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BLOODBORNE is currently in development for PC. You can download it from here when its available. Try other Games Pc Games

Bloodborne is coming to PS5 and Steam with 4K 60FPS help, a number of new rumors say. We have been right here earlier than. It appears yearly new rumors of a Bloodborne PC port escape.

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Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Processor: INTEL Core 2 Duo 2.3 GHz
Video Memory: 1 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon 3850
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 11
Hard Drive: 10 GB free

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: INTEL Core i5
Video Memory: 2 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon R7 360
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 11
Hard Drive: 10 GB free

Bloodborne PC. I think when I think back on my year in PlayStation when I think back oh when I think back on what made PlayStation really stand out this year that you couldn’t find anywhere else it had to be this game this horrific horrendous excruciating game.

I personally reviewed it and it was the most daunting thing I’ve done all year but I’m still I’m still now thinking about it I’m still loving I’m still playing it I mean yeah I mean the DLC just came out not Bloodborne PC Download so long ago you and I have been talking about it non-stop and as the two people.

in the office that I think if suck the most time into this I think there’s just so much in this game to appreciate so much that it does well first of all first and foremost really combat the combat in this game is incredibly smart yeah the way the rally system replaces the need for shields which previous.

souls games kind of relied on and just the sheer aggression of it straight weapons the way that that naturally speeds up the flow of the fight we’ll still like retaining its tactical nature right yeah I love that so much it’s so well designed yeah absolutely.

I think I think it’s hard to tackle a game that’s you know ostensibly going to be Dark Souls in a new and fresh way and what the Bloodborne PC trick weapons allowed is for that level of strategy of picking your moments picking when to fight and they moved it away from sort of soaking.

up as much damaged as possible with a shield they moved it to timing right blood-borne is all about timing and what the trigger yeah what the trick weapons allow for is for you to do these attacks and then switch in right switch into your tricks you’re a trick style of weapon giving you.

you know really the choice do you want to try for the big hit do you want try for the small hit or have you figured out some sort Bloodborne PC Download of chain combo that allows you to just live somewhere there’s just so much variety contained in just every individual weapon and.

there’s a lot to choose from too for every play style and the DLC added a ton of really awesome weapons yeah absolutely I think some of my favorite weapons are from the DLC but the game itself I mean combat is so smart it’s intelligent I think one of the things that everyone talks about.

Bloodborne For PC

Bloodborne PC
Bloodborne PC

as far as blood-borne goes is it’s just sort of oppressive difficulty which you know I’ve had many conversations about hello and I don’t know that that’s a negative to me I think that a game it’s challenging but fair that’s always been the way I like to describe Souls games the expectations.

that they set for you as a player are so incredibly high but it makes it that much more satisfying when you’re able to overcome some of its most difficult obstacles I I really truly believe that blood-borne and other Souls games believe in you as a player right because they put that much.

Bloodborne PC. faith into you yeah instead of that that notion that these games hate you and they want you to fail it’s almost the contrary right like these games believe in you and they assume you’re intelligent and because they assume you’re intelligent they expect intelligence review right and that manifests in other ways to the world and the lore of blood-borne kind.

of turns the player into a detective and in some way it doesn’t waste your time with with exposition it doesn’t just hand you all the information right like on a platter you really have to dig deep into this like really really rich world to find out what’s actually going on can you think of a game.

in like the last you well the last year but the last ten years Dark Souls you know notwithstanding that’s been sort of as ambiguous and as obtuse as blood-borne is put on the spot it’s hard to really it’s hard to really put it in my opinion it’s hard to put it into perspective just how little this game.

actually tells you right right how much it expects you to dig and be so invested in it and want to learn so much about it that you’ll figure things out and you’ll learn on your own yeah you have to make a real effort to understand or access the really fulfilling parts of its story and.

I have a lot of respect for a game that’s designed well enough to actually make that work in its favor yeah I I totally agree I think my fondest memories of playing games when I was a kid when when Bloodborne PC Download games weren’t like so put forth when games weren’t.

so obvious having to learn and figure things out and take notes last time you took notes about right taking notes talking to friends and the blood-borne community has been an incredible part of this experience.

for me as well like learning what they learn yeah the crowd crowdsourcing information yeah and also like the souls games blood-borne included obviously sort of had that built into with you know.

Bloodborne For PC. you can leave notes for other players words of encouragement tips it’s all part of the larger experience and I just adore that so much yeah I think looking back at this game the one thing that that I remember the most about the year is my time spent with blood-borne and for that I think it is rightfully deserved.

Bloodborne PC Download

Bloodborne PC Download
Bloodborne PC

through a gorgeous land that imposes the feeling of approaching the bottom of a descent into the madness no extended load times and minor framerate hitches have an effect on the pacing it’s otherwise an intensely challenging and rewarding game there’s an incredible power to unlock in its mysteries.

and in succeeding despite its demand for a pound of your flesh for more on blood-borne stick with IGN alright everybody you know what Brandon thinks what do you think do you agree or disagree with his review Chloe I completely agree I actually probably would have scored.

Bloodborne PC it higher I really love this game it was really great yeah she’s calling you out what do you think the the performance issues were not as big of an issue as Brandon had or what’s the what’s the difference of opinion here no the loading screens were definitely really bad.

and I think did you also have a problem with the framerate was it the framerate so I I don’t I don’t really mind the framerate too much like it’s 30fps yeah I believe yeah look um I feel like it gives it kind of a more cinematic experience I actually I think Dark Souls 2 had 60 frames.

per second and that kind of threw me off everything felt really like light and kind of a game here kind of yeah like I like that blood-borne and Dark Souls feel heavier yeah yeah yeah like their souls 260 on PC it almost felt like when you go to a Best Buy and like watch a movie be s displayed.

Bloodborne PC on like a slate emotions yeah we’re like well this looks weird I don’t know this looks good or bad but just looks different than yes I think a bunch of heads just exploded when you suggest the 30 frames okay it’s it’s I know it’s a really big debate like I’m a PC gamer and that’s.

and I’m saying that so like you know but but no I think it works fine but the loading screens killed me yeah those especially because you have to keep going back to the hub world if you want to like reload all your items right so that was the other part thinking that got me to is that there’s.

so much loading in the game especially because you know you have to go back to the the hub world rather than being able to teleport between lamps yeah I carry says it was that as big of a deal for you as it was for me yeah that I didn’t like how you couldn’t rest at lamps that would.

have been a lot it would have really streamlined the process of like grinding especially you know like being able to respawn everything just by going back to the lamp instead of 40 second loading to the whole world 40 second loading back to where you want to go like it didn’t feel very efficient.

Bloodborne For PC
Bloodborne For PC

Bloodborne PC. it’s a little quicker than 40 seconds going back to the hub but coming back is still 40 seconds which is which is it’s like a full minute of loading at that point yeah I mean bottom line there’s a lot of node screens down blood-borne Brandon really liked the Chow stun jhin’s which.

was sort of the procedurally generated things that you can share with your friends online I’m not crazy about them if only because I think the procedurally generated nature of them go against what makes the soul series world and levels so amazing that there are these sort of very like.

curated bespoke things with with very distinct enemy placement and very distinct trap placement and level design and to procedurally Bloodborne PC generate that sort of takes the magic out of it a little bit like I appreciate the fact that it’s giving you something new every day unexpected.

but I don’t think like those to me the chalice dungeons as a whole feel beat here to the levels the actual lightning campaign no I I think that’s fair and I would agree with that the only the only counterpoint I would say to it is that I totally agree with you that I love you know.

Download Bloodborne PC

Dark Souls Dark Souls 2 blood-borne sort of really like you said curated very deliberate meticulous design Bloodborne PC Download meticulous placement but you know once you’re through that like that’s it like you have PvP you’ve got cooperative stuff yeah there’s really not much more to it so what I do like about the.

chalice dungeons is it gives you an opportunity to be surprised again totally yeah in this world and this world can be super surprising so better you appreciate the variety from from randomization even if even though it goes against the core design of blood-borne I mean I don’t I don’t know.

Bloodborne PC that I agreed it goes against goes against the core design I think it’s supplementary to the core design thing yeah I don’t I don’t think that this is really the marquee feature nobody goes you know nobody goes to the show to see a secondary the second stage or whatever but.

I think it’s something that helps you know it helps after after you’ve gotten that big marquee feature out of the way after you’ve seen all there is to see the chalice dungeons add a little something extra if you want to spend more time in that world let’s let’s move on then to the next question.

which is and we’ll start with You Brandon Bloodborne For PC what is your favorite thing about blood-borne and what is your least favorite thing about blood-borne probably the load times but it all kind of is wrapped up together in this big ball of snakes it’s it’s a false thing yeah.

which I should always know snakes it’s it’s the load times but it’s also how the game design and and it’s not really fair to say because you know being able to warp between bonfires and Dark Souls is a very dark souls thing so coming into blood-borne because the games are so closely tied together.

we might think that like we rode that right like that is something that we should you know that’s something that should be in the game but it’s a different game right and and there might be reasons for taking it out but coming from Dark Souls in to blood-borne and losing that functionality.

Bloodborne PC
Bloodborne PC

like it stings you know and then you you add on top of that the forty second load times for death forty second little times for warping into an area fifteen to twenty second load times for going back to the hunters world and then having to go back to the hunters world and then back to your area.

a little bit of a drag yeah very quickly what’s your first was your your best thing about other world absolutely the world combats great Bloodborne PC I love the the faster nature of it but the world is every time.

I step into a from software game and I step into a new area for the first time it’s the most important moment of my life yeah looks Bloodborne PC Download like it’s it is this inspiring thing to step into the woods and wonder I’m gonna die in every corner of this place and.

Bloodborne Download For PC

I know it and that’s a really powerful experience you’re already the best thing worse thing yeah – or psycho that yeah the world design is incredible I really like in particular just yeah the atmosphere is great too environments great but the level design is really smart in the way that the little.

the bonfire lanterns are spaced out really far apart but there’s so many sort of shortcuts you open up as you’re exploring the world where as soon as you venture out there like men I’m way too far from home I am super worried I’m gonna die lose all my progress all of a sudden you stumble upon a switch like what is this do you pull it you enter an.

elevator and bam you’re back at the central area you Bloodborne PC look alright well I just opened up a shortcut that is gonna save me 45 minutes going forward and I love that sort of it’s it’s it’s like that sensation I felt in Dark Souls 1 when I when I got to the church and then.

I went down the elevator to got back to the Firelink shrine yeah oh man like this is the kind of game this is everything we’re sitting up loading a load times and the it feels anti player to have to go back to Bloodborne PC the hunters dream every time I want to level up or buy something or travel.

elsewhere in the world I don’t think it adds anything to the game not being able do that from specific lanterns to me it’s just time consuming and it’s not a smart design decision in my opinion Chloe.

best thing worse thing so minor kinda actually very similar yours Marty but I will build on the the level design always like is one of my favorite things about Souls games but um I think with blood-borne in particular like I beat the game last night well okay. Bloodborne PC.

Bloodborne PC FAQs

Is bloodborne coming to PC?

BLOODBORNE is currently in development for PC.

Is bloodborne coming to Steam?

Bloodborne is coming to PS5 and Steam with 4K 60FPS help, a number of new rumors say. We have been right here earlier than. It appears yearly new rumors of a Bloodborne PC port escape.


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