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Alienware keyboard Software. Now with that today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Alienware aw 768 mechanical gaming keyboard and I’m excited to take a look at this one so let’s go ahead and just take a look at this thing starting as always with construction and design the Alienware aw7 68 is a hundred and ninety mechanical keyboard. Alienware keyboard Software Download.

Alienware keyboard Software. it’s comprised of a metal backplate that the switches are mounted onto that’s wrapped in a plastic casing the plastic top cover was a bit of a bummer for me as it does look like it’s made out of metal but once you get your hands on it it’s obviously plastic still despite.

Alienware keyboard Software. the plastic construction the keyboard is fairly weighty and solidly built there’s not much warping when cranking down on the keyboard and almost zero flex when mashing down on the keys aesthetically the gunmetal plastic top cover looks pretty nice.

Alienware keyboard Software. it comes in a matte finish which combined with the gunmetal color does a good job of not picking up fingerprints there’s also some Alienware branding under the number pad that isn’t too intrusive and I think by all accounts doesn’t really hurt the look of the keyboard the Alienware.

Alienware keyboard Software. aw 768 does come with sixteen point eight million color RGB backlighting but it’s important to mention that it does not have full / key RGB illumination instead there are 13 different lighting zones that can be changed independently to create your own custom profile. Alienware keyboard Software Download.

Alienware keyboard Software Download

Alienware keyboard Software

Alienware keyboard Software. the lights are powered by Dells Alienware control center which lets you create custom lighting profiles find in record macros and edit settings like windows lock and toggle the lighting the software comes with 10 preset lighting effects some of these presets are your standard color.

Alienware keyboard Software. wave and spectrum cycling the rest however we’re a bit of a letdown for me only offering one or two tone effects with very sluggish animations I do like the xray preset though it kind of reminds me of a thunderstorm which I did think was kind of cool.

Alienware keyboard Software. the aw 768 also comes with the light bar underneath the foot of the keyboard for some added ambient effects the light bar however cannot be independently controlled with the rest of the keyboard and instead just mimics whatever effects are on the board time you can set a static color to the light bar but it will disappear.

Alienware keyboard Software. if you choose an animated preset the key caps on the aw 768 are made of ABS plastic and have a nice clean simple font there’s also full illumination of all the secondary characters on all of the keys which I always appreciate the aw 768 uses KL RGB switches and is only offered with brown switches I’ve said many times that.

Alienware keyboard Software Download. I do think that Kayle RGB switches achieve brighter and more vibrant colors than Cherry’s but that’s about where the positives end for kale on their own kale switches aren’t terrible but they just don’t have the level of quality and peace of mind that cherry switches bring the kale brown switches much like Cherry’s.

Alienware keyboard Software. have a soft tactile bump so you can feel when you actuate the switch they have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes have a 45 gram actuation force and an actuation distance of two millimeters with a total travel distance of four millimeters just so you guys can hear how they sound here is a quick sound test in terms of extras.

the aw 768 comes with a set of five dedicated macro buttons with a six button that toggles between a set of three macro profiles for a set of fifteen macros available the backlighting for the macro keys changes respectively for each profile the keyboard also comes with a dedicated mute button and volume scroll wheel although

Download Alienware keyboard Software

Alienware keyboard Software. I think it should be mentioned that the scroll wheel is also plastic and not metal while the keyboard doesn’t have pole dedicated media buttons who do get media control by way of the function key and there’s also an additional alien button that can be set to.

Alienware keyboard Software

Alienware keyboard Software. either toggle the lights or activate gaming mode which turns on or off the windows lock mode among other settings which can all be changed in the software the aw 768 also uses a magnetic detachable wrist rest however it must be purchased separately for an additional 22 dollars which to me is just crazy when most other.

Alienware keyboard Software. manufacturers include them with their keyboards to begin with also it’s worth mentioning that if you do choose to use this wrist rest you will undoubtably cover up most of the underglow texe as well and this keyboard does have full and key rollover the underside of the keyboard has five rubberized pads to keep the.

Alienware keyboard Software Download. keyboard from moving around your desk and there’s also two rubberized extendable legs that can be adjusted between three different settings for placing the keyboard at your desired angle of comfort the LED indicators on this keyboard are also nice and clean and I can appreciate that they didn’t try to over stylize them.

Alienware keyboard Software. alright so we’ve got the specs out of the way but let’s get into the nitty-gritty the Alienware a w 768 is a decent looking keyboard with a relatively aesthetically pleasing looking design and it does have those nice under glow effects but for me personally I was really hoping for this keyboard to be so much more than it is keep in mind.

Alienware keyboard Software. that this keyboard has an MSRP of a hundred and twenty bucks although you can’t find it on sale for sometimes around a hundred dollars with this in mind the use of kale switches is tough to look to ask for that kind of money as well as having to pay additional money for the wrist rest the inability to configure / key lighting effects and profiles and instead be limited to the lighting zones is typically.

Alienware keyboard Software. something that’s only reserved for budget keyboards which for me seems like they were just cutting corners in the software overall the Alienware aw 768 is by all means a passable gaming keyboard but for its price and lack of what I would call standard features by today’s standards I find it very hard to recommend over many other gaming. Alienware keyboard Software Download.

Alienware keyboard Software. keyboards at this price point the underglow is cool but again it isn’t a feature that’s limited to only this product if you’ve watched any of my other reviews you know that I typically like to let you guys form your own opinions and just present all of the information for you but I’ve got to say guys that unless.

Alienware keyboard Software. you can get this keyboard heavily discounted I would pass on it for something else well that’s it for the video guys you know I’m typically not this harsh on keyboards but I really think for the price that they’re asking for this keyboard a lot of my criticisms are pretty justified but I want to know what you guys.

think so let me know in those comments down below of course if you enjoyed the video you know what to do give it a big thumbs up and if you want to see more from m/s tech go ahead hit that subscribe button as well I want to say one more thank you to Matt for inviting me to be a part of the MS tech Alienware keyboard Software.

Alienware keyboard Software Free

Alienware keyboard Software Download. another one that doesn’t have RGB it’s just the Alienware gaming keyboard this one here in Australia 250 Australian dollars 420 us which sounds a lot better actually so it’s not a cheap keyboard but it certainly is a good keyboard the build quality is solid I do like the iconic Alienware design you have that nice grace.

Alienware keyboard Software

Alienware keyboard Software. that it got do like it’s not over-the-top of garish like a lot of gaming products and you have those unique early wear angles it’s unmistakably early wear of course you can use this with any gaming setup laptop or normal PC and as I said built solid it’s got a bit of heft to it so it’s not gonna move and it is a full-size keyboard and even though it is expensive you can see that it is premium and even.

Alienware keyboard Software. the cable is braided it’s just you can tell it is an expensive product the actual switches on it are brown mechanical switches they are kale switches so I think they’re a knockoff of Cherry MX and keyboard switches will be personal preference but these are really good keys they’re all consistent 45 grams activation if they feel.

Alienware keyboard Software. really good now I’ve used the Corsi egg that them I think it is and I think that does have genuine cherry switches but these keys on here actually feel better than the Corsair plant but that is personal preference of course on the left you have macro buttons 15 programmable macro buttons as you can actually cycle through the macros because you have a function key at the top where you can cycle.

through and reuse those keys for different macros and the keys will change different color for different macros as optional palm rest and it has zone lighting RGB which uses early in FX which means it will interact with the game I think early we had the biggest game library that actually support alien FX lighting think it’s over 140 games or something like.

Alienware keyboard Software. that but definitely has the most so that gives you an extra dimension when you’re gaming and it does make a difference 256 K memory and it has also a volume rocker and next to that volume rocker you’ll also see that early where key which can instantly turn off RGB and turn it back on of course we’ve alien FX you had the software and you can change all the colors and set up the RGB to your liking.

Alienware keyboard Software. so I guess I really do like this keyboard it is expensive but it is worth it I think if you’re on the Alienware ecosystem it’s just a no-brainer get this but if you even just want a really fantastic gaming keyboard this would have to be up there with one of the best gaming keyboards those keys on this certainly suit me and it has lots of nice touches like the braided cable even has under lighting of the.

Alienware keyboard Software keyboard at the front of the keyboard not just the keys if you can check one of these out definitely do that I would certainly prefer this over the Corsair platinum so that is what it is and if you liked this video give me a thumbs up.

you know around here why not subscribe like to thank you guys for watching till next time guys but when you know optical Jewboy easy it’s a good really good keyboard feel smooth now silky smooth Alienware keyboard Software.


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