5 best selling smartphones of all time.

Samsung Galaxy S3

5 Best Selling Smartphones of all Time

Samsung sold around 70 million Galaxy S3 handsets over its lifetime. The Galaxy S3 is widely hailed as the first smartphone to kick off Samsung domination in the smartphone market. Starting with the Galaxy S3, Samsung revamped its smartphone design language to incorporate now-iconic curved edges. Traces of S3 design are present in every Galaxy S device released since 2013, and it wasn’t until the Galaxy S8 that Samsung would radically change the design language. But yeah, the Galaxy S3 helped Samsung accelerate itself to the top of the market. 5 Best Selling Smartphones of all Time.

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus

5 Best Selling Smartphones of all Time

Next phone on this list of Best Selling Smartphones of all Time is iPhone 7 and 7 plus sold around 78 million units worldwide. You might say, it’s unfair since these are two devices. Agreed but they’re still part of the same release. And Samsung also doesn’t publish separate numbers for the Edge or plus models so I think it’s only fair to count them together. Also because we don’t have separate numbers for these models. Anyway, iPhone 7 wasn’t a big upgrade, either apart from the dual cameras on the 7 Plus but they still managed to claim the number 4 spot.

Samsung Galaxy S4

5 Best Selling Smartphones of all Time

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung best selling smartphone ever. It sold over 80 million handsets. Samsung capitalised on the success of the Galaxy S3, coupled with a big marketing push and also with some gimmicky features like eye tracking and Air View hover touch which grabbed headlines, Samsung managed to make the handset their best selling ever. It also helped Samsung strengthen its position as the number one smartphone company in the world.

Nokia 5230

5 Best Selling Smartphones of all Time

This might come off as a surprise to a lot of you but it shouldn’t. Nokia was big and they were THE smartphone company back in the days. They were so big that they had over 50% of the market share at some point. In 2009, they released Nokia 5230 which was an instant hit with over 150 million units sold worldwide. It ran Symbian OS at that time, you might not consider that a smartphone today but it falls under smartphone category. 5 Best Selling Smartphones of all Time

1.iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

5 Best Selling Smartphones of all Time

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was a monstrous hit, Apple sold over 220 million of these handsets. The main reason it became so popular is its design change and also its the first-ever big display smartphone from Apple. You might be wondering why there are no recent handsets in the list. Well, that’s because the competition was so low back in the days. If you wanted a smartphone you had Samsung, Apple, LG and a couple of other options but now its overcrowded, thanks to the Chinese Companies so the user base is divided. So, guys, this is the list of 5 Best Selling Smartphones of all Time.


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