so yeah this is very very weak against warrior attack strategy so I expect this base to be taken out about warriors very very much the mind plays with an overall is definitely there it’s nicely spreaded out these three months over there don’t really quite understand.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. that choice I would actually place them inside of the base like just like you got the rest of them I would remove these statues and place them in the back of the base so that way you can actually play some mines down here because it’s really easy to make you whale to the sniper tower there isn’t a lot of protection there I mean there is but you can just.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. smoke through it make your way up to the sniper tower and from there just go to the head commerce because there’s no bones in this particular location almost so that’s something you can definitely take it to consideration this cannon barely has any value if you’re taking a look at just people are actually going to be attacking the.

Boom Beach Mod. headquarters then this cannon is almost having no use ability whatsoever it’s all be mostly for these buildings but still even then it doesn’t really call for all of those buildings so this is how I feel unfortunate and a Miss placement from the cannon this boom cannon as well so much range really not being utilized it should be in the front that way I can.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. actually do some damage against ed force that’s attacking your base also hammer man and so on and so forth you pretty much already know where I’m going with this um final key points as well shockblast sir isn’t an amazing location look at the range look at what it’s covering it’s really nicely placed right there.

I can definitely vouch for that maybe even places one spot to the left so that way it’s actually centralised entirely because over you see some access range that is not really usable and you can place it over here together little extra divas over at the left side then this your clash over here i will place that where this mortar is also speaking of mortars there’s no borders.

Boom Beach Mod. around the headquarters well there’s actually one over here but it’s really low level so again also gets pokey who got this space would be taken down really really easily I really think you got a couple of things to work on um try to make it so that way at least you’re protecting against two words a little bit better and put some of these high damage.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. single target buildings in the front such as the canvas and back them up with something like a sniper targets okay to leave a machine gun here and there because you do have the chalk blaster but definitely work on your defense let’s move on to the next base so before we move on to the next base i do want to give a little blog once again for my.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. own task force we are recruiting some loyal people want to be joining in what are so fun most importantly if you’re in there to learn to get that are in boom beach we’re definitely here to help you out you need 450 points to join in make sure you got 50 into a 40 in top per week and make sure to attack every single operation be sure to communicate and then you’re gonna.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. find an amazing time in our task or it is definitely worth it if you want to be growing together with us we’re really doing well right now operation foxtrots with only 30 members that’s pretty nice even though I say so myself either way we’re moving on to a Reddit user named snark till who wants his base reviewed he’s the officer in this task force he has more victory points than I F so he’s obviously.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. doing a better job than I am doing right now he said I’ve never been a defensive-minded boomer a pair of trained eyes would help you out so much I will take that as a compliment I am not really that professional when it comes down to base refuse but I’m thinking that I got a good general sense of how the game works so hopefully.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. this is going to help you out that being said let’s go out and take a look what you got on going over here headquarters level 21 very nice that means you got your shock minds as always and yeah let’s go ahead and take a look what we see in here vol.20 web lab 50th level 5 radar level 20 are we level 20 sculptor level eight most of these are going.

Boom Beach Mod Apk

Boom Beach Mod Apk. to be maxed out two of them which are the landing crafts were you using your medics all right on level 21 that’s a really great choice using the RCM attack strategy very very powerful attack strategy taking a look at the statues over here we have a 40-percent that is two away from max really awesome 69 very sexy statue as always 75.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. is the max twenty-six percent true damage I would say that is above average for sure and thirty percent troop health is really good 47 rhesus ward is three away from Max and then Power Stone chance these are our Guardians so I’m not ready featuring Guardians okay taking a look at defense you got to prototype defenses right now a shock launcher a shock master which is really centralized I like to see that and then.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. over here you got a shoe generator which is at the right side is that you generator protected nicely I would say yeah it’s decently protected it’s not it can be a little bit better I feel I feel if you’re gonna be counting the warrior attack strategy it’s still a little bit to expose right now you probably maybe want to have something like the shock blaster in range of that you generate if you be you know protecting.

Boom Beach Mod. as a war attack strategy because the way I’m seeing it right now the my placement is there but it’s never a threat right now in this particular scenario is not really a threat against the warrior attack strategy so what people are going to be doing is they’re gonna be walking up to the border and from the more this is going to be if they have enough.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. good about that it does also case if you have enough gumbo they’re gonna be walking through the shoe generator take that down with like two or three smacks and then from there enough gonna be going to that coalition and take down to headquarters that way that is if their skill not everybody is skilled but that’s definitely something to take into consideration a much better alternative route be to place.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. the headquarters location of the machine gun and then have that one in the back just pretty much like any top base out there in the game right now but yeah my placement is something that I’m not really agreeing with because I feel mine should be inside of the base instead of in the front or just like this because it’s really easy to to make.

Boom Beach Mod. your way up there right now other than that you have this boom cannon in upgrading right now going to the max level that’s very nice machine gun covering both snap it’s ours over there and then there’s a little bit of a gap here but there are two rocket launchers that are firing away but in general I cut a few there’s too much spacing right now.

I’m going for your defense to be more successful than it is most of the action is happening in the back of the base but people will be able to make up a lot of freakin bull energy over here well not free of course they’re paying a price for that but I’m missing for instance like I would like to see a cannon here maybe so you can protect.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. against that take out a couple of units that way and that way they will still have to focus really on the back of the base because the back of the base has read incredible defense I would even like to see these boom comes a little bit more in the front maybe here where there’s wooden storage is but then it’s going to be vulnerable.

Boom Beach Mod. because that you’re able to shock all of these together so maybe a cannon or two in the front there and then the boom can a little bit more push it toward the front you know for this base is very nice balanced I can definitely see you put some effort into this base but yeah that’s not.

Really much I can add to this is a very symmetrical type of base metrical symmetrical bases are okay but usually it will result in it being taken down consistently by specific tube combinational maybe you can swap up some of the build is to confuse the player this is definitely an interesting but not the best use of the shoe generator I feel my personal opinion.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. needs to be protected a little bit more and then you’re off to a good start you also don’t have any ice statues so that’s also something to take into consideration snark till I really hope this base review helps you up I’ll give you guys a little block the boom beach community on reddit is really awesome there consisting of really smart place if you want to be learning more about the game definitely had over there.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. because they have some amazing tips and guys set up for you guys out there if you are interested in that that being said let’s move on to the next base of today so the next base we’re going to be checking out is the base of undefeatable it’s kind of a bold statement let’s see how undefeatable your basis he’s on the task force called BBM family.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. fun UK fans but everybody is welcome make sure you talk English they have quite a bit of space if you interest them enjoying a lower level task force then by all means go right ahead that being said let’s go out to take a look at this base and I can already tell you this base is not undefeatable so let’s go ahead and try to make a little bit more undefeated okay so first things first hat quotas level 15 is a very interesting level.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. to be at that means that you have the ability and the opportunity to build the weapon lap something I would definitely encourage you to do because if your radars up to level 15 as well you are not Colonel gearhart and hammer man strikes back two major events that you definitely want to be having as fast as possible then let’s take.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. a look at how everything is leveled up the vault is underleveled I try to keep it one level away from the headquarters as a bare minimum honestly that’s the max you can level it up for um losing less amount of resources are feels very valuable our Marie Laveau 11 not too bad radar level 30 is definitely up there as well and then the sculptor.

Boom Beach Mod. I don’t see a sculpture but I do see a bunch of out here level 4 sculptor that is I think it can go up to level 5 but none yeah yeah can go to level 5 you have a couple of masterpieces a wooden production masterpiece 53 is I think it’s actually a very nice one or decent decent or not so i don’t have to do I think it’s decent I think its maximum 75 movie.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. anyway true damage 20 is great 27 gunboat is decent and then a 51-percent barson chance is also decent so you got some nice statues for your level I gotta say I really like what I’m seeing here over here the gunboat is level 14 the landing crafts are level 12 I say that’s actually on part right now right now I feel that’s on par so your defense far too open and white the mines are really easily easily dodg.

Boom Beach Mod. a ball there’s no real sense of layout in this base to be frank there’s nothing really covering each other you do got this cannon basically backing up the machine guns but it pretty much stops there it’s it’s that and that’s it you got a rocket launch over here fairly easily accessible you got the sum of these dis discount as a defense because got some sniper.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. towers behind that so that’s kind of nice to see but this this boom can is comfo obscure same thing with this boom can endure in no way centralized biggest tip and biggest point of action right now get it all together like get them all together make sure that things are overlapping with each other make sure that cannons and sniper towers overlapping.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. with each other make sure that there’s boom cabinets behind it to back those up in return as well make sure that your rocket launch is very much centralized and that you pretty much good to go flamethrowers one half that at the headquarters you do have those but uh they’re even barely hitting they’re barely hitting and there’s no machine.

Boom Beach Mod. guns there either the mortars not really gonna be doing much of anything so you know what I’m talking about right now the defense of this base is a mess so definitely work on that but I like the way you got stuff upgraded right now and your statutes are actually pretty nice so that being said let’s move on to the next rather base to ll nine and.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. this is HAF HAF we’re looking for moco Caruso and it’s actually really funny I’ve never seen quite a base like this mogul krusell has only got 78 medals and he’s level 45 he’s also mentioning the fact that this is his turtle account and he say BS boom beach please give me an incentive to gain victory points so that’s something that.

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Boom Beach Mod Apk. I thought boom beach was working on this man is going to be interesting to review at least well not from a defensive standpoint because this base is gonna be hard to beat for someone at 70 victory points or 8400 so let’s not talk about that I do want to talk about the base itself had put us level 18 um jesus is our interesting um you have two.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. weapon lab bill uh the radars not there yet mmm that is interesting because you have been hacked wells level 18 dude my biggest tip i can give you get that Raider up to level 15 the locker no gear because you clearly own offensive player and collective prototype.

Boom Beach Mod. defenses doesn’t hurt ever there’s never ever once been a moment where it’s a bad thing to collect prototype defenses you don’t have to use them but collecting them sure cells die so you gonna be getting some resources well Colonel KR i don’t see why you still have your right up to level 14 definitely upgrade that thing this should be the first.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. thing you upgrade not even the headquarters not even the sculpture if you have the ability to do so the radar this is your biggest priority single-handedly single handle even the biggest priority right now sculptors level 7 that is very nicely leveled up because that’s a pretty expensive upgrade and then the vault well it doesn’t matter what level your vault is because your medals nobody’s gonna take down your base ever unless maybe i’m wrong i am not familiar about the gameplay.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. at 80 victory points with bassist hackles level 18 being on there taking our basis because clearly you’re not take out any basis and I’m assuming that other players are not going to be doing the same thing as well and because of that is very justified that you got these masterpieces in here because you know they’re gonna be giving.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. you resource production which is awesome to have so thirty-seven percent gunboat energy is actually not too bad you got a sixty-nine percent power stone chance you’re clearly focusing on taking down dr. T and building up your base from there but I want to tell you one thing mogul it’s gonna be really hard for you to prove to progress.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. in victory points after a while once you got everything maxed out its gonna take you an excruciatingly long time for you to get up to par with the rest so you got to be assuming that this least gonna take you I think three months to get up to the 600 victory point area or something like that maybe a little bit less i’m not sure but spawning.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. takes place a big role so you may want to be progressing from this point afford a little bit more because if you want to make this if this is like one of your main accounts in the future then you’re gonna be seeing yourself in some trouble getting victory points in the game you know it’s gonna be stagnant from that point of view other.

Boom Beach Mod Apk than that everything is nicely leveled up i just wanted to kind of bring it up because i think it was a pretty interesting topic to talk about right now everything is nicely leveled up though so it no problem there whatsoever with exception of the radar oh yeah michigan ma so the next version taking a look at is damon and damon is right.

Boom Beach Mod. here he’s level 44 is an officer in the stats course they also still got some space 350 points as a minimum at 15 intel minimum for the week let’s go out to take a look what this space is all about shall we so level 44 have quotas level 18 with 384 victory points that is kind of interesting let’s take a look at how everything is leveled up right.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. now got your scope to hear you actually spend some time upgrading the weapon lab which is pretty cool over here the radars level 16 the vault is under level make sure you spend some time upgrade that’s that way you don’t lose any resources armory is kind of lower than what than I expected it to be but my rule of thumb.

for the armory is if you need to get something upgraded in your army then upgrade your armory if you have enough money goal to do that then by all means maybe you want to be ahead of the curve and actually do it a little bit in advance if you know you’re gonna be getting a lot of gold especially if the new mega crap is gonna be you definitely want to be upgrading.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. the armory for sure and I’m not sure when that’s going to be hopefully soon hopefully soon i really hope soon Gumbo’s level 15 your landing crafts are level 14 13 I want to try to get us up to level 14 before you do anything else and now your statues so go to I statues first base with actualized deep masterpieces.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. right now twenty-five percent is decent and then actually 25 would be good yeah it would be good and eighty percent actually quite bad but that’s alright you at least have something there twenty-five percent gunboat energies coming from the lower end sixty-six percent is actually pretty high and then twenty-five percent is decent.

so the base itself so what are we seeing right now um we’re taking a look at the base where there is a shock master now I did make an episode in which there will be a little clickable thumb known the screen right now which I would consider checking out if I were you is it really valuable enough for you to place a shock blast or not that is the biggest question my having.

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Boom Beach Mod Apk. on the guy who’s on headquarters level 18 I don’t really see any big real benefit of doing so so the time is gonna be running out I might get attacked but that were just picking up the episode from there other than that we’re seeing a shock launch over here I would like to see that as much centralized as the Shockmaster is so maybe.

you want to place the closer to that colors or maybe on a place than here where there’s motorist so that way it protects Oh both sides nicely we have some machine guns over in the front interesting choice I’m not sure if I agree with that but it doesn’t hurt you do have to flame throwers on here to counter against the war ii attack strategy and you definitely.

do after mines the my placement by the way on this basis it’s accident i feel because it’s covering everything very nicely boom mines at the side door i would switch it up a little bit the boom minds but I like what I’m seeing there when it comes down to the mines I’m gonna give this the benefit of a doubt i guess this section over here wouldn’t get attacked first i think unless someone throws a flare in there then this is really easily.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. accessible um yes it’s pretty interesting when i take a look at it it’s it I just gotta feel it with machine guns in the front what I’m feeling is that buildings are up for grabs a little bit easier because a machine gun is definitely inferior to for instance the cannon or boom cannon I am missing some boom cannon support early on in the base it is kinda conferring these buildings over here but nothing before.

Boom Beach Mod Apk. that so these buildings over here which are still in range are gonna be attacked first but there’s no boom kind of support there so these bills will be going to take it down and then the boom cannon starts to come in and hit those units so definitely something to take into consideration with this particular layout or set up.

Boom Beach Mod. what you can do is leave the shock large here and place the Shockmaster over there downside would be which already got by the way is the fact that you’re able to get these three buildings together in one shock bomb so that is one thing if you want to make your defense a little bit stronger I would highly suggest at least already making the change that the shock blaster is the location. Boom Beach Mod Apk.


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