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Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC. movies so if you’re considering getting one or both of these definitely stick around for the rest of this video to find out more about the different features of both of them so I’ve had both Netflix and Amazon for about eight years each and I decided now that it would probably be a good time to make a video reviewing.

both of them and showing you all the differences that I found from my own personal experience so I did a lot of digging on the internet to Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC find out other reviews what people liked and didn’t like about both of them and then.

I also have my own experience dug in here and I broke it down into three major categories so the first category is the interface so I’m looking at the mobile device here although the interfaces are very similar on smart tvs desktops and tablets so.

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC I’ll mention that but the focus of this video is on the mobile app secondly I’m going to talk about the content libraries of both of them how big they are how much they’re growing and where they’re gonna be in the next few years and then lastly I’ll be talking about the price because obviously that’s a very important.

factor when you’re subscribing to either one of these so let’s start off on Netflix and talk about the interface a little bit now as you scroll down you’ll see it’s gonna be as I said very similar to if it’s on a TV or on a laptop or on a tablet they’re gonna have very consistent interfaces on all these different.

devices and that’s something that Netflix really tried to standardize several years ago and as you scroll down you’ll see so there continue watching stuff that you recently played but maybe you didn’t finish any series and it’s like the next episode will pop up there so that’s where you’re really.

Going to be seeing most of your most of your videos that you’re watching are probably gonna be like the next episode right there as you Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC scroll down you see some things that are you know recently added and popular these aren’t necessarily tailored to you but as you scroll down you’ll find other things that are.

more tailored to you they’ll say because you watched this here’s something else and so let’s just go right here so Bandersnatch I don’t know if you guys watch that it’s actually pretty interesting it’s sort of a choose your own ending type thing now let’s just go and actually I apologize this is gonna.

Amazon Prime Video App For PC Download

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC
Amazon Prime Video App Download

be sideways I will try I’m going to turn the video right now in this video you’ll see that there’s actually no time line on the bottom that’s because as I said is to choose your own ending so there is really no timeline for this video but it gives you the basic idea you’ll have audio and subtitles.

on the bottom so you can choose what language it’s in you can choose if you want subtitles or not and then you can skip forward or backwards about 10 seconds each so that’s not that exciting let’s actually go to something else so let’s go to the blacklist that’s another show that.

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC I was watching and here’s where you see the bottom you can scroll back and forth you can see all the different episodes and you can easily skip to another season so if you want to watch you know season one with some friends and you want to go down and see you know Ivan or whatever just watch something.

I’ll still give you a little summary right there before you start watching it and that’s essentially the entire Netflix interface it’s really not that complicated they make it very similar on all the different devices like I said in it’s very simple one thing I will point out is down here you have the downloads so if you download different TVs TV shows.

or movies you can watch them when you’re on a subway or a plane or anything like that and then again another thing you’ll show you the coming soon so anything that they don’t have out yet most of these are going to be Netflix originals and they’re probably going to be like the next season.

of maybe stranger things or something like that lastly we have the little cast icon right down in the corner there and that will be maybe if you have chromecast or if you have a smart TV or any other maybe a Kindle Fire or whatever the device is that you want to cast to or somehow connect.

to you’ll be able to do that right there that little icon on the bottom something that I really like is the fact that on the top they’ve the TV shows movies and my list so three things that they distinguish quite well if you’re looking for a TV series you can very easily go down here and.

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC. you’ll know without having to look at it and go dive into any of these you’ll know that’s you know these are a series you’re gonna have a series if you want to get into that or if you just want one night you’re just gonna watch a movie you can go over.

to movies now let’s talk about Amazon Prime video this one’s a little bit more interesting in the interface and I’m gonna show you why in just one second so let’s go down and just open up one prime original something I was watching a little bit before and this is called Jack Ryan it’s one.

of their Amazon Prime and regionals so I’m gonna get dig into that a little bit in a second what the originals on Amazon versus Netflix are but if you just go you can either download it you can add to the watch list you can read some stuff about it or you can just go unless you just resumed.

episode one right now and as you open up episode 1 so it’s gonna so one thing that they have on Amazon that they don’t have on Netflix is this really cool little thing called x-ray on the top left so it connects to the IMDB and it’ll show you about you know general trivia will pop up right there.

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC so it’ll say some kind of interesting fact about the show or some character or some actress or actor but if you go over to all it’ll tell you all the different things in x-ray and as you can see there’s not only you can skip to different scenes and say you know I think I watched that scene but I need to go a little farther you.

can also go over to the cast and it tells you all of the cast and if you open up any one in the cast it’ll tell you a bio about them it’ll show you pictures and tell you what other movies they’re in and so that’s something that I thought it was very interesting because a lot of times I find myself watching a movie and I think you know I know that actor I know who that is and then.

I look up the cast on my phone because I’m watching on a TV and then I dig through that so it’s really convenient that if you’re on the on your phone the app is right there and it’s really easy to you know use it within the same app so the same thing on the TV you can go up to x-ray and you can.

see exactly everything you need to know about different actors and actresses you also have bonus content over there you have Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC character bios so they’re going to show you different characters you want to read about who is Jack Ryan so they’ll tell you his backstory and stuff like that in case maybe you’re watching.

a movie or you jumped in late or anything like that or you’re just curious and you want to know more about the characters you can also find the music which is something that is really cool so you don’t have to use Shazam or Spotify or anything like that to find out what the music.

Download Amazon Prime Video App For PC

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC
Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC

was in that movie or in that show instead you just go over to the x-ray and you go to music and it’ll tell you you know what that song was and then you can either buy the song or you can jump to the scene and see exactly where it’s playing and hear the song in in the actual show or movie lastly.

you do have trivia as I mentioned sometimes a trivia pops up on the side but if you want to see more you can always just go right in here and then again it’s really cool you can jump to the scene and actually see relevant video relating to the fact that you just read now besides the x-ray the rest is interface is going to be very similar to Netflix so you can still.

skip forward and back 10 seconds you can have captions right there so you can choose the language and if you want them or not and then Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC you can also go over and you can zoom so that’s a little bit different than on Netflix but again.

that’s not really that exciting I guess depending on the size of your phone this might be something that is more interesting or appealing to you so back to the homepage of the app I will say it’s a little strange you can’t swipe left and right to get to these different tabs like originals and TV I kind.

of assumed at first you would be able to like most other apps but for this one you actually just have to tap on those to go over to the different sections now it is really nice that they separate not only home but originals Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC TV movies and kids Amazon.

does a very good job of separating kids stuff so if you have kids and you want to show them maybe like Spongebob or something like that they make it very easy to go into one section and find everything that is definitely.

interesting for them so that’s something Netflix does as well but it’s just you know very accessible here on Amazon as you scroll down you have a submenu for a home and you can not only see all the videos but your videos you can see included with Prime so one thing that is a drawback.

here is not everything that you find on Prime video is actually prime video so that’s a little bit confusing but all I mean is you can actually go and find other things that you need to rent or buy so some of the newest movies.

out there or some of the most popular movies you might have to pay so small flow right here if you want to watch this as you see you can either buy it for $10 or rent it for $6 and when you rent it typically they Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC give you 48 hours to watch it.

from whenever you start playing first so you can rent it today maybe you don’t start watching it for a week but as soon as you click Play the first time you have 48 hours to watch it as many times as you want before that rental expires some of the added value here is you can also go over.

to the channels and Amazon allows you to add HBO and Showtime and NBA NFL all these different features these different channel add-ons you can subscribe to them and have them within this app so you can watch anything that you want if you see so stars for example Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC.

If you want to watch stars you can subscribe to that within the app as you see here you can subscribe to that within the app you get some free trial typically at first and eventually it is just going to be some part of your subscription that is an add-on to your actual Prime subscription.

Netflix and Amazon are both Netflix and Amazon are both widely accepted and used on almost every Smart TV and chromecast and fire stick and everything else like that out there so you don’t really have to worry about compatibility as much although I will say if you’re using a fire stick.

or maybe a Kindle Fire or if you’re using a lot of Amazon products it might be easier to use Amazon Prime video just because you’ll be able to use alexa and it integrates a little more smoothly with the amazon product let’s get into the content of both Netflix and Amazon.

I will first throw out the disclaimer that I can’t debate the different tastes so some people are gonna be interested in different shows or movies and so for that reason I’m not gonna dig through this and start pointing out my favorite shows I don’t think that is important and.

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC
Amazon Prime Video App

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC. I think before you get either one of these and pay for them you might as well get a free trial of both and try it and check out the libraries to see what you actually like so if you are interested in a free trial after this video go down in the description and click the link it gives you a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime video

you’ll also have a link to get a 30 day free trial of Netflix so just go down and do that guys if you want at the end of this video with Amazon I found that the originals were fairly good so I watched Jack Ryan again I’m not gonna get into that too much but I will say that there are a lot more originals.

on Netflix right now right now Netflix is spending much more money they’re spending about 6 billion dollars a year on content whereas Amazon is spending much less than that and is projected though in 2020 that Amazon will actually pass a Netflix in to be spending 8 billion dollars.

a year on content while Netflix will probably only spend about 7 billion a year on content so obviously both are spending a lot of money on content Amazon is catching up to Netflix with their own originals and Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC they’re putting a lot of effort.

into that Amazon tends to have more kid-friendly content so if you go over to the kids tab you’ll see a lot of different kids stuff like spongebob and whatever else kids might watch you can also rent or buy things Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC so the library is a lot bigger on Amazon but not everything is going to be free prime video you’re.

gonna have other things like I pointed out that you have to pay for so that’s both good and bad so bad because the library’s not actually as big as you think it is but good because you can watch a lot of newer stuff that’s not a veil on netflix yet so if you have new movies coming out or new series.

Amazon Prime Video App For PC

coming out you can typically get them on Amazon before you can get them on Netflix if you pay that whatever the subscription or a purchase price is another content thing I should mention about Amazon is the add-ons as I said a little while ago so you can pay extra to get the add-ons like HBO.

and NFL and NBA and you can watch these you know on your Amazon app whether it’s on your TV or whatever it might be so Amazon does have close to 20,000 titles compared to Netflix which only has about 5500 based on the resources I found on the internet so there is some variation there Amazon.

clearly has more and as I said a lot of those are going to be rental titles though so definitely dig in and see which ones are free before you actually subscribe to either one of them Amazon Prime does have Thursday Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC Night Football which is a huge bonus so if you’re trying to watch Thursday Night Football in.

HD on your TV on your phone on your tablet or whatever and you have Amazon Prime you can watch it on Amazon Prime video so that is every single Thursday Night Football in the past two years and I believe they’re continuing in the next few years as well as something that Amazon.

is now including in their app Netflix has over 700 originals according to online resources that I found and they spend about 6 billion dollars a year on content so clearly they’re putting a lot of effort into putting out the quality content I will say that a lot of the non original content though tends to pass through fairly quickly so if it’s some non-original show

so Netflix did not produce it it’s gonna go on the platform maybe stay on for a one or two years and then they’ll get rid of it and replace it with something else in my opinion the Netflix originals seem to have been catching on a little bit better than the Amazon originals so if you’re trying to watch shows socially with your friends Netflix might be a.

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC better choice so they have stranger things they have black mirror and they have house of cards so these different shows that people are definitely watching a little bit more in my opinion than Amazon shows Amazon does have other big shows.

out there so you have to consider what your friends are watching for the social aspect if you’re interested in that lastly to mention the prices Amazon Prime includes Amazon Prime video so if you’re paying the hundred nineteen dollars a year for Amazon Prime you get Amazon Prime video.

included with that as well as many other perks so if you’re interested in that I have another video I’ll just link it right up there and you Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC can watch that after this one and Netflix ranges anywhere from 8 to 14 dollars but this is subject to change Netflix.

has been known to change your prices over the past few years and they have different level for different you know needs so if you’re trying to watch on one device and you only want standard quality you can get you know the eight dollars a month if you want to pay a little bit more.

and you want to get HD maybe you want to get two users at the same time simultaneous streaming you can pay about eleven dollars and then for fourteen dollars you can get four different devices streaming simultaneously and you can get 4k video Amazon does not charge.

Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC extra for 4k video but you’re limited to just two devices streaming simultaneously so guys that’s what I have for you in this video I can’t actually tell you which.

one’s better or worse what I would recommend is getting both of them at the same time and after the first month of the free trial you can decide Amazon Prime Video App Download For PC.

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How do I download the Amazon Prime video app to my computer?

You can download Amazon Prime Video from the link which is given in this post.

Is there an Amazon Prime video app for PC?

Yes, Amazon Prime video is available for pc. You can download Amazon Prime Video from the link which is given in this post.

Is there an Amazon Prime Video app for Windows 10?

Yes, Amazon Prime video is available for windows 10. You can download Amazon Prime Video from the link which is given in this post.

How do I put Amazon Prime on my desktop?

You can download Amazon Prime Video from the link which is given in this post.


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